A/N: Hey guys! This is my first story.. Well, poem here on FictionPress. I spend more time on FanFiction. Anyway, I won't take too much for your time reading this. This poem is pretty much about me in school (I have mild Asperger's) and how it is so hard for me in social situations and how I worry about people I'm acquainted with.

They walk in groups;

Fitting in perfectly fine,

Not one is alone; not one is sad,

All except for I.

I approach the enlarged group,

Trying to find my words;

But all I ever do say,

Comes out in a horrid blur.

Occasionally I may find someone, which fills me with so much joy;

It feels like I finally mean something, like someone will hear my voice.

But then it seems they go so quickly, leaving me behind;

It happens every time, so I bother not to cry.

The ones that are still there;

Do they really care?

Or have I said something wrong again;

Perhaps I cannot have a friend.

My worries are thick like a crust;

Am I losing their trust?

I am not sure anymore;

I just wants these fears to be fought.

There is no point of being mad;

When things are always this bad;

I cannot change who I am,

No matter if it makes me sad.

Is there a person out there;

Who is willing to care?

Or perhaps it is just better to leave me,

Hiding in despair.