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I slammed the door shut behind me, cutting off a pair of arguing voices. I stood there for a minute, slowly clenching and unclenching my fists and taking deep breaths. Unable to relieve my anger and stress, I stalked over to my backpack, pulled out my laptop, a sheet of paper, and a pencil, and started doing some random math problems from the internet.

I generally do Algebra when I'm angry. It's simple and repetitive; a great way to let out steam. My heartrate slowed and my muscles relaxed as my pencil scratched out equations on the surface of the paper.

"Divide by 5, and x equals-"

A loud bang from downstairs cut me off. I snapped my pencil in surprise and whipped around. The sound was far too loud to be a dishes falling onto the ground. An unknown fear clenched my gut, telling me to not move. To not go down and see what happened.

I ignored it.

The room seemed to darken as I slowly got out of my chair. When I stepped through the door, my feet squelched as I stepped into a pool of blood. The red liquid covered everything; the walls, ceiling, doors…and me.

It was soaking in. The unwashable color stained my flesh. I ignored it all and continued down the hallways. I wasn't there yet; I still had to see.

There were far more stairs than when I came up. The stretched on and on, each dark red with blood. I carefully stepped down for what seemed like hours until I reached the ground floor.

The blood was thicker here, if that was possible. It lapped at the base of my ankles. My fear had almost escalated into a paralyzing panic, but I didn't stop. I continued on, and turned the corner into the kitchen.

And I saw-

I woke up with a start. I sat up with a gasp, cold sweat beading my hands and face. I looked down at my hands and found them shaking.

That dream again… I thought.

It took a while before the world started coming back to me. The first thing I noticed was the incessant beeping of my alarm clock. I reached over and turned it off before slipping out my bed.

And now I have to go to school…

I got ready robotically. I wasn't really aware that I was brushing my teeth, or that I was putting on some clothes. It wasn't until I came down for breakfast and saw Miranda that I fully woke up.

"Hello," I greeted as I sat down. Miranda was a woman whose kindness rivaled that of Mother Teresa. Her long brown hair cascaded down in waves along her back and lightly brushed against her pink nightgown. The hazel color accented her emerald eyes and lighter skin.

"Morning Lia. Did you get a good night's rest?" she asked as she put some bacon on a plate. She came over and placed my breakfast before me.

"Mostly," I replied, eagerly turning to the delicious food.

"Mostly? Does that mean…"


Miranda sat down next to me, concerned. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Definitely, since I'm eating your food," I say through a mouthful of bacon. Miranda just rolled her eyes and ruffled my hair.

"Hey, leave some for me."

I turned around to see Dan walking down the stairs, adjusting his tie. "First come, first served," I joked. He pulled a terrible pouty face, causing both of us to laugh. Miranda got up and pecked his cheek and patted down his unruly mop of black hair before setting another plate for him.

I finished my bacon quickly and rubbed my belly. "Ah. I wonder how I used to live before your cooking."

"Answer: you didn't," Dan replied as he dug into his food. Miranda just blushed at the compliments.

I glanced over at the clock before letting out a yelp of surprise. "Shit I'm running late!"

"Hey, no-" Miranda started.

"Fuck! That means I'm running late too!" Dan interrupted. The two of us sprinted out of the kitchen leaving a sighing Miranda to clean up.

I regretted rushing in the morning, as I do every day. School started off pretty typically, with a group of idiotic jocks trying to flirt with me. I knew it wasn't because of my looks; my dull red hair reached halfway down my back and didn't look nice at all, and my freckles and pale skin looked weird with my brown eyes. The only reason they were flattering me was so that I would do their math homework for them. It was at these moments that I was glad that I was a girl; if I was a boy, no doubt they would be beating the crap out of me until I did said homework.

Class wasn't much better. I had never bothered to make many friends, so there was no one to talk to. That, and the fact that my first period was Calculus.

I stepped through the classroom door filled with both a minimum amount of happiness and a large amount of exasperation. Every head which was already in a seat turned towards me and sent a death glare. Why are you smarter than us? the looks seemed to ask. You're only a freshman, and we're the top seniors.

I cowered and quickly made my way to my seat. The class went by too quickly to me, but I couldn't get out of the door fast enough. The foul mood of the rest of my classmates put off the rest of my day. It wasn't until lunch that I found some reprieve.

"Lia! What's up?"

The first smile since breakfast tugged at my lips as I met Mary at the cafeteria entrance.

"Nothing much. Just school."

"Really? Well, my day was absolute fucking trash. So, I walk into English all happy and stuff, right? But then this girl-" She continued describing a tale about she almost had a fight over her boyfriend, and how she nearly got a detention. I tuned her out, happy that she wanted to confide in me, but also upset. Mary was one of the first people I met once I moved here. She had reached out to me and taken me as a friend, and was a bright ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak world. Unfortunately, that sunshine was now steadily moving over to her boyfriend.

Honestly, I should be happy for her. Even before they officially got together, Mary and Brian were incredibly happy together. Everyone could see their relationship from a mile away. But that didn't stop the pain as my one friend slowly slipped away from me, leaving me cold and alone, covered in blo-

I cut off the train of thought and tried to focus on what Mary was saying.

"-And finally, Mr. Dberek was kind enough to let me off with a warning. But that girl didn't get punished at all. Not even a reprimand!" She gestured wildly, letting her shoulder-length blonde hair bob up and down. "Do you think that's fair?" She turned her blue eyes towards me.

"Of course not," I said as if I had listened to her story.

"I know, right? You know what needs to happen? We should-"

"Hey girls. What's up?" My mouth tightened at the perfectly content and beautiful voice.

"Brian!" Mary exclaimed. She skipped over to the brown-haired boy and gave him a hug.

"Sorry," he said, returning the gesture. "Was I interrupting something?" His smile and question were completely genuine.

"No," I said, trying not to grit my teeth.

"Alright then. Hey, babe, do you want to go someplace tomorrow? Unless you and Lia have something planned. I know I've been monopolizing you, and I don't want to be that jerk boyfriend who keeps his girl away from her friends, you know?"

I knew that if I had butted in and told him how I felt, he would actually grovel at my feet to try and make up. Which is also why I hate him. He's simply to kind to say 'no' to.

"Not at all!" Mary replied happily. "Unless you wanted to do something, Lia?"

"No, no, no," I said, hoping that my hate wasn't visible. "You two go hang out. I'll be fine."

"You sure?" Brian asked, not convinced. "I don't actually remember the last time you two-"

"I'm 100%, over-the top positive that I will be perfectly fine! In fact, how about you two go eat lunch together!" I said this all with an obviously fake smile and having to resist the urge to punch Brian in the face. Before I lost control of myself, I shoved the couple forward. The sea of people quickly filled the gap between us.

I stood there for a moment before slowly making my way out of the cafeteria, my appetite suddenly gone. Despite being surrounded by people as they pushed and shoved, I felt completely and utterly alone.