The Middle School Counselor

By Shadowgate

It's 2PM in Mister Cook's class of seventh graders.

The counselor entered and the teacher told the students to be silent as she entered.

"Hello class I'm your school counselor Mrs. Cortez. I'm here to talk to you about teen peer pressure to drink alcohol or do illegal drugs. Sometimes as teens you'll face the pressure to drink alcohol or do illegal drugs. You will also face pressure to have sex."

John Tucker raised his hand and said "with sex there's no pressure just do it."

The class laughed.

Mister Cook snapped "John this is supposed to be serious."

Mrs. Cortez went on to say "no doubt you all know you must be 21 or older to drink alcoholic beverages."

The kids all said "duh."

"Now smoking or chewing tobacco requires you to be 18 or older. There are also laws that deal with sex between adults and minors. We'll discuss that today."

Keenan Bar raised his hand and asked "do you have personal experience? How are you an expert in adult/minor sexual relationships?"

Mister Cook exhaled with irritation and the counselor said "no I have no personal experience with that."

The class starts laughing and Mister Cook says "not cute Keenan."

Mrs. Cortez shows a video with a scenario where a high school teen babysitter is hit on by the father of the boy she babysits.

After watching the video the counselor asked the students "did you all see it was inappropriate and she felt uncomfortable?"

The female students quickly nodded. The guys were less eager to nod but they did.

The counselor explained that the young babysitter had feelings that should be respected. She didn't want the advancement."

Walter Bell raised his hand and said "Sarah Banner loves that type of advancement. Bad bad bad bad boys make her feel so good."

The class laughs and Sarah yells "go fuck yourself Walter!"

Mister Cook said "Walter Bell you go straight to the principal's office."

Mrs. Cortez said "alright now let's calm down and try to be appropriate."

Ronnie Dane raised his hand and said "being appropriate is very hard for lots of kids in this school."

Mrs. Cortez replied "yes I'm starting to notice that."

Ronnie also said "I don't see what was so bad about that advancement. You say it was unwanted. I say unwanted bondage would be unwanted."

The class laughed and then Natasha Smith said "Mister Cook and his boyfriend love bondage."

Mister Cook said "Natasha you're pissing me off."

Natasha said "whatever."

Mister Cook said "you go to the principal's office right now."

Natasha said "bitch I'm not going to the motherfucking principal's office."

Mister Cook yelled "you go straight to the principal's office this instant."

Natasha yelled "motherfucker my mom and dad will be up here and you'll be sorry for the way you treated me!"

Mister Cook yelled super loud "you can bring your crack ho momma up here and your pimp daddy. I don't give a fuck!"

Natasha stormed out of the classroom to the principal's office. Mrs. Cortez was shocked.

Mrs. Cortez then decided to ask "does anyone have any questions for me at this time?"

John Tucker raised his hand and asked "you're a school counselor so I must ask what your opinion of interracial lesbian bondage is?"

The school counselor screamed and ran out of the door. She got ran out of the school and jumped in her car and she never came back.