Little Cat & Big Dog (小猫大狗)

By Feng Yue Bo (风月泊)

Translated by Reila Project

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Summary: The cat escaped from the danger of the Daemon World, but before she had a chance to enjoy her new freedom she got swindled by an old-fashion, inflexible, boring woman and was forcefully being kept. And to her surprise, that woman was actually transformed from a big dog! How can this be so?! Dogs are so stupid! But then...why did she feel like the more she saw her the more pleasing to the eye she became...

Chapter 1: The Hidden Mountain Deity

April was the rainy season where the sky was overcast and the clouds rolling low, almost as if the world was enveloped in its silence.

Deep in the valley of the looming mountains, white mist shrouded the forest. So thick was the mist that one could not see far on the forest pathway.

From the mist, a young woman holding an umbrella slowly walked out. Even with the rain falling hard, her sleeves had no wet stains and no dirt seemed able to penetrate the whiteness of her robe skirt either.

A flash of lightning crossed over the sky, it's blueish-white hue reflected through the rain droplets and illuminated the graceful face of the young woman. At the same time, it revealed a small delicate creature laying off the side of the pathway in a slightly depressed area covered by grass.

It was a snow-white cat with it's eyes closed tightly shut and blood trickling from the corner of its mouth. It's hair wet and dishevelled matted on its body. It was in a sorry plight; clearly it was deeply wounded but still alive albeit breathing only faintly.

The young woman stopped her footsteps and looked down at the cat, a frown slowly forming.

This was not a normal cat. There was a strong cold demon stench coming from its soft warm body. Maybe by its natural alertness, even in its wounded state it can still feel the presence of a stranger and forcefully opened its eyes and lifted its head to stare at the young woman with coldness inside its cerulean eyes.

Separated by the misty rain, as their eyes connected with each other, both felt an unknown shocking sensation in their body.

After a long while, the young woman finally stepped closer to the cat and covered it under her tan coloured oil-paper umbrella. She bent down and picked up the muddy and wet little creature all the while ignoring it's guarded threatening glare.

"So stubborn," she said quietly.

Accompanied by the sound of the falling rain, her voice gentle like the soft wind in a bamboo forest surprisingly calmed the cat. It give up its struggle and tiredly closed its eyes.

The rain was still falling, forming pools of small puddles on the ground. Foggy mist extended toward the distant skyline with hints of orangey dusk light diffused through out the mountain top giving it a majestical feeling.

This mountain was named "Shen Yin". (lit. "Concealed God")

With it's quiet and beautiful lush growth of trees and flowers, and it's clear and crisp air, it was as if this place really had divine protection. Hence, it earned the name "Shen Yin". Every holiday people from nearby cities and towns would come to the shrine at the foot of the mountain to worship and pray for blessing.

But, the origin of the name also came because of a legend as well.

Legend had it that hidden deep within the mountain's secluded valley was a young, pretty taoist devoted in the ways of becoming a deity. She had powerful Tao magic but no one knows where she lived. If one was to walk deep into the mountain, pass the dense maze-like fog, and lucky enough to find the stone tablet with "Shen Yin" written on it, then they could pray in earnestly and hope a chance from the semi-goddess Taoist to help them; whether it was to create a "miracle", rid of demons, or hunt ghosts. Over time, people praised her with the title "Mountain Deity".

However, because the deity loved quietness and didn't like to be bothered, not many people traveled into the mountain.

Of course, at the beginning when young noble men heard of this, they were curious to go into the mountain and seek out this pretty deity. They all learned their lessons though; Some got almost eaten by beasts. Some lost their way in the fog and almost died.

Even for those earnestly seeking help, not all had the luck to safely "find" the deity. But even so, when all else had failed, people would look upon this legend as their last straw of hope.

Currently, somewhere on the mountain range, a man holding an oil-paper umbrella in the drizzling rain walked with difficulty up the slippery moss stone pathway. His servant boy behind him took the water bag out from the luggage he was holding and walked faster to catch his master. "Master, please rest a bit first and drink some water."

The middle aged man stopped in his footsteps, looked ahead at the seemly endless pathway and sighed deeply. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he took the water bag from the servant boy and took a drink.

The servant felt bad at the sight of the dark eye bags on his Master's face. Ever since Young Master got sick, the Master was filled with worry and even had many new white hair grown overnight.

A couple of days ago, the Master's acquaintance friends mentioned about the "Mountain Goddess". Thus, they travelled thousands of miles here to Shen Yin Mountain.

The two of them have at least searched for ten days already. Every day at the first ray of daylight, they travelled into the mountain but only to returned back in disappointment. Many times, they got lost inside of the dense fog of maze and almost couldn't return. In the end, they still have not even caught any sight of the stone tablet from the legend.

And now, it was dusk again. Looked like another day gone without any result…

As they were dwelling in their disappointment, an extraordinary sight suddenly occurred in the distant horizontal. At the edge of the cloudy sky, a clearing occurred where the reddish-orange dusk light ray shone through down to the drizzling rain and elongated their shadows. Master Zhao was astonished by the sight and paused his footsteps to watch. The wind tousled his hair wildly, showing his strands of white hair in high contrast to the rest of his black hair.

Suddenly, looking at the distant foggy pathway, a spark of hope appeared in Master Zhou's eyes. He rubbed them in disbelief and stared into the distance again. After a long while, he finally shakily pointed at the silhouette of the stone slab hidden inside the fog and turned and shouted emotionally: "Zhou! Look! Isn't that the stone tablet? We're here! We finally found it! Thank the gods for pitying and blessing us!"

The servant Zhou looked at the direction Master Zhao pointed at and became teary eyed with emotion. With hands together and palms facing each other, he saluted in a circle. "Thank the gods for their blessing! Thank the gods for their blessing!" He then carelessly used the corner of his sleeve to wipe the tears in his eyes away and hurriedly stepped forward to hold steady the equally emotional Master Zhao. "Master, I knew the heaven would help those worthy of! Master's good deeds has been rewarded!"

The two had tears of happiness in their eyes as they stumbled towards the stone tablet.

The stone tablet was at the end of the pathway, standing at least 20 foot tall and surrounded by a grove of trees. There was yellow-green moss growing at the base of its grey stone. Ancient text scripted the tablet and following the scripture was four large scripted words "Yin Shi Shen Ting" meaning "the Hidden God is Listening". Looking at the strength in those calligraphy inscription strokes on the tablet, one would be overcame with an unknown sense of revere towards it.

"This is it. This is the place…" Master Zhao excitedly muttered. Trying not to slight the "God" in any way, he respectfully bowed at the foot of the stone slab, his servant following suit. Servant Zhou carefully took out a wooden box from the luggage bag and passed it to Master Zhao. The wooden box contained a small lock of Young Master's hair, 20 silver ingots, and a detailed letter describing the current situation at the Zhao household and Young Master's weird symptoms along with the Zhao household's address.

"I'm Zhao Tian Jin of Yao County in Shaanxi province. Lately my family has been troubled by daemons. My second son is in imminent peril. I ask for the Goddess to aid him, in return the Zhao family will be deeply grateful and will devote to worship thee." Master Zhao bowed again at the stone tablet and put the wooden box on the stone platform in front of the tablet. Then he covered the wooden box with fallen leaves he collected from around the stone slab and set them afire.

Even though the leaves were wet from rain, they easily lit up. The pile burned with an eerie blue light. Light bluish-green smoke spread lazily from it. Suddenly, the light brightened to such a blinding point that the two had to look away and step back. And when the two looked back at the stone platform, there was nothing left on it, not even any traces of ash.

"It's just as what the legend described!" The servant said with quivering voice, his eyes bulging in shock. "Mas-, Master, Young Master will be saved!"

"I sure hope so…"

Deep in the forest, covered by fog and mist, and the earth wet, the rain gradually stopped.

After the rain, the sky was still cloudy grey. A droplet of rain fell silently through the overhead tree leaves and hit the tiles of a roof. Inside, a grey robed woman stood in front of the window with a small wooden box held in her hands, was in thoughts.

The wind brought in the fresh, clean, and damp earthy smell through the open window and gently blew by the woman lifting a few strands of her hair locks. After a long while, she finally came back from her thoughts; her face relaxed from its concentrated look. And, combined with the setting sunlight gently framing her face giving her a soft glow and the backdrop of verdant forestry outside, it was a sight to be held.

The woman slightly tilted her head and said in an emotionless voice: "Cat, are you still going to continue this pretense?

Behind the woman on the bed, the cat glooming its paws stopped its licking. The harmless, innocent look in the cat's eyes was replaced by an evil gleam.

It sneered. Without moving its mouth, a pleasant female voice sounded: "If you already knew I was unordinary, why did you still save me? You and I are not of the same kind." It was a strange thing to hear such a sweet, charming voice sounded in such a taunting tone coming from this gentle and cute looking cat. It even playfully wiggled her tail after her speech, giving one the illusion of a very loveable cat.

The woman turned to look at the cat to see her lazily stretching her body.

The cat's wounds were treated and the grime from her fur were washed away. Her coat was now shiny and plush; no trace of her previously sorry sight was left. It was as if nothing had ever happened to her.

End of Chapter 1

-Little Theatre-

Cat: Woman, what deity are you? A tree daemon? A fox daemon? A spider daemon? A white crane? A tigress*? ( *母老虎=tigress; in Chinese can also be used to describe a woman who is termagant)

Fan Chan (樊禅): Why are they all creatures?

Cat: I just feel you're not human* (*不是人=not human; could be implied as an insult; you're not even worth to be a human).

Fan Chan: Evil creature! We (本座*) will completely pluck your fur away! (*here Fan Chan used the royal "we"; in this case she meant to pluck away fur to punish the cat since for animal less fur means less beauty; think of animal kingdom and the survival of the fittest theory).

Cat: Yamete…!* ( Blush Emotion Icon) You really are not human! (Yamete=Japanese "te" form meaning to stop. The Chinese used originally "雅蠛蝶" is the equivalent borrowed sound from Japanese which in context has the same sexual connotation effect found in AV anime.)


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