A/N This is a poem about... well wait why I am telling you? You figure it out yourself. This one is kind of obvious, but a few of the lyrics kind of vague... A little bit. Well, R&R, that would be nice. :) AND ENJOY! Don't forget that part! :P

The kings and the queens they ride

The wave of popularity holds them day and night

What happens when their pawns get a life?

What will they do? Will they turn to a knife?

Hiding in the corners, saying it's alright

What will they do when the wave holds them tight?

Singing a song, meant only for their grace

What happens when the last verse breaks?

What makes them so great?

Their attitude or their weight?

We could all be one of them

If we were raised a different way

They don't go to school

Does that make them "cool"?

Picking on others

Is one of their rules

Why do we worship them?

Why don't we reprimand?

- LilBunniBun

I have to admit, it's not my best work... Sorry bout that... BUT HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Yeah, you, who's leaving. Why are you leaving? Oh, you're going to read my other poems? Okay, that's cool. Trust me they're better than this one. :) Well, hopefully. I don't know how good my opinion is... :P