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Twenty years had passed, and her world had remained the same.

Life under the sea was far better than anything in the world above, so for Muse everything was perfect.

She'd grown in her beauty, both on her appearance and in terms of her voice, and she'd already captured the hearts of several Mermen.

However, much to their frustration, she remained elusive. For her, relationships were delicate things, filled with emotions that she didn't have time to explore.

There were seven seas to explore, and she'd barely been able to explore one… but her natural curiosity outweighed any desires her heart might have had towards a Merman. Besides, the discovery of new lands and new treasures under the sea was much more fun that exploring a Merman's heart.


Muse smiled and swam in a circle, her blond pearl adorned hair reaching out beside her like a living thing to tickle any fish that swam by.

Her blue eyes pierced the ocean's depths, exposing its secrets in the form of a shipwreck, lying lifeless on the bottom of the sea. They were all too common sights of the time period, countless ships and their crews littered the sea's bottom, merchant ship and warship alike.

Muse swam closer, her pale hands wiping away the grime on the bow of the ship, seeing that it was called the HMS Charlotte and it was a British war vessel. Redcoated and Bluecoated corpses remained locked in combat, their swords clutched in lifeless hands as they bobbed and flowed with the currents.

A flick of her coral colored tail brought her closer, sending her across the ship, as she avoided the gazes of the dead sailors and soldiers.

The attackers were Frenchmen, not pirates.

Her heart fell a bit as she recognized that Kenway was not among them.

She hated it, but the real reason she combed each and every shipwreck she came across was not to find treasure or gain an understanding of what had happened… but it was to find Kenway's body.

Captain Brady Kenway, she shook her head softly at his memory. She'd had the fortune of saving him twice from the seas, once from her sisters and her own song, and once from a wound during combat with the British.

He'd been different than any other man or mer she'd encountered thus far, and his memory still perplexed her.

When she had cared for him in her home, a tentative friendship had developed between them. He'd told her stories of his ships, his crews, his friends, and the treasures they had liberated and plundered from the various Crowns of the world. More than that, however, he told her of the one supreme law of the sea.

The sea was a place where a man could make something of himself, any man. Rich, poor, black, white, master or slave… the labels of the land had no place on the ship of free men. On a ship, every man, woman, and child was free and their own master.

His eyes had also lit up when he told her tales of tamer adventures. He told her of massive whales that were as big as buildings and walls of ice that floated on the northern seas. He told her of lush jungles, ancient ruins, bustling city ports and markets, and the warmth of countless taverns and inns.

She'd felt his passion when he had spoke, and then again when he had kissed her.

At first it was a disgusting memory and a shock to recall, lips pressed together was mostly for breathing purposes and she could breathe just fine on her own, but as she analyzed it for days afterward she realized it for what it was. An actual kiss.

Kenway cared about her, and that was how he showed it. She could still remember how his hands traced her back and his heart had beat wildly under her hand, and the memory always awoke something in her. A warm feeling that started in her tail and pushed its way up to her head, and the sensation stayed there for a few seconds before it fled.

She wondered if she could find him again, if only to discover that feeling one more time.

Muse turned away from the shipwreck, letting her tail propel her away and shake the emotions out of her. He was a pirate, and like all pirates, probably went through woman like they did ale. The facts were there, men were untrustworthy and pirates didn't have time to fall in love after one kiss… so the only conclusion was that he didn't care about her, and had probably forgotten her after twenty years apart.

So why couldn't she forget about him?

She kept swimming, past the boundaries of her home and past even the boundaries of her knowledge of the seas.

Muse paused, taking in the blue ocean that awaited her slowly, letting the excitement of the new discoveries overwhelm her conflicting emotions. She propelled herself upwards, breaking the surface of the water with a happy sigh as she looked around.

No ships were nearby, but an island was. No city had grown up on it, although it was certainly big enough for one, and instantly her curiosity overwhelmed her.

She began to swim towards the island, diving under the water as her arms reached out to guide the powerful strokes of her tail.

Her mind reached out towards the island, briefly touching the minds of various beasts and birds, searching to see if she could feel the presence of a human mind.

Her mind found one other human's, and her head broke the surface of the water as her eyes fixated upon him, trying to determine if he was friend or foe.

The man was hunched over a small fire, poking at the tiny blaze with a stick. "Dang, can't get a decent blaze going at all."

Her eyes widened as she recognized the voice, but it couldn't be.

Muse took a deep breath and entered the man's mind. Kenway?


Captain Brady Kenway jumped a bit at the familiar touch on his mind, and he turned around slowly "Muse? No… it can't be?"

The pirate captain was older, grizzled, and had a few more scars than the last time they had met. His hair shone like silver, with a few strands of black peering through the gray locks, but his face was still youthful and his black eyes still shone with an inner fire.

He walked towards her slowly, as if in a trance, and lightly knelt down in the sand. His calloused hand gently reached out to stroke her face, twirling a lock of her hair between his fingers softly. Muse blushed and smiled "It's me Kenway."

Kenway removed his hand "If I hadn't sworn off the whiskey I'd swear I was hallucinating… but I'm sober and it is you…"

Tears filled the old pirate's eyes as he sat down by the fire "What brings you to my liddle cove?"

Muse rested her body on her arms, relishing the feel of warm sand in her fingers "Just exploring… you're a hard man to find Brady."

Kenway heaved a sigh as the fire finally got started, taking some fish and resting it on the coals. "Hope this wasn't a friend of yours." He joked.

Muse examined the fish "No, you're okay. I've been searching for a while…" She closed her mouth, not wanting to confess that she'd been searching for almost twenty years.

"I've been away." He muttered, "Life isn't the greatest for a former pirate now that the Crowns and their Empires control most of the seas. Spent a few years trying to resume my life, but it was impossible to rebuild my former glory. Most I did was save some old friends from being executed, but even then we barely escaped."

"We?" Muse asked.

"Ahoy the shore!"

Pirate and Mermaid turned to see a raft, loaded with a diving bell and a few planks of waterlogged wood and damp cloth. The raft was operated by two old pirates as they paddled it standing up, slicing their way through the water with long oars.

As the raft touched the shore, the two pirates leapt off. "Kenway, we found some more wood and cloth from a shipwreck. Set these in the sun for a few hours and they'll be good for our project." The first one, a tall and scarred Jamaican man, dragged the wood ashore and smiled at they took in the sun.

"Aye, these will be perfect." The second nodded, he was a bearded Irishman, and orange strands poked out of his long hairs and his unkempt beard.

Kenway smiled "Good work men, Muse this is Captain Rawlins Alby, our resident fighting Irishman and Captain Lamar Wardell, finest man this side of the Mediterranean sea."

"Ah Captain. This is the "Angel of the seas" you've been bragging about for nigh on twenty years?" Lamar chuckled "This is the woman you've called more beautiful than the finest Spanish women?"

Kenway blushed and shoved the Jamaican "Get off the rum my friend, I never said that."

Alby smiled "You wouldn't remember, you were drunk when you did!"

Kenway sat back down by the fire "Despite their memories going away in their old age, these two men are the finest allies to have at your back Muse, and my best friends."

The mermaid's gaze swiveled to take in the three pirates, before she turned towards the wood, flicking a milky white hand at it. "So what is this for?"

Kenway's black eyes lit up with passion and he stood "Well that my dear Muse, is supplies for a new dream."

He pulled a yellow map out of his pocket and laid it in the sand next to her, pointing to the end of it "This map is the map of the known world, all of the seas and islands have been divided into Spanish, French, and British territory. After the battle of Nassau and the death of Blackbeard, things turned ugly for us."

Kenway took a deep breath "The crowns turned us into squabbling warlords overnight. Pirates surrendered and became privateers, giving up their freedom for royal gold, those that stayed loyal were slaughtered. The rest of us had to retreat and fade away."

"Rubbish that was!" Alby cursed, swinging a grog glass "We were kings of the sea, and a few scraps of paper dethroned us!"

Kenway nodded, taking the fish off the coals and blowing the ashes off. "I haven't been on a ship in years, and only took up the mantle of captain to save the necks of these two from the French"

Muse frowned "I'm sorry Kenway… how did you come to be here?"

"I can answer that Muse" Lamar took a swig from a bottle, letting the rum dribble down his lips. "I've helped the natives of this island a few times, so they gave us sanctuary here. We're smack in the middle of British waters, but they don't know about us."

"Still" Kenway smiled "The map ain't complete, the lands outside the Crown's borders is completely undiscovered and Muse… the tales I've heard!"

He refolded the map with shaking hands, and Muse smiled as the passion she had once known reentered Kenway "A land of gold, riches, and no kings in sight!" He laughed and took a bite of the fish, chuckling "A whole land with no kings! Any man can be free and successful." Tears filled the old man's eyes as he sighed "It's perfect… and I aim to get there, anywhere is better than here."

Muse smiled fondly at her friend as he finished "Think of it… a place where I can finally be free, free to sail the seas once more! Then I can finally retrieve the greatest treasure of all."

Lamar patted his friend's shoulder "Hey Kenway, you go and get the box… tell Muse what it means and grab us some more wine too!"

Kenway stood, creaking and cursing at the motion "The seas curse on these old bones!" He walked back towards the island, becoming lost from sight in the trees.

Alby turned to Muse "Say mermaid, you have magic right? The legends all say you have magic!"

Muse nodded, struck by the pirate's question, "A bit, I can control water for a time."

He smiled "Can you control the seas? Make them calm?"

Muse nodded, she had gotten more proficient with her mermaid magic, and could do so.

"Good" Lamar pointed to where Kenway had gone, "Cap'n Kenway, well his body's taken one too many shots, and he is dying. He knows it too, that's why he has us building a ship."

Alby sighed into his glass "He deserves to see his dream, and set foot on a land that is free before he goes away. Will you help us?"

A bolt of sadness struck Muse's heart as she digested the news. After spending so much time searching for him, he was about to be taken from her. Then the sadness was overcome by a fierce determination as a storm brewed in her eyes. Kenway deserved to be buried in a free land, and by the Gods she'd aid him!

"I will"

Lamar smiled "Good girl"

Muse stretched her tail out languidly, deciding to change the subject "So he called me the "Angel of the Sea" hmm?"

Alby laughed, choking on his drink, "Aye that he did lass, and many other things. You saved his life twice, and he saw you as a guardian. We thought you were just a hallucination of a drunken or battle affected mind, but now seeing you… Kenway was right about your beauty."

Muse blushed, feeling the warm feeling reenter her body at the compliments. Maybe Kenway hadn't forgotten her at all.

A rustle of bushes announced his return as Kenway sat by the fire, holding a pinewood box about the size of his fist tenderly. "This Muse, is the greatest treasure of all. The only regret I have in life is not being able to pursue this."

Her blue eyes focused on the box, analyzing the stains and scratches in the wood, and she reached out.

Brady Kenway chuckled and pulled it away "You'll get to see it Muse, on the day we leave."

Alby stood up, stretching as he watched the colorful sky. "Well the night sky beckons, as does the tavern, I think I saw a native girl making eyes at me."

Kenway chuckled "Well be careful not to run into her brothers Alby. Everyone on this island seems to be related somehow."

The Irish pirate patted his friend on the shoulder as he ambled off "I won't my friend, I'll see you at dawn."

Lamar stood too "I'll leave you both to talk, and I'll be at the tavern."

With a rustle of leaves the large Jamaican was gone as well, leaving the Mermaid and the Captain.

Kenway smiled at Muse "I still can't believe you're back and here… by the Gods I missed you." His leathery hand reached out to cup her cheek, and she leaned into the touch, feeling the warmth flare up into her stomach.

"I missed you too Brady…" She whispered, squeezing his hand with her own. Tears filled her eyes as she held his hand close, fearing that the reaper would tear him away from her.

He held her hand tenderly, lacing their fingers together and squeezing tightly before letting her go and laying down. "I've got so much I need to tell you, oh the adventures I've had… the ones I will have." He sighed and looked up at the sky.

"But that's for another day, these old bones need their rest. We can't all look as beautiful as you after thirty years right?" He chuckled, a chuckle that turned into a wheezing cough. After it had subsided he turned to the mermaid, catching her blue eyes with his black ones.

"Muse, I've missed your voice… and this old mind hasn't been sleeping well. Can you sing for me, just like you used too?"

Muse smiled, tenderness for the old pirate filling her heart, and she opened her mouth letting her voice ring clear to the night.


She sang three songs, noticing how he slept with a smile on his face after the end of the first, and she reached out to squeeze his hand before she disappeared into the sea.

Muse swam back home, and as she drifted into her coral bed, she wrestled with her emotions.

The warmth hadn't faded from her, and it seemed her thoughts of Kenway made it burn more. What was this warmth? Why was she so determined to help him achieve his dream? Finally, why did the news that he was dying hurt so much? Muse had seen people die, but none of them cut her this deeply.

The mermaid tossed and turned the entire night, finally drifting into a troubled sleep.


Muse spent the next few days at the island, spending every moment she could with Kenway, and every other moment was filled with her helping him get to the end of the known world.

She dove deeper than any diving bell, retrieving wood and sails from countless shipwrecks, and towing them to the surface, where natives picked them up and carried them to the back of the island.

Kenway had forbidden her from seeing the ship until it was complete, only telling her a few details between conversations. She knew it relied on speed rather than armament, as she'd heard him complain that they had only one functioning ten pound cannon, but sadly that was all she knew.

When he wasn't working he was sitting by the shore, always within a few feet of the sea, so she could relax in the shallows and speak with him.

Muse often told him of her adventures in the seas, telling him of encounters with sharks and other fish, the games she would play with seagulls, and the underwater dances she had mastered.

She often preformed for him, flipping and swimming in patterns, singing her own tune as she wove through the water.

His body would often lose its hunch when they spoke, his voice would become stronger, and he smiled more. Muse knew she was drawing out the spirit of Captain Brady Kenway… a spirit that an old body couldn't contain.

They spoke about anything and everything, and they swapped stories and jokes as if they had never been apart.

Until one evening Kenway sobered and took her hand "Muse, you've been telling me that the lust for adventure burns in your blood, and where I'm going there'll be plenty of new seas and places to explore." He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly before he placed a hand under her chin.

"Can you come with me?" He asked, eyes shining with hope.

Muse's mind whirled as the strange emotion surged into her like the tide, and she reached up to run her long fingers through his hair. Her curiosity made the decision for her and she smiled fondly "Yes."

He smiled back at her and leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers.

This time, she accepted it for what it was. A kiss.

His hands ran through her hair and lightly across her back and she melted into the tenderness, craving it, craving more of whatever emotion her heart was pumping into her bloodstream.

When they pulled away they were both blushing like fools, and Kenway smiled "I was hoping you'd say that Muse. I was hoping."


The next morning Muse swam towards the island with a giddy laughter spilling from her lips, the knowledge of going on adventure with Kenway, seeing him in his element, was almost too much pleasure for her heart to comprehend.

Kenway was standing on the shore, speaking to several brown skinned natives of the island. They were clad in loincloths, and armed with bows, with the exception of one who wore a headdress and colorful dyed clothing who she assumed was the chief.

"Get the rest of the supplies on the ship, then we'll be ready to sail."

As the natives left, Kenway smiled at Muse "Good to see you here Muse, we're prepared to start sailing today." His eyes went misty as he squeezed her shoulder "I'm finally going to be a free man… and with you here, I'm complete."

Before Muse could stammer out a response, a war horn shattered the silent air.

Kenway's eyes shot up to the trees, where a native was blowing on a conch shell, and he suddenly seemed ten years younger.

"Alarm… ships on the horizon!" He rushed towards the trees "Get to the front of this island!"

Muse dove under the water, letting her powerful tail propel her towards the front of the island, which was a stretch of beach that led into the trees.

Kenway leapt out of the trees, followed by Lamar, Alby, and the native chief. "Chief Oualie" Kenway barked "Get your people to safety… they're here for us."

The Chief nodded and drew his knife "Yes captain…"

As he rushed back into the trees, he let out several shrieks, and echoes bounced off the trees and into the ears of the natives, who sprang into action.

Men gathered their spears and bows, women and children fled into the ruins dotting the island for protection, and the warriors marshalled in the trees, completely hidden from the untrained eye.

Muse's head broke the water as she scanned the horizon… her mouth opening in alarm upon seeing ships.

British ships.

Kenway stared at the white sails as Ably cursed "Two Frigates, two Sloops, and a bloody Man o' War all loaded with soldiers I'll bet."

Kenway drew his cutlass, drawing a pistol with his other hand "Draw your weapons and remain sharp gentlemen! Let's see what they want from us. Muse, get out of here! We'll get to the ship and meet you in the sea."

Muse ducked beneath the waves as the sloops sailed closer to the island, almost in rifle shooting distance.

She bobbed on her tail from a safe distance away, her mind made up… she wasn't leaving Kenway again.


"Ahoy the sails!" Kenway yelled, his voice loud and strong, "What brings you here to this land?"

A British admiral stood on the bow of the sloop "This is Admiral Miraz of the Man of War HMS Queen's Country. You are the infamous pirate captains Lamar, Alby, and Kenway… and you are on our land."

"Your land?" Kenway barked "The natives here signed a treaty with the French government, this land is independently owned!"

"And we have signed a treaty with the French giving us control of all the islands up this coast. You sirs, are on British owned soil and are fugitives from the justice of the Crown." The Admiral smiled a smug smile "We will take this island and place you three under arrest, do not resist."

"Justice of the Crown? The same justice that destroyed a nation of pirates? The same justice that would make slaves of all the natives here? The same justice that kills men simply because of the desire to be free?! Here's what I think of your Justice!" Kenway's pistol flashed and the bullet knocked off the Admiral's hat.

The Pirate reloaded calmly "So you and your men had better leave this island, or the next one goes through your eye!"

The Admiral retrieved his hat and placed it back on his head. "You've made your choice then, Attack!"

He turned to the helmsman, "Drop off our troops and take me back to the Country our men should be enough to deal with them."

"Sir, shall we not bombard them with our cannons?" The helmsmen asked as British soldiers leapt over the side of the boat, wading into the shallows.

"We won't waste good ammunition to wipe out three old relics, our men will do just fine."

The three pirates stood ready as the thirty British soldiers unloaded from the sloops and rushed towards the island.

Lamar drew his mace and rushed forward to meet them, knocking aside swords and smashing heads in with powerful swings. His was a large man, and easily grabbed British soldiers, using them as shields or throwing them into one another. "Come on redcoats! Come and meet your death and the hands of Lamar the skull splitter!"

Ably held two single bladed axes in his hands, parring the swords and disarming his opponents with quick slashes. His arms moved like the arms of a younger man as he wove around the British swords and rifles, slaying their owners almost easily. "Ah you Brits are no match for the power of a fighting Irishman!"

Kenway fired his pistol at one solider, using it as a club to block a sword slash from a second, striking at the soldier's undefended torso with his own blade.

He ducked the butt of a rifle and parried another attack, holstering his spent gun and drawing a second sword, which he drove into the arm of the rifleman.

The man screamed as Kenway kicked him off his blade, turning to face three soldiers who were aiming their rifles at him. With the speed of a younger man, Kenway grabbed a nearby solider and held him up as the bullets fired.

The unlucky human shield went limp as Kenway dropped him, as he leapt upwards landing among the soldiers like a hawk among doves. His blades flashed as he slashed at them, knocking their weapons away and then cutting them apart.

The three old pirates smiled and turned towards the British ships. "Well me buckos, they don't train soldiers like they used to." Alby joked.


"Three old men are making a mockery of the British navy! Fine then, bombard the island and show those fools just how obsolete they are." Admiral Miraz nodded.

His Man of War turned to present its side to the pirates, opening fire with its broadsides and sending flaming cannon shot towards the island.


"Duck!" Kenway screamed, hitting the sand as the shot sailed over them, smashing into the trees and kicking up dirt. Natives screamed and scattered as fire sprang up, licking greedily at the trees and bushes, and they ducked away from the cannon balls as trees creaked and snapped, falling over.

The British cheered as they lowered rowboats full of soldiers down into the water, rowing towards the island and shooting at the trio of pirates.

As the rowboats hit the shore, arrows flew out of the trees, striking the first soldiers to embark onto the land. Men screamed and collapsed as the missiles struck them, piercing hearts and throats. The survivors returned fire, hitting any native who exposed themselves.

Still the archers were few, and the rest of the rowboats made it to shore, releasing the Redcoats.

Kenway gripped both his swords and charged into the mass, followed closely by Lamar and Alby. The air exploded with warcries as the natives charged out of the burning forest, gripping spears and knives in their hands.

They fell upon the British and yanked them away from the pirates, stabbing and slicing into them as the cannons of the Man of War fired again, smashing more shot into the already burning forest.

The pirates battled in the mass of Redcoated troops, pushing their old muscles and aging bodies to the limit as they fought for their lives and their freedom.

Lamar smashed about him with his mace, cursing as the redcoats he disarmed simply piled on him, kicking and punching in an attempt to bring him down.

The massive Jamaican roared and stood up, barreling headlong into the redcoat ranks and shoving the men aside as if they were ninepins. With one push the men who gripped him went flying, some into their comrades and others into the sea.

Alby turned to see a British grenadier rush towards him, armed with an axe, and the old Irishman smiled. The native warriors were keeping the British occupied with dozens of duels, so this solider was his!

Alby parried the axe blow and smiled "You'll have to try harder than that!" He taunted, shoving the axe aside.

Down came the axe again, and Alby blocked the blow again, swinging his other axe and burying it in the grenadier's side. The British man howled in pain, and lashed out with a fist, punching Alby in the nose.

The pirate stumbled back with a cry and smiled "I've been hit harder by lassies! Try this!"

Alby swung his axe handle, smashing it into the head of his opponent, before chopping his chest open.

Captain Kenway battled his way through the crowd towards his friends. "Lamar, Alby… we're outnumbered here! They just keep coming!" He wheezed a bit as he kicked a solider aside "We'll be cut down!"

Chief Oualie rushed over to them "Then get your friends to your ship, and sail to the end of the world Kenway. You deserve to live your dream."

Kenway nodded, "Alright we'll get the women and children on our ship, you have your warriors fall back into the forest and we…."

The Chief held up a hand "No Kenway, we have another idea." He pointed over Kenway's shoulder and the old pirate turned to see the native women and children, all armed with sticks, stones, and spears. "You gave us hope in freedom, and now we will fight for it. All of us."

The natives charged down into the mass of British soldiers, attacking them fiercely. Kenway cursed as the women and children fought just like their men, but they wouldn't last long.

"Go Kenway… Go!" The chief yelled, turning to reenter the battle.

Captain Brady Kenway's eyes filled up with tears as he cursed, letting Lamar and Alby pull away from the battlefield.


Chief Oualie smiled as Kenway left. He had told them so much of his dream, dreams of his freedom, dreams of a life where he could be happy… It had been put to a vote, and every member voted to fight. Voted to fight for Kenway's dream.

More rowboats were landing on the shore, and the redcoats were getting into formation. Then they aimed their rifles into the crowd.

The crack of rifle fire echoed across the island, as did the screams of the dying natives as they fell in droves.

None fled, none wavered, from the oldest man to the youngest child, instead they fought. They had no fear of dying, because death as a free human was better than life as a slave.

Still, they stood no chance against the bayonets and bullets of the British, and with every volley natives fell.

Until the Chief was the only man standing, and he screamed defiance at the British forces as the last volley ripped into him… then he fell.

The Admiral peered into a spyglass "Damn, the pirates have fled! Send boats to the back of the island, and have the men comb the forest! Now!"

Two rowboats were swiftly loaded with troops and sent out from the Queens Country and they moved towards the back of the island.


Muse had watched the battle with dumbstruck horror, tears dripping down her face at the cruelty of the British. No wonder Kenway fought them with such passion!

She saw the two rowboats paddling towards the back of the island, and worry clenched her heart. That was where the ship was! She dove beneath the surface of the water, propelling herself forward, and letting rage take control of her muscles.

They wouldn't get anywhere near Kenway!

With a few flicks of her tail she was underneath one of the rowboats, and her palms rested against the wooden bottom of the boat. She pressed upwards, lifting the boat up and capsizing it with a mighty heave.

Soldiers fell into the water as she quickly capsized the other boat, beginning to sing as the remaining soldiers fell into the sea.

The men suddenly stiffened and floated up to the surface on their backs, peacefully asleep.

Muse smiled, she didn't want to drown them, but this was enough to put them out of action.

She turned as Kenway's voice reached her ears. "All ahoy the Neptune's trinity!"

The ship was about the size of a frigate and was made of various woods and scraps of sail. Parts of it were dark, others lighter, and some were still stained with scars of battles past. The sails were patchworks, mostly white but with some black and red interspersed in them. The figure head was a bronze mermaid and the ship boasted a ten ton cannon resting at its bow.

It was the most beautiful thing Muse had seen, and it was made even better as her eyes found Kenway at the helm, still three frigates and the Man of War were blocking his path. She reached out with her mind Kenway! Are you sure about this?

Kenway's pressure on her mind was welcoming as he answered her we're pirates Muse, this is what we were born to do! Follow us and we'll be free!

Okay Kenway, you crazy old man. She thought back, watching the ship.

I love you Muse. Kenway's voice was gentle and tender, as if he was telling her to her face.

Love you too Brady Kenway She responded before feeling him leave her mind, whether that love was platonic or not was up for discovery, and she eagerly looked forward to discovering it.

She waved her arms at him, cheering and yelling, as he steered his patchwork ship straight into the teeth of the British navy.


Kenway smiled and called down to his crew "Alright boys, let's run this blockade... Full sail, and take us forward!"

Alby smiled from the crow's nest and began untying knots, letting the sails catch the strong tailwind to drive the ship forward.

Lamar stood by the single cannon, and he aimed it directly at the Man o' War. His hand rested on the cord, waiting for just the right moment…

Then he tugged the cord and began reloading the cannon.

The ten pound cannonball smashed into the side of the Man of War, gouging out a chunk of wood. Admiral Miraz chuckled "If that's all they have, they're doomed. Fire broadsides!"

The Man o' war's crew swiftly loaded the cannons, and they fired all at once.

"BRACE!" Kenway screamed as he ducked behind the wheel of the ship.

Cannonballs smashed into the front of the ship, tearing through the hull and rocking the boat, while others smashed into the sails. Kenway stood as the frigates fired at the sides of the ship, causing more damage.

"We're outflanked… Come on Trinity keep going forward for me!" He growled as he spun the wheel, trying to keep his sails in the wind as Lamar returned fire.

The Jamaican cursed as his shots did almost nothing to damage the Man of War, and already the ship was slowing… it couldn't take much more of this.

Kenway gritted his teeth as his ship barreled towards the Queen's Country "Ready to ram!"

Admiral Miraz's eyes widened as he realized, too late, what Kenway's plan was. "They've lost their minds!" He screamed.

Then he was violently thrown to the deck as the Neptune's Trinity smashed into the side of his ship.


Kenway cheered at the impact, as Lamar fired the cannon.

The ten pound ball sailed through the opening in the hull, shearing the rudder in half and punching a hole through to the other side.

"Yes! They're dead in the water!" Alby screamed.

"Half sails Alby, we need to turn! Half sails!" Kenway yelled.

The Irishman began hauling on ropes to raise the sails as Lamar cheered. "We're almost free!"

Then the frigates opened fire again, sailing parallel to the Neptune's Trinity. Kenway cursed as the ship rocked, noting with some satisfaction that some cannonballs struck the Queen's Country as well.

"Half sails are out Captain!"

Kenway grinned and began to turn the wheel, only for Lamar to cry out in panic.

Grappling hooks flew from the hands of the British, clanking and catching the Neptune's Trinity in their grasp as sailors heaved.

"Their trying to keep the ship here so those frigates can finish us off!" Lamar cursed already grabbing the hooks and throwing them into the sea as the frigates opened fire yet again. "Alby, get down here and put us on full sail!"

The Irishman did as he was told, clambering down the Crow's nest and rushing towards the bow of the ship after releasing the sails.

"Alby! What are you doing?!" Kenway screamed.

He could only watch as the pair of pirates cast the hooks back into the sea before they ran off the edge of the ship, leaping and catching the side of the Man of War.

Lamar clambered up to the deck, turning back to Kenway "Go Captain! We'll hold them! Go!"

Then they disappeared under a swarm of sailors and soldiers.

Kenway cursed, blinking back tears as he turned the wheel, sailing towards freedom. "You damn old fools" He muttered.

His ship could outrun the two British Frigates, battle damaged it was, and there was nothing but the blue sky and blue sea preventing him from realizing his dream.

But what was he leaving behind? How many had to die just to see his peace realized?


Admiral Miraz looked down his nose at the bodies of the two pirates. They had fought well, but they were no match for the highly trained men of his vessel.

"Tip them over the side and let the sharks sort them out. Is Kenway's ship still in mortar range?" He asked, cursing the pirate for damaging his rudder.

"Yes sir"

"Then fire at him."

Muse swam towards Kenway's ship, already reaching out with her mind to find him Kenway… are you safe?

His voice came back to her, warm and soothing. We won Muse… we won and I'm finally going to be free. We'll be free.

The mermaid smiled I'm almost there with you Brady Kenway…

Then thunder rumbled overhead, and Muse looked up to see mortar shells raining down on the Neptune's Trinity.

And Kenway's gentle touch on her mind ceased as the sound of an explosion ripped through the air.


The shockwaves from the blast reverberated through the sea, throwing Muse backwards as she was swept up in the current.

She let out a silent scream as she moved her arms and tail, attempting to right herself and gain mastery over the current.

Kenway…..Kenway….. Brady!

To her horror, she couldn't find his mind… he was gone.

"No!" She screamed, lunging forward and breaking the surface of the water.

The Neptune's Trinity had met the same fate as his other ships, complete destruction.

Wood and flotsam was scattered around the seas, some floating and others drifting to the bottom, and she shoved it aside, peering into the piles of debris. She screamed with both her mind and her voice, calling his name and praying to the Gods that he would answer her.

After minutes of fruitless searching, her blue eyes beheld an awful sight.

Two swords and a piece of cloth from Kenway's clothing were all that remained of her friend. His body was gone.

Tears dribbled into the ocean as Muse screamed, an awful call that shocked all who heard it. Her voice caused the ocean itself to ripple and violently crash against anything in its path as she turned her rage towards the British ships.

Waves innumerable crashed into them, tearing their ships apart just like they had torn apart Kenway… her Kenway!

The sailors screamed and leapt for debris, clinging to it as the waves buffeted them. Muse didn't kill them, but their ships she ripped apart.

When it was done and the British ships lay scattered into pieces, she closed her mouth and floated over to Kenway's swords. Taking the cloth with trembling fingers, she tied it around her arm. A badge of remembrance for her friend, one that she would never remove.

Then she noticed the small wooden box, the box that contained the greatest treasure of all. She reached for it, wondering what it was that was so important to him.

Her long fingers swiftly undid the clasp as she opened it.

And there, resting on a small bit of cloth, was a carved figurine.

Of a mermaid with a coral tail, and on the top of the box was a carved message.

The greatest treasure of all. The love of my only Muse.


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