I know you're hurting,

but you can't keep acting like this.

You're pushing away one friend

by trying to sleep with her.

She came to me concerned

that you wanted something

that she didn't want a little too much.

Now I'm the bad guy for telling you

that you made her uncomfortable.

You're pushing away another

over a girl you knew liked him.

Just because she didn't want you either

you've said to that he's lost your trust.

Not, you've lost his,

because you went after her

knowing what you know.

You've pushed away one friend

that you've known for years

because of something petty and minor,

just because he can't handle

you in your darkest moments

because he's too light for that world

and your anger flairs up at the

smallest inconvenience or wrong-doing.

You're pushing away a couple

by dumping your problems on them,

by going to them when you want to die,

waking them in the middle of the night

during a suicide attempt

to have them stop you.

They're tired of it, to be honest.

You're pushing away me.

By loving girls you know will reject you.

By going after someone as innocent

as the girl I had to defend from you.

By going after the girl who likes your friend

when they could be happy together.

You've lost your old friend too

because you're making up problems.

You've lost two more, a couple,

because you're ruining their happiness.

You're losing me because you don't see

that you're not the only one that's drowning.

I'm drowning in the same pain you are

but you refuse to see that I'm treading

through the waves beside you,

because I find people that will try

to help me float above the pain

even just for a little while.

Meanwhile you find people

who will push you further down

under the suffering and agony…

and I'm too tired of reaching for you

and being pulled underneath myself.

So here I am, letting you go,

and I will mourn you when you drown

but I will not drown myself

and those who help me float

when you refuse to fight the pull

into the depth of this depression.