If I was being honest with myself, nothing was going according to plan. In fact, everything that I didn't want to happen was happening exactly as my nightmares had prophesied. I was practically broke because of my crippling student debt and was going to be living in an apartment I couldn't afford if I couldn't find a new roommate in the next six days.

However, the operative word of that first statement was "if". Sure things were pretty bad, but if there are two things I'm really good at, it's getting shit done and pretending everything's alright. I knew what I had to do - it was time for plan F.

I made myself a cup of tea and sat on the couch before making the call to Aidan to explain my current dilemma.

"What did you say?"

"I said that you need find me a roommate."

"I'm sorry, I thought I just heard my little sister ask me to find her a roommate. That's can't be right, she's fucking twenty one." Aidan's default tone of voice was always sarcasm, however I was glad to hear some indignance thrown in there this time.

"Aidan, I've tried. Trust me, I've tried. I have done everything humanly possible on this earth to find someone I want to live with, but they all end up being creeps! I'm telling you the truth!" And I was, every single person I had spoken to all had some deep set issues. One girl asked if she could basically run a brothel out of the apartment. Another girl asked if it was necessary that she leave the building - ever. Maybe I just attracted interesting characters, but if I didn't find someone soon I was gonna be in some deep shit.

"What happened to Kate? Weren't you rooming with her?"

"I was but then she got offered this internship abroad for the year. She had to take it, they were offering her a job after," I replied before continuing, "And I mean, who am I to say she can't be a hugely success business woman just because I want to live with her. Women need to pursue their careers, become leaders, do incredible things to help turn around the male dominated field. Honestly, imbeciles can become leaders now. Kate and I are one step closer to turning around this pathological system that awards stupi-"

Aidan interrupted me, "I get it Nina, believe me I do. But what I still don't understand is why you need my help."

"I told you, I've tried everything. Everyone that I know isn't stupid enough to wait until this late in the game to find a place to live. The only people that need an apartment are the highly suspect and very questionable."

Aidan's voice was chastising, "Nina are you sure you've tried?"

"Aidan," I mimicked, "are you sure you don't have any friends that need a place to stay?"

Aidan graduated from the same college I was currently attending, three years ago. Although we both went to the same university the similarities end there. He was the popular type - he had friends everywhere. Aidan was the one that was naturally charismatic. He was always very good at just inserting himself into groups, always personable, always the guy that everyone wanted to be around. Captain of the soccer team, activities chair of his fraternity, an all-around cool guy.

But if Aidan was a stereo on full volume, I was turned up half way. The most physical activity I do is when I run late to class, I didn't even know how soccer worked other than the whole kicking ball into goal part. The only parties I go to are the ones my friends throw, and I was always too busy studying to ever consider joining Greek life.

He was the ideal student and I was always fighting mediocrity. He was the chosen one and I was the secondary lead that maybe died half way through the book.

"What happens if you don't find anyone to split the rent with?" he asked.

"Then I'm homeless and I'm moving in with you." For such a smart guy he sure was stupid sometimes. My brother graduated with honors and got a job making butt loads of money as a consultant in Chicago. He lives with his boyfriend Joseph in the West Loop - my favorite part of the city and only an hour away by train from where I go to school.

"Don't think I wouldn't commute big brother. It wouldn't be the end of the world if I took over your guys' big guest room."

I got an immediate "no" from him.

"But seriously, would it really be that bad if I stay with you and Joseph? He likes me probably more than he likes you if we're being honest here. He adores me."

Aidan and Joseph met when my brother was a senior in college. Joseph was a year younger but they hit it off. Joseph works at a nonprofit in Chicago and my entire family adores him, they both balance each other. Whenever they were together I had to hold back my urge to roll my eyes - they were too perfect. Typical that my brother would snag such a perfect guy.

"Nina." Aidan groaned in frustration.

"Aidan." I groaned back in response.

"You know for such a smart kid you sure does seem like you don't have your life together."

"You know me so well big brother." I chided, "but the real question is if you know someone who also wouldn't mind getting to know your little sister as well." I heard Joseph chuckle in the background.

"Is that Joseph?" I asked suddenly, "Tell him I say hi!"

"She says hello," Aidan tells him, his voice significantly less happy.

"Hi Nina!" I heard Joseph shout towards the phone. He was probably helping Aidan cook dinner because I could hear pots and pans shuffling in the background, "Don't worry, I'll make sure to convince Aidan to help find you a roommate."

"Thank you! I love you Josie-poo!" I screamed into the phone so that he could hear me. I heard Aidan groan in mock disgust before Joseph shouted back "Love you too Neeneers!"

The sounds of the kitchen disappeared from the background noise as Aidan moved between rooms.

"See, what did I tell you? It's very evident he loves me more," I said resolutely.

My brother chuckled, "You're probably right, I won't deny it. But Nina, I don't think you should live with us."

"Why not," I asked. I was finally starting to like the idea. I had to move in in a week and even I had to doubt my brother was capable of even those kinds of miracles.

"First, because I don't want you to commute," he said, a fair point but not a strong case, "and second, I already know of someone who is looking for a roommate."

"What? Are you serious? Who?"


"What? No, be serious, who?"

"Beck Garish. I am being serious. Beck is starting med school a week after your classes start and he needs a place to stay. He told me he just found a place, but I know for a fact your apartment is a better deal and in a better location. He'd be stupid not to take it over his shit hole."

"Bec?" I still couldn't process what was going on. Out of all the human beings in the world Beck Garish was the last person I would expect to live with me.

"Yeah, you remember Beck right?" Aidan's voice was dripping with sarcasm. "My best friend since birth? Went to college with us? We took shared bubble baths together when we were 5?"

I rolled my eyes. "Don't be an idiot, I just haven't heard from him in a while. And he was more your best friend than mine, it's been forever since I thought about him." And it was true, Beck and Aidan had been brothers growing up - I was always the ratty little sister they ignore. They both got accepted into the same college and three years later so did I. Those two lived in a different world than I did. After Aidan met Joseph I just assumed they would hang out a little less - but I guess I was wrong.

"Well I'll let him know that you're looking. Honestly Joseph and I had lunch with him the other day when he got back from New York and were appalled with how last minute he was about find living arrangements. But honestly, who am I to judge when even my own bloo-"

"I'm going to stop you right there," I interrupted, wanting to avoid a lecture, "That sounds good. Thank you thank you thank you thank you, I'll love you forever."

"You better - so you're okay with Beck living with you for a while?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Do you think mom and dad will get upset?"

"Are you kidding?" Aidan scoffed, "they'll be thrilled that their only daughter is basically living with their adopted son, especially one that's gonna be a doctor. He'll probably be studying all the time anyways, you won't even notice he's there."

Although I doubted that Beck had ever consider rooming with the little sister of his best friend, he would definitely have to deal with it now.

"Okay," I replied, "sounds like a plan. Thank you for saving my ass."

"No worries Neeneers," my face flushed a little.

"The only person that gets to call me that is your boyfriend, don't push it."

"Okay Neeneers," he's laughing at how funny he thinks he is now. "Talk to you later yeah? I'll give Beck a call and we can take it from there."

"Yeah, sounds like a plan."

"Good, dinner's almost ready. Answer my call," I heard Aidan walking towards the kitchen because the sounds of the dish sink were heard through the phone.

"Okay, talk to you later. Miss you," I said.

"Miss you too, see you soon!"

After Aidan hung up I sunk even deeper into the couch. The sun was a lot lower in the sky compared to when I called, entering the room at a much different angle making the cream walls look almost baby pink.

I looked up at the popcorn ceiling and thought about the next year. What would I do after I graduated? What would I do without Kate for almost the entire year? But more importantly, I wondered what living with Beck would be like.