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If you would just run down the stairs, round the hallway, and turn left, you would see it. It looked very much like an ordinary room. Maybe a deserted one, but well looking enough to be used. You may get a strange sensation whenever you're close by, but nothing that would seem intensely dangerous.

That's what 14-year-old Kristy Simmers thought when she first moved into the abandoned house. Her mother had strictly forbidden even the mention of the room, "It's forbidden, do you understand? You mustn't mention it, nor ever dare try and enter it! Are you listening Ms. Kristy?"

And then Kristy would always bob her head in response, not really paying close attention to what's been said, nor considering the consequences.

It was always her siblings who would come up with their questions, which would frustrate their mother even more.

"But mom," her 11-year-old brother would ask, crossing his arms, "What's so wrong about a very normal room? What're you hiding in there, huh? Like a dead body or something?"

Mother would pull her hair in frustration while Alan, her brother, would double over laughing, not very serious either.

She couldn't make sense of this odd forbidden room issue, so she chose not to get herself involved, and that, would have been the very best choice.

Little did she know what the next few weeks would hold.