My Cause

I got this beat deep in my heart

I've been told it's a bright spark

One that helps those lost in the dark

So they can finally see life's eternal art

To be a good friend is my cause

I know there is no other way

It isn't something that can be put on a pause

It is something you do every single day

I can be that light

A star that helps illuminates the night

Or the one that you meet

While walking down the street

Yes come grab my hand

And I will help you stand

Please know that you're not alone

Just reach over to the phone

Know that it's not the end

You're surround by a friend

At any given time

There's no need to flip the dime

Yeah it nags like a wife

But hey is the circle know as life

Just hold your head up high

Remember that there's no need to say good-bye

By Cheyenne.

Originally wrote 7/29/16