Fyair stared at the beautifully curved shape before her, the ancient wood mottled with age, steel strings rusted and bent. She longed to reach forward, pick it up and feel its worn fingerboard: take it home and breathe new life through its carefully constructed heart, but she restrained herself. No recognition crossed her features as she gazed over the violin, held delicately in its thick, glass case. The only response her observers got was a neutral expression, holding no familiarity to the item on display.

A deep breath of longing shook Fyair's shoulders, before she turned back, once again directing her attention to the figures chatting behind her.

No matter how much she wanted to, Fyair could not tell them the name and purpose of the instrument in the case, dug up only days ago from the remains of an old spacecraft from who knows how many millennia in the past. It was a wonder it had even survived so long. But all the same, the amount of panic that would unleash if she let slip just the slightest bit of knowledge would be disastrous. Teaching, or being even remotely a role model/mentor to a young species majorly afraid of aliens was a lot harder then they mentioned back home. Being a human in this day and age was not easy.

"Be careful with it, it was probably some kind of weapon."

"Oh surely not! This type of thing should be looked at, examined. Who knows what wonders it might hold!"

Yes, wonders. Fyair let the words of the alien conversation slowly seep back into her mind, the language easily understood thanks to hours upon hours of intense studying.

"Have you lost your mind? This species was most likely deadly, horrific! Any artefacts found belonging to them must be locked up, and kept out of reach!"

"Are you sure you're not going just a bit too far?" The words formed on Fyair's tongue perfectly; accent without fault, leaving people none the wiser. "You won't know what it did until you find out. Let me clean it up. I can have a look; see if I can figure it out—"

"You most certainly will not! This is our artefact, and you have no right to barge in here and—"

"Why shouldn't she?" the second speaker and father of the family she'd practically been adopted by cut in. "She's fully qualified and able to do so."

The "museum owner" stared at him, switching his gaze back and forth between him and Fyair. He was obviously at a loss for words.

"Don't worry, I can guarantee you that my daughter will do a good job. Now, we oughta be off; places to be, work to do. Come on, Fyair." He walked forward and grabbed the violin—glass case and all—and deposited it in Fyair's arms. Being on the good side of a local family did have its up sides, and it was only a coincidence that since her arrival, they had become experts in alien artefacts.

"Phew, that was close, I was almost sure there that he wasn't going to let us take it."

Fyair had just placed her precious cargo down in a safe place at the small family, cottage-like home she lived in as an adoptive member. The place was surrounded by the local trees and fauna of the planet, set on the same pebble path many other houses in the village community resided upon. It was quite pleasant really, on your average day. Simple.

"Yeah. Sorry about that. He can be quite stubborn that one," Flynn said. "So, what are you going to do with it?

Fyair gazed lovingly at the violin sitting innocently before her, opening the case. "Fix it up," she practically whispered, running her hands over the ancient wood. Suddenly, she pulled it out, holding it in her outstretched hands.

"Well, I'll leave you to it then. Better be ready for when the girls get back, they'll surely want to see it."

"Yes, they surely will." Fyair smiled at the thought of the rest of her new family members. They'd gone down to the local village market for food with their mother, and surely should be back soon. Teaching them how to play their first ever piece of music would be exciting.

Several hours and a lot of careful work later and the violin was looking much better than it had before. Fyair had zipped back home via quick space teleportation to fetch the required parts, before removing the old, worn ones and replaced them with fresh, new working ones. Now, as she gazed at the instrument, she felt a warm tingle of pride flow through her form.

She'd replaced the strings with shiny new ones, changed the chin rest, given it a fresh sound post, pegs, and a nice polish up.

In place of the old, worn violin, was now a precious, antique of an instrument: its age adding to its beauty.

Grabbing the bow she'd brought, and tightening it up, she walked towards the back door.

"Tell the girls when they get home they'll find me down the back in the rainforest," Fyair yelled over her shoulder, before she began to trek through the beautifully unique undergrowth. She couldn't play violin in the house for fear of others hearing and questions being asked, so she set off to find a secluded place to sit.

A good trek along the paths surrounding the village later, and Fyair now sat perched on a small rock near a trickling stream. Drawing the bow across the strings, she let the rich tone of the violin sing and vibrate through the trees, testing its sound. She was just in the middle of playing a lively tune in the traditional Celtic style from years ago back on Earth, when she was interrupted.

"What is that?!" someone asked, and she turned around to see that her three company had just arrived, their faces slack, eyes wide in awed shock.

Fyair's eyes glinted. "Would you like to find out?" she asked, and grinned.

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