When I was young, something happened to me. Something I can't quite remember, but I lost everything. My family, they told me, was gone. Wiped out in one incident. I was given to the care of the state. Passed from family to family, finally ending up in an institution.

I spent a few years there, growing up with some of the other kids- watching some leave with families, and others to strike out on their own. I wasn't chosen anymore. Families would visit other kids, but never me. I was an outlier, an outsider. There was just something different about me, I suppose. Something that just didn't quite click with most people. I made an occasional friend, but it never lasted long. It seemed as soon as I made a friend, they were gone.

I was about twelve when someone finally came for me. It was a man in a business suit. He looked to be in his late fourties, early fifties. Not handsome, but not frightening, either. He was very… average. He looked like the sort who could be a father. He talked to the matron, and within weeks, I was released. I remember being excited. About feeling ecstatic that maybe in this man, who I never would have thought would choose me, I would find a father.

He signed the paperwork. He helped me pack my meager things. He walked me to the car with a smile on his face, telling me that I would be so happy to see my new home and the experiences we were going to have together. I remember him pulling onto the street and my once-home slowly disappearing in the rear view.

And then I remember nothing.

It seemed like ages for my brain to process all of this information. It felt like hours as it went over every single detail, my slowly waking brain working as a projector to get me up to speed. I couldn't seem to get to the end fast enough.

The last memory seemed to flap in my brain like a jammed projector. It slowly grew dark around the edges and then just as it faded to black, I woke up.

Everything was white. The sterile white of a hospital room. Except it wasn't a hospital room. As I slowly sat up, it was becoming more apparent to me that it was more like a holding cell. There was only a door with no handle, my bed, and what could have been a crude toilet in the corner.

My mind began to race. What was going on? Was this some sort of test? Was it a joke? Was I still dreaming?

I touched the roughhewn sheets and the smooth concrete of the wall and thought, no, this was very real. For a joke, I didn't find it very funny, and if it were a test, there would have at least been some clue by this point.

I licked my lips, glancing once more about the room before realizing how strange I felt. I had never felt so thirsty, or quite so groggy. I felt like everything was still moving in slow motion.

I reached up to brush my hair away from my face and when I tucked it behind my ear, I felt something… unusual.

Hesitantly, I reached up to touch the tip of my ears and felt something soft and pointed. Brow furrowed, I hastily touched the bottom of my ear and it felt normal from what I could tell, but then as I went up, they slowly thinned out and came to a fuzzy, pointed tip.

I bit my lip in shock, and squealed in pain. I thought for sure I had pierced my lip! My fingers brushed my lip and when I pulled them away, I saw the red of my blood mixed with spit. Horrified, I felt my canines to find that they were not much longer, but wickedly sharp.

My heart skipped a beat and suddenly I was across the room, heaving into the crude toilet that had been left for me. Nothing more than a hole in the stone with a pipe that lead out.

Nothing more than stomach acid left my mouth, but I was still heaving, fear enveloping me. What had happened to me? I couldn't have been out for more than a few hours! It was only a little while ago I had even left the institution. There was no way. This all had to be a joke. This all had to be-

I stood in my panic, turning to find a way out when I realized that my specific relation to the ground had changed. I felt somewhat taller than I had been before. I felt like my center of gravity had somehow changed as well.

The door opened and there was a strange looking man in his early 20s standing in the door frame.

His eyes dilated from slits as he saw me. "Oh good, you're awake."

I hit the floor in a dead faint a second later.