She sat still as a stone, mind reeling in horror. But she couldn't argue with the evidence, right there in front of her eyes. He was not recruitable – he worked for the government. And if he found out who she was, he would have to turn her in. She knew full well what that meant – torture, followed by brainwashing her into a sleeper agent, or death if she proved too strong-willed. Terror clenched an iron fist around her chest, her heart stuttering as she struggled to breathe. Overwhelmed, she continued staring at the glowing screen, the damning program still running.

"What are you doing?" His voice from behind her sounded as stunned as she felt. She slowly turned, staring at him, greyed eyes filled with unspeakable horror. He slowly let his bag slide to the floor, glance flickering from her to the screen and back again. She watched with a detached fascination and a growing pit in her stomach as he connected the dots, as suspicion grew in his eyes – not green today, or brown, but a murky color, she noticed absently. She should not have been able to access his programs like she did. To be able to do so, she had to either share an employer with him… or be a part of the resistance.

His voice was hollow, as empty and dead as she felt. "Why?"

"I-" She stumbled, not knowing what to say, not knowing what he knew. Looking up, meeting his eyes, the floor dropped from beneath her, sending her plummeting into a despairing certainty. He knew. "I was going to try and recruit you."

He slowly picked up his pager, holding it a moment. "You know it's my duty to report you." His eyes had gone as hollow as his voice, it took very little imagination to watch him turn into ash and blow away before her very eyes.

She simply sat still, waiting for him to call for backup. "What you're doing for them is wrong," she replied softly. "It's my duty to resist."

He held her gaze a long moment, before activating the pager, and she bowed her head.