Adam looks at me with pity, barely hidden behind resentment. As if his failures are my fault. As if I am holding him back.

Nothing could be further from the truth. He is holding me back with his cruelty, with his fear, with his possessiveness.

I will allow this no longer.

I shed my skin and forget my history, painting a new future on my face. I am on the hunt, ready to breathe new life, and recreate myself. Years of intimidation and isolation have cut me to the core, leaving an invisible wound, but I will become my own salvation.

Adam waits in the garden, unsuspecting. After all, I have been nothing but obedient and pliable for so long; there is nothing to fear. I grant him one last poison kiss, laced with lust and stupidity. He's falling now, and I am rising again.

His fingers are grasping, selfish, and bruising, but even the best medicine has bite and I will outlast this.

Later, he would deny any wrong doing and claim that everything is for my own enjoyment if I gave him the chance. Perhaps, deep down, he might even believe it.

"Give me, give me," I say, but already, his brain is muddled by my venom and all he hears is "take me, take me." Fool that he is.

I am a thief, sliding through the shadows of his mind, leaving him stinging and weak. I follow my own circular trail, for my own hunger is as unending as the spiral he's now swallowed by. Control is shifting but he has been blinded by pride, and the terror is visible now.

I am stealth. I am seduction.

I am revenge.