Why is there racism?

By Ghostwolf

Let me ask you a question about racism. Who are we the people of Earth to judge one another by their race or ethnicity? Who are we the people of the earth to judge a person's spiritual beliefs? Who are we the people of Earth to judge by the principle of racism?

Why do you blame another race or their people? Why in your hatred attack other people because of their race? Why do use words of hate against another race of people, when they did nothing to you. Why, why in all things that is humanity go massacring another race or ethnicity? What do you gain from that mass murder? Why do you believe in racism against another race that because group of bad people from that race did something to you? Finally, what happens when you reach your goal of racist ideas or causing harm to another race you hate? Do you know what I think?

I think racism is nothing more than a dumb down primal unsophisticated ideology that gains nothing whatsoever. I think that attacking or harming another race of people will bring nothing but distrust and conflict which some groups of people are getting sick of it. I see no reason for you to hate a race or ethnicity because you didn't get a job; a group of their people caused you trouble or any other illogical conclusion about that race of people.

Do you know what I think? I think there is no such thing as a black race, white race, Spanish race or native race. Do you know why I think this way? Because in my eyes I only see one race, the human race! We are humanity; we should stand as one and not a divided people of this planet. There is a common quote that says" United we stand, divided we fall." Do you know what that means? It means if we do not do away with this hatred and come together we will fall apart and destroy ourselves. I want humanity to come together as one so we can have the capabilities to do great deeds and innovations. We can bring our cultures together and make a better way of life. This is why I think racism needs to be done away with, so we can live peacefully together. I swear in the name of our Creator the architect of life, in the name of humanity, and in the name of planet Earth that we are one race of a species and should rise against and bury the practice of racism forever as long as we live.