I used to have friends.

I used to be popular.

I don't know what happened.

But now I'm all alone.

I was always the center of attention.

The one everybody wanted to be with.

But now we've all grown up.

And now I'm all alone.

I had a best friend.

We had the same name.

I helped her not be shy.

We fought dragons and saved princes.

As we got older,

Our friendship changed.

We learned about LGBT,

We thought we'd give it a try.

Our parents didn't like it.

(We grew up in the church).

They told us that we couldn't see each other anymore.

I thought that it was the end.

I was all alone.

For over a year,

I cried at night.

Missing my best friend.

Missing my first love.

I found a necklace at Claire's,

A shop at the mall.

I didn't have the money,

So I stuffed it in my bag.

I kept it there for months,

hoping I would see her again.

But she moved on.

She has friends.

And I'm all alone.

I see her now,

We do the same things.

My parents still don't like her.

But then,

I don't think they ever did.

I gave her the necklace.

Her's looks like the moon,

Mine the sun.

It's an inside joke.

You wouldn't understand.

She doesn't know I stole it.

I won't ever tell her.

I miss her something awful.

I don't think she misses me.

I still call her my best friend,

I don't have anyone else.

But she's moved on.

She has others.

She hangs out with a friend of mine.

I'm never invited.

Why am I never invited?

Am I really that boring?

Am I really that annoying?

These are the questions I want to ask.

But I'm too scared.

Scared of rejection.

Scared they'll think I'm joking.




I scream into the night.

I scream into my pillow.

It's a good thing my razor is so cheap.

Otherwise: adios.

It's a good thing I have no meds.

Otherwise: au revoir.

I'm too scared of the pain.

I'm too scared of the aftermath.

Will I be missed?

Will anyone care?

Will she care?

Everyone has friends.

I'm left in the dust.

People say 'hi' in the hall,

but that's about it.

Can somebody tell me what happened?

Why I'm all alone?

Can somebody be my friend?

Let me know somebody cares?

I just wanna go.

Can somebody please stop me?