A/N: Just a short story I wanted to work on that had been poking at the back of my brain. I hope ya'll enjoy it.

Chapter 1

Growing up in the small town of Huilana, Mia Alberts, had always lived in the same house. Living with both of her parents out by the woods, where she often loved to play. Next to her lived a family that like her's never had moved. The Johnsons, who had a boy only a year older than Mia herself who she often played with since they were infants. Xander Johnson was always rather strange. Popular amongst the girls in his class due to his looks. A fair complexion, dark chestnut eyes, caramel colored hair, yet rather lanky and tall for his age.

Mia herself once popular when younger grew to become a dazzling young woman though shunned for her beauty and friendship with Xander. When she was in her elementary school years Mia was quite excentric. Loving to make friends with her bubbly personality. Her porcelain skin though frail to the sunlight Mia burned easily. The many freckles on her face were often to be described as kisses from the sun, most often referred to her by her mother Ilene. Fluffy long auburn hair that reached down towards her butt. Emerald eyes almost everyone found themselves engulfed in when in conversation with her.

Always playing with each other in the woods, often getting lost while playing tag Mia and Xander grew up laughing and smiling like any other child. When reaching their teen years Mia found a shift rising between them. No matter how close she tried to get to Xander it always felt as if he was pushing her away. Growing lonesome that her once best friend now seemed to despise her with the blankness that showed in his eyes Mia herself began to change. Her personality fizzled out that once bright smile never often presented itself to those around her.

Her parents wearily watched as their daughter now seemed to sulk in her room writing in her journals, becoming enveloped in horror movies and obsessed with murderous stories. Not only that but Mia's fashion sense began to change as well. A grunge look quite unfamiliar amongst the small town as she walked around in frilled up black lace skirts that rested just above her knees. T-shirts or blouses that were torn or hanging from her shoulders, black gloves sometimes lace other times cloth or leather. Wearing makeup that darkened her eyes, though it did make the emerald color pop even more so. Bright red lipstick to match the auburn hair that now seemed distraught and frizzy. Leggings or stockings that covered the bruises and cuts on her legs along with the leather boots that laced all the way up to her knees.

From the sidelines she watched from the shadows clenching onto her books through the hallways of school. Keeping her eye on Xander wishing he would just notice her. The only thing to keep her sane was seeing how he wasn't only distant with her but everyone else around him. His charming smile ceased to exist and the glimmer of light that once she saw in his eyes now seemed just as absent as his personality. He seemed to hide in the shadows in a whole different manner that she had.

She would watch as his long black wool coat rustled up behind him while he maneuvered between the crowds of their classmates to each class. His hair matted and unkempt, his posture straight yet slouched slightly forward with his hands in his jean pockets. His appearance only upkept due to his parents and their place in town amongst townhall. Despite both Mia and Xander both in their own unruly worlds their grades managed to stay at least average in order to keep them out of trouble.

With Halloween vastly approaching, Mia actually grew excited for once. Her room decorated in the macabre, long sheer drapes hung from the ceiling draping over her bed. Candles red, black, and white in all ranges of sizes clustered around her room. Fitting what was already the interior on a daily basis. She had even begged her parents to drive her out of town to collect Halloween decorations for the outside of the house. Seeing how it was what made their daughter spark back to life they were more than happy to appeal to her request.

Excitedly Mia found herself lost and entranced at all the decorations in the store. Immersing herself into her own mind to figure out the best way to decorate her home. Happy to be sharing such a thing with her parents despite the awkwardness that she knew they felt. Halloween wasn't a big thing in Huilana. To be quite honest to say in the least, practically everyone found the holi-night to be quite horrific and prefered not to celebrate such a thing. Though this was the one year they decided to give it a shot as Mia had been forced by her parents to join the student council. And for the big theme for their school dance she had pushed for Halloween themed. Reluctantly everyone agreed, in the one condition there was nothing gorey about it.

Even though Mia fought the argument in saying that was one of the best parts she gave up the battle. At least it wasn't a complete loss of a fight. Many of her ideas did get accepted and that was enough for her.

After finishing up from the store Mia was quick to run a muck around the outside of the house to begin decorating. Having to keep it tamed in order to not spook the neighbors too much she still was pleased in the matter. She stood out front of the house as the sun began to set and watched as her parents plugged in the lights staring at her from the porch. Holding each other close with smiles on their faces to see the light and happiness once again reveal itself on their daughters face.

Feeling a presence beside her Mia looked up to see Xander standing beside her. His silence nearly spooking her until she caught a glimmer of a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Her cheeks reddening at the sight just before she nudged him playfully. "You like?" she murmured under her breath.

"Yeah. It's cool." He said staring at her house with no enthusiasm in his voice at all.

Her chest tightening at hearing any sort of words escaping his lips Mia swallowed back looking away from him. "You know… I miss hanging out with you… and I was hoping… that with the new theme of the dance… maybe you'd go with me?" She quickly clenched her eyes shut, jaw tightening in fear of his response. Despite knowing the worst he could say was no, it didn't stop her from fearing it.

A long dreaded silence came between them before she felt his hand on the top of her head. Opening up her eyes she looked up at him hesitantly. Gasping, jaw dropping at the sight.

Smiling at her solemnly, Xander nodded at her. "Sure. But I'm not wearing a tux."

With her heart pattering against her chest she nodded at him. Wide eyed and ecstatic trying to restrain herself. Unable to do so she lunged at him throwing her arms around him, nuzzling her face against his chest. "You don't have to dummy. It's costumed themed."

"We don't have to match right?" He asked. Instinctively wrapping his arms around her, loosely and almost unwillingly. "Because I can tell you right now, that's not happening." he assured her almost coldly.

"No. I don't really care how you dress. I'm just happy you're going with me." she smiled looking up at him.

His eyes still remained blank and expressionless as he looked into hers. His tone having never wavered or heightening as he spoke. "Why?" he questioned her. "It's not like we are friends or anything."

In that moment everything shattered around her. Mia's grip fell along with her smile. Stepping back she stared at him almost teary eyed. "So why are you going with me? Why do you hate me? We used to be friends!"

He shrugged sticking his hands in his pockets. "Used to, past tense. And you asked I assumed I was supposed to say yes. I mean you did this for me right? It's rude to decline."

"Why are you such a jerk, Xander?" Mia stifled. "Just because I asked you doesn't mean you have to come if you don't want to. I'm not a charity!"

Rolling his eyes Xander pivoted himself around. "Whatever. You shouldn't have asked. I'll be over to pick you up then on the night of the dance."

Clenching her jaw and fists down by her sides Mia felt raged. "You…" she muttered under her breath, staring down at the ground just before she shot her head up and charged after him. Short lining herself as he vanished into the woods in the backyard of their houses Mia collapsed to her knees. Slamming her fists into the ground, rustling up leaves around her. Dirt began to form under her nails after she started to claw into it. Trying to soothe herself and regain her thoughts.

Tears flooded down her cheeks as her heart ached. She couldn't begin to understand why he seemed so cold towards her. Someone she had known her whole life shutting her out without any explanation. Why did she keep trying to figure it out? Why did she continue to care so much when he quite obviously didn't?

Finally Mia pushed herself from the ground and returned home, once again locking herself up in her room. Blaring the volume from her television with a slasher film playing the background. Her head burrowed into her pillow, blankets covering her completely. The only light in the room was that from the television itself. Her eyes wide open the entire night unable to sleep. Everytime she closed her eyes all she could see was that see through look in Xander's eyes. Without a care in the world as he looked right through her as if she was literally nothing.