You used to be so full of life

Every day an adventure

Every small footpath a golden road

You laughed at trouble

Smiled at danger when the bullies

Tore you down at school

You don't laugh anymore

You wanted to help

Wanted to keep us happy

Wished for us to be safe

You weren't safe

You left for a year, said time

Would fly faster than the plane taking you away.

The same plane brought your body back

You breathe, and sometimes, you forget to

Trapped under the rubble with air running out

You can't stand candles or fire

The plane took you away

The plane brought you back

You still aren't home

At night you're alone

I hear you, you laugh

A broken man's laugh

Phantom tears that have forgotten how to fall

Mockery of a smile on lips torn by desert heat

A plan took you away, a plane brought you back

You should have stayed away

You used to smile, you used to laugh

Now there's only a pool of red

An empty gun

Bullets in the hearth