Sheets of rain hammered against Jane's skin as she squinted trying to see through the rain drops obscuring her vision. "Shit Carlos I'm going to kick your ass when I finish." Jane growled allowed to herself. She had managed to do something for herself for change, by going out on a whim and getting her hair done at her mother's salon. Her pretty beach wavy hair was now drenched in rain water, sticking to her face and shoulders.

The screen door flew open as Nick came barreling through the back door onto the porch. "Jane be careful!"

"Yes yes! I know just shut up, I'm trying to concentrate!" with a tropical storm brewing directly over them, pelting the Earth with hard sheets of rain, it was hard to gather her mind to focus on feeling her attacker's energy. Jane shook her hands wildly at her side, trying to will her mind to probe the backyard, searching for anything that would give her a sign her attacker was out there. Jane stepped off the porch slowly walking to the center of the yard. All long the wooden fence were dense shrubs and bushes, wildly thrashing in the strong winds of the raging storm. They held too much shadow, took much darkness. She has to be over there...somewhere. A perfect hiding spot.

"Maybe we should turn on the fog lights." Nick called out to her.

"Shut up Nick! and that wouldn't help anyway! She's too skittish after what happened in the house!" Jane yelled. He always found a way to fuck everything up. "Titus up!" Jane commanded. the hot tingling sensation began as Titus pulled himself from her skin flowing down her hip to materialize next to her, crouching low, growling, ready for attack. "Easy Titus." Jane cooed to him as she petted his head. "This one's jumpy so don't go all blood thirsty on me ok?"

With the tropical storm raging around them it was impossible for her to focus on sensing the evil pain-in-the-ass spirit and the storm definitely wasn't making it any better as far as her raging headache was concerned. It was getting worse by the would have to be her eyes. A lighting bolt slashed through the dark sky making Jane threw her hands over her ears in a poor desperate attempt to block the sound. SHIT. She needed to get this one quick so she could go home and soak in the bathtub with the lights off. "Titus!" Jane snapped frustrated. "Sniff her out boy." Titus instantly set off heading to the far side of the back yard peering into the darkness searching of the spirit's presence. It wasn't long before the spirit decided it wanted to talk.

Jane could hear her snickering in the back of her mind. "Storms bother you I see." the little irritating ghost was right. Jane hated hunting in storms. Not only did it make a horrible mess of her senses it made her vulnerable to the spirits. There was too much electricity in the air.

"Enough of these games. You need to let go of this world. I'm pretty sure your family has been waiting for you on the other side." Jane said into the rain.

"Ah but that is where you are wrong dear Jane. Something's coming, something big and I'm just passing the time waiting for that glorious day to be upon us."

"What do you mean? What's coming?"

"Now you know I can't tell you that! I would be ruining the surprise and we don't want to spoil it now do we? In the meantime, go live your meaningless life and leave me alone!"

"Ah well miss Sophia Lacrosse we couldn't do that!" Jane yelled making sure to keep her eye on Titus. "We can't let you continue to hurt humans because you can't let go of the past Sophia! James Henderson wouldn't like what you've become now would he?!" Through the electrically charged fog Jane could sense the air began to vibrate around her with the spirit's presence. She's close by. Jane pushed the right button. Now all she needed to do was coax her out. Worked every time. "Tell me what was James last words as you drove an ax through his chest?" Jane pushed.

"Don't you dare talk about him! He broke my heart!" She furiously screamed, her voice raspy.

"Jane!" Nick yelled, his voice barely heard over the loud rolling sound of thunder.

"Did you like watching the life seep from his eyes, huh? Did you enjoy the feeling of his skin going cold?"

"Enough!" she yelled. The shed doors flew open. It happened so quick Jane's body didn't get a chance to react. A pair of garden shears were coming directly at her. Right for her face. There was no time to duck out of the way. Shit. Janes briefly closed her eyes waiting for the painful impact to come which never came. Jane opened her eyes to see Nick now standing next her holding the garden shears in his hand inches before her face. Thanks to Nick her life wasn't ending tonight. This charade ends now. Jane took a deep breath and took off towards the shed leaving Nick clutching the shears. Titus was already in the shed attacking the ghost.

"That's it bitch time for you to go." Jane stomped into the darkened shed to see Titus moonlight glowing body in the corner attacking an old vending machine. Jane quickly kicked the boxes from in front of the machine, bent down and thrusted her hand into the opening of the vending machine. Jane could feel her coldness, coiled tightly far in the back. "Come out you bitch!" Jane snarled sticking her arm deeper into the vending machine. All she had to do was touch it. Her body would take care of the rest.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you cruising is bad?" the spirit snapped back snarling. Suddenly the vending machine began to hum to life, the lights flickering to life. Jane tried yanking her arm free but it was stuck. The vengeful spirit was crushing the flap down on her arm, cutting off her circulation. Since she couldn't yank her arm free she tried one more time, shoving her arm a little more deeper; This time grabbing the foul spirit. Jane closed her eyes as she felt the familiar heat brewing in her chest. Jane let her power take hold of her as it pulled the spirit into her chest, her eyes taking on a fiery hue of red and orange as her body devoured the spirit whole. Once the spirit had been eaten, Jane collapsed to the floor physically and emotionally spent. Titus vigorously licking her face trying to keep her awake. The last time she devoured a spirit, Jane passed out sleeping for 3 days. "All right boy...I'm awake, i'm awake just give me a second to catch my breath." The ferocious burning in her chest still hurt but Jane could feel the dark unshakeable cold starting to chill her blood, like someone poured ice water in her veins. She shivered involuntarily. It would be like this for the next couple days.

"Jane." Nick said from the doorway of the shed. With two steps Nick crossed the space between them and helped Jane to her feet. "I can never get use to how cold you always get after." Nick said as he wrapped his strong arms around her igniting the fire from within to warm her. Nick's body glowed with a soft red shine. Jane didn't have enough energy to fight her way from his grasp so instead, she rested her head on his chest letting the heat partially chase some of the chill from her bones. It would never take the coldness from her bones completely, until it decided it wanted to leave,which eventually it always did, but not quick enough for Jane. Jane opened and closed her mouth. Her mouth was super dry and her tongue tasted like metal. It took everything within her too keep her teeth from chattering. Titus wound his way between our legs parking himself right on my feet. Titus could feel the unearthly coldness. "You could have gotten killed." Nick murmured into Jane's ear. Jane inwardly rolled her eyes.

"Nick please don't start the father lecture. I can't take that right now." Jane breathed as she pulled from his embrace. Nick was right. I could've gotten killed but that little ghost was really pissing me off. She deserved what she got.

"Jane i'm serious if I wasn't would've been over. You can't just run blindly into situations."

"Thank you for your concern but I could've handled it on my own Nick. Right Titus?" Jane said looking down at her companion. Titus licked her hand in response. Well actually she would've died but she wasn't going to admit it.

"Jane you're so...stubborn!" Nick breathed in frustration as he ran his hand down the side of his face.

"Look Nick thank you for the help but I need to go inside and see if everyone else is ok before I leave. I just need to sleep." Jane mumbled stepping out of his embrace. "I'll see you tomorrow." Jane turned and walked back out into the storm. "Come on titus." Jane called behind her. Titus scurried to her side as they went inside. Carlos instantly appeared in the hallway at the sound of the back screen door slamming closed. As soon as he realized who stood before him his hands instantly flew up, holding them palm out in his defense.

"Carlos..." Jane snarled as she came barreling down the hallway towards him.

"Aw come Jane...don't act like that!" Carlos begged. Jane's gray eyes had grown dark as the storm clouds brewing outside. Carlos was a 17 year old kid who had been sentenced to 1 year to spending quality time with helping the Bostons Supernatural Department for being involved in some gang related activity in the local mattapan community. Chief thought it would particularly be good for him to see the 'other side' in a good attempt to set him straight. Well not really. Jane wasn't part of the BSD any more although, she served for 8 years before calling it quits.

In those 8 years Jane had managed to established a deep friendship with the chief. He trusted her more with instilling the fundamentals of cherishing the balance of life then the new pickle heads he hired to replace the spots in the department. Jane wasn't the only one who left the department. Two other top members left as well. Berrie, Jane's best friend, and...Nick, but in an attempt to help this young man he had managed to cause more issues than what Jane had expected. All this ran through her head as she charged towards Carlos, smashing through his more than weak defenses, gripping him up by his shirt slamming him into the wall. "You fucked up Carlos!" I snarled breathless.

"Come on Jane it was an accident!" Jane slammed him into the wall again to let him know she didn't like his answer.

"You broke the fucking circle!"

"Damn Jane calm down!" Berrie said rushing over to try to peel Jane off of Carlos. Her eyes darted to glare at Berrie giving her the 'fuck-off' look.

"He didn't mean too!" She protested.

"Jane get off him!" Nick said coming up from behind her. With the commotion between Berrie, Carlos and Jane they hadn't noticed Nick had slipped back into the house. He grabbed Jane by the shoulders and peeling her apart from Carlos like peeling a sticker off paper. That simple. The fact Nick defied her natural manly strength damaged her ego. She decided to keep the thought to herself. Better not to stir the pot more. I wiggled out of his grasp and stepped back. Carlos quivered against the wall. Poor kid. Jane felt a pang of remorse but her rage was stronger. Jane took a deep breath running her hand through her wet hair breathing trying to calm down. Carlos was terrified of Jane. He was afraid she was going to eat his soul.

"No Nick he doesn't understand!" Jane looked at Carlos square in the face saying, "What you did tonight was dangerous. You broke the circle and you let that powerful spirit out! That spirit had truly manifested here and it could have killed us."

"Shes right." Nick said quite casually as he leaned against the wall with his hands shoved in his pockets.

"Really Nick?" Berrie said throwing her hands up. "You can't vouch for her just because she's your ex here! You know how she gets sometimes after she devours a soul! It's like she's coming down off a crazy power binge! Tonight is one of those nights! Not to mention the raging tropical storm going on outside!"

"It's true! She really almost died out there."

"What?" Berrie let her hands fall to her hips directing her stern attention to Jane.

"Death by garden shears." Jane shrugged. Berrie shook her head giving up, turned and plopped down on the couch.

"You need to grow some balls Carlos. When you're out here fighting with 'actual people' do you get scared or flinch when you see them get killed?" Carlos nodded no. Right just as she thought. Jane sighed doing her best to push her anger and resentment to the side. With more control and calmness, Jane sighed, "You have to act the same way. You can't show your weakness. Don't give these spirits a reason to latch onto you. Get me?" Carlos nodded as he straightened his clothing. "Ok...good." Jane said as she rubbed her sweaty hands down her jeans. "And sorry about all that. I just need some rest." Carlos stuck out his hand for play. I couldn't help a lopsided grin pulling her lips as I gave him play. Despite his fuck ups he was a good kid. I looked around the living room to see it was in shambles. numerous photos had fallen to the floor shattered. The rather expensive looking coffee table laid splintered and broken on the floor. When Carlos broke the circle the spirit thought it was wise to show the level of her power by bursting into a ticking energy time bomb before exploding turning the entire living room and kitchen into a war zone.

"Man Mr and Ms. Ramirez are going to be pissed." Berrie commented as her eyes drifted over the room. She had already made up her mind she wasn't going to be the one to break the devastating news to chief. The last thing she wanted was to be surrounded by damp cigarette smoke and his over the top angry fit.

"Yea Chief is not going to like this either." Jane said as they looked around.

"Not to mention some of our equipment." Nick said picking up what once his Macbook, letting the bottom half fall to the ground. The computer had been broken in half during the violent rage the spirit unleashed..

"Shit." Jane cursed. On top of her pounding headache, all five of her senses felt like they wanted to explode. Not to mention she had the liberty of explaining what happened behind the unexplainable high price in damages. Great.

Since they were an independent supernatural investigation team, it was impossible for them to foot the damage bill at times. "How about Nick takes you home so you can get some rest while I call the clean team and inform the owners the good news and also theā€¦. bad news." Berrie said twisting a tendril of her vibrant pink hair around her index finger as she surveyed the room.

"Its fine. Im not that bad of a mess to drive myself home." Jane mumbled. Titus had made a comfortable spot among the rubbish next to Berrie where he laid content, reserving some much needed attention.

"I can take you home. I have time." Nick offered his hazel gaze now locked with Jane's.

"No it's fine, really, I have Titus my ferocious familiar to protect me." Jane patted her leg signaling for Titus to come. Titus huffed visible annoyed he had to move from his warm spot. With a yawn his body faded as he clambered up my hip reattached himself to my back. "Good night everyone." Jane mumbled as she gave one last survey of the house before disappearing behind the front door.

Jane was exhausted when she got home to her apartment. Tius instantly peeled himself from Jane's back as he scurried to make sure the apartment was safe. Even in his comfortable abode his senses were up. Titus was very protective, maybe even a little over protected. Ok no he was super overprotective at times but Jane didn't mind. It was nice to have someone who loved and cared for her unwavering. Titus was a familiar which was given to her when she was young. Jane kicked off her combat boots by the door and took off her jacket throwing it on the kitchen counter as she headed for the bathroom. A much needed bath was on the forefront of her mind. Anything to drown out the sound of the storm raging outside would help. She ran the bath as she peeled out her remaining clothes. Standing naked before the mirror, Jane ran her slender fingers lightly over the red rash that had developed on her chest from eating earlier. The monster inside her was sated for now until it reared its ugly head to devour again. Every time Jane devoured a soul she was always left with a terrible rash that took forever to heal. Jane turned to get a good look at her tattoo of Titus resting place. It was rare you ran across a medium with a familiar tattooed to the host body. It was the most intimate form. Mostly those who were giving a familiar, normally would have some sort of jewelry as its resting place. Besides, Jane like the more intimate approach. She was always a fan of tattoos so carry her familiar in tattoo form was right up her alley.

When Titus was finished making the sweep of the house he trotted back up to Jane licking her hand. Jane gave him a warm smile patting him on his head. He was always with her. Jane never remembered a day Titus wasn't by her side protecting her from bullies and other things that tried to hurt her. As Jane got older the tattoo flourished and grew as her body lengthen and matured. From the top of her back, his tail begun only to curl around her spin with the tip of his nose ending right above my tailbone. Titus trotted into the bathroom holding his favorite squeaky toy. God did he love that damn squeaky bone. After a hard days of work he found it soothing to meditate while methodical chewing his toy listening to the sound it emitted. It seemed to calm him down. Once the tub was filled Jane light some candles, turned off the bathroom light and stepping into the tub of hot water, Titus finding his spot amongst her clothing. Before Jane could get comfortable her phone rung. "Dammit! I can never get some quiet time to myself." Jane reached for her pants retrieving the phone from the pocket. Her mother Debbie. "Better if I pick up huh?"Jane Asked Titus. Titus waged his tail, letting it thump hard against the tile floor. Taking that as a yes, Jane answered the phone. "Hey mom. How are you?"

"Well I just wanted to make sure your ok you know with the storm and all. Please tell me your at home and not out on one of your...expeditions."

"No I'm at home. I don't quite feel to good. Got a bad headache."

"Good. You don't need to be out. The storm has already knocked the power out on the whole block."

"Please tell me you're not at home alone. Is dad around?" Jane asked concerned, panic rising in her chest. Being in a big dark house wasn't always good. All that darkness. To many things were attracted to it. Too many bad things.

"Yes yes your father is here. He says hi by the way." It didn't surprise her when she didn't hear him asking to talk to her. He never did. Probably too enthralled with reading his watching his game show. "Plus we have a lot of candles for upstairs. We have the backup generator going for the kitchen so we have food."

A rush of relief rushed through Jane. "Good. Make sure to smudge the house with sandalwood. It helps protect. "

"Oh honey please with that supernatural Wicca stuff. You know I don't like talking about those things." Debbie Jackson. She was like that mainly because of the past and my special abilities.

Jane had been given life and then abandoned, left on the front porch of an orphanage. 4 weeks later a family in desperate need of a baby girl laid eyes on her. When Debbie and Mike saw Jane for the first time, they fell in love instantly. Debbie said she was captivated by the sparkle in my sad grey eyes. It wasn't until Jane was 6 years old did her 'abilities' started to cause damage. One night Jane was awaken by a little girl crying. at first Jane thought mom might've gotten an upsetting call in the middle of the night, but she was sadly mistaken. The crying which sounded like moaning had waken her from her sleep. Jane followed the crying to the attic. Jane hated going in the attic. It was so ominously scary and dark. Too much darkness. As much as Jane didn't want to go against the pact she made to herself she had to see the unknown girl in her attic. Jane wondered how did the girl get into the house and into the attic?

"Hello?" Jane whispered as she slowly opened the door. Jane stood there for a good 10 minutes before Titus materialize next to her nudging up inside. "My mommy and daddy will be upset you sneaked into our house you know?" I whispered after a couple more minutes of listening to her faint crying. Feeling the kid wasn't going to show herself, Jane climbed the steps, following Titus towards the far right corner of the attic. When she drew closer she was able to see a pale little girl hunched in the corner. "Hey are you ok?" Jane asked concern. She reached her hand out only for it to pass through her pale body. Jane pulled her hand back horrified. That wasn't suppose to happen. A person was a physical solid being. That couldn't happen unless she was... Jane took a step back truly petrified. The little girl was moving now, stretching to stand. "W-who are you?" Jane stammered her voice sounding like shattering glass. The ghost slowly turned to face Jane and she lost it. Jane screamed the best slasher horror film scream she could muster. The girls whole bottom jaw had been ripped from her face. Her once angel white night gown was now tattered and stained the color of a red rose. Her long black hair swirled around her like venomous snakes ready to strike. Jane would never forget that night.

When she tried to tell her mother and father what happened they didn't believe her. Mom thought Jane must've been sleep walking and had a bad dream at the same time. Possible but, they were not there to witness what she had seen,what she felt. She would never forget how unnaturally cold it was up there. It felt like she was standing outside in the dead of winter. Instead of trying to console her she had given her some sleeping medicine and rocked Jane to sleep pushing it it the back of their minds. But the night was the catalyst to start it all.

After that frightful night, seeing ghosts and spirits happen more often. Even at school. It didn't matter where Jane was she couldn't get away from them. It was like they were drawn to her and it made her life a living hell.

9 years and 3 school changes later, Jane's mother and father all sat around the dinner table one evening looking at their daughter with sad confused eyes.

"Jane please don't take this as us thinking you're crazy, but your mother and I have decided that maybe it was best if you saw a therapist." Jane slowly lowered her fork. Wow, what a way of telling her she wasn't crazy.

"What?" Jane couldn't believe that her own parents would think she was crazy! they were the ones who were suppose to believe her and try to help her ease the power and find a way to control it. Hell! maybe even take it away! As much as she tried protesting against them to cancel the appointment there was nothing Jane could do. All Jane could do was give in. After a couple appointments she started to ditch and eventually running away for a couple days became the norm. The police later found her hiding out at one of her friends house and brought her home. They never really talked about it again.

Another crack of thunder sliced through the atmosphere. God she needed to get off the phone. "Mom I don't mean to cut you but I have to go. I love you and please, please don't forget to smudge. There's no telling what the darkness attracts."

Mom sighed saying, "yes dear. I will please get some rest ok?"

"yes I will mom." Jane pressed the end button and dropped the phone in the pile of clothing. Hopefully Titus wouldn't eat her phone like last time. God she couldn't wait for the storm to pass. Her body was wound up tightly and needed desperate relaxation. Jane sank down in the tub until she was completely submerged under the water. The water muffled out the sound of the storm raging outside. It helped calm her a little, plus she was good at holding her breath. She held her high school's record for holding her breath for 6 minutes.

When she opened her eyes a black figure stood over her. His hazel eyes burned a fiery amber, the flashes of lighting made the dark figure look eerie. Jane instantly pulled herself from under the surface sending water sloshing over the edge of the tub. Jane stood from her not so peaceful bath as she slammed her fist into his chest. "What the fuck Nick!" Jane sputtered vigorously wiping water from her vision.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." Nick said smiling mischievously.

"How the fuck did you get in my apartment?" I huffed. Nick casually leaned against the sink. He dug into his pants producing a set of keys.

"I still have my set of keys. You never asked for them back when you ended our relationship and kicked me out." Nick said, his focus no longer on Jane's face. Jane looked down realizing she was still naked, her pink nipples hard as peaks from the cool air. Jane was so mad, she had forgotten she was naked. It's not that he's never saw her naked, it was just since they weren't together it was best for him not to. You couldn't have your cake and eat it too. Of course that never happens. Jane's relationship with Nick was complicated. Regardless of the past Nick held a special place in her heart.

"Titus out." I growled. Titus growled back taking his squeaky bone and sauntered out the room. "Titus and his attitude." I huffed.

"Well maybe because you keep taking your frustration out on him. He's done nothing wrong here. Me on the other hand, I have and you should punish me." Nick's eyes glowed like liquid gold.

"Get out so I can put some clothes on."

"You'll regret saying that later." Nick cooed as he walked out giving Jane some privacy to dry off and dress. Jane blew out all the candles dried off put some oil on and rob and headed for the kitchen. Nick had taken a set at the island. She flicked on the light to see the real reason Nick had stopped by. He looking like he had gotten into fight with 100 men, which was probably the case.

"What happened to you?" Jane asked as she came over to get a closer look at his face. His lip was busted. His pale skin had turned black and blue along the side of his face from his hairline to his jaw. Jane tilted his head to the side to get a better look at his bruises.

"The Order called me in and a couple others to go investigate the owner of a club who was selling illegal fake blood to vampires. When we got there they had already been tipped we were coming and prepared themselves. It was a bloody fight." Jane crossed her arms.

"So you came here?" Jane always would have a weakness for him but he had came to the wrong place for healing. He needed to go to the Order. Jane knew healing was involved in his visit...damn.

"You were close and besides you can heal me and do much more" Nick cooed as he wrapped his hands around Jane's waist drawing her closer to him. "No one can heal me like you can."

"Nick we talked about this. We agreed no more feeding." I sighed stepping back from him.

"I know but it wouldn't be like this if you wouldn't have just ended the relationship." Jane opened her mouth to say something but closed it quickly. He was right. There was nothing Jane could say in retaliation so she didn't say anything. Knowing he had the upper hand, Nick silently got up took off his jacket letting it fall to the kitchen floor. Jane followed him to the bedroom where he peeled out of his clothing. His body was covered in black and blue bruises. He put up one hell of a fight. Jane came to stand between his legs as he slowly freed one of Jane's breasts from the confines of her silk robe, gently rolling my nipples between his fingers till they grew hard. A moan of sweet pleasure escaped her lips. She could feel the predator in him wanting to be released. The roar of pleasure drowned out the noise the storm. All Jane wanted was sweet release and Nick was there to give it to her. "Ive missed you so much." Nick murmured softly giving Jane's nipple another painfully pleasurable twist. Jane's breath caught in her throat. She could feel Nick's glamor take hold of her mind, pulling her deep into his darkness. Her head lulled back as the glamour seeped deep into her mind. Nick slipped the silk robe off her shoulders letting it fall into a red pool around her feet. Nick wrapped a strong arm around her waist pulling Jane to set on his lap. As much as Jane didn't want to admit it, she missed him. She missed this. She missed how his skin felt against hers and how his body perfectly melted into hers. Nick buried his hands into her thick hair gently pulling her head back to expose the sweet tender skin of her neck. Jane surrendered herself to him. Nick licked her neck earning a delightful moan of pleasure before sinking his fangs into her neck. A deep moan escaped from her throat causing Jane to shift on his lap to push himself into her. Jane began to rock slowly as wave after wave of pleasure slammed into her. Never had she ever loved a man with such intensity. This was the release she was needing. It was going to be a long night.