Three figures stand on barren waste at high noon. A relic of an age forgotten and found, a priest of a religion known only in ancient data banks, a mad warrior with a singing sword. These three form a circle, ready for a fight.

"Mighty fine meeting you all here. Now, how about we have a little duel?"

"I understand your need for redemption. If you do not confess your sins, I will have to cleans you."

"Oh you two. You'd both make a fine addition for her. She sings for another one made in her name."

"Sorry, madam, but I ain't going down today."

"And neither will I. I am a priest, and it is my duty to cleans this world of sinners. Even if this means I too am a sinner."

"So, the half-human confesses? What next, you going to start a sermon?"

"I am an android. Once a human, like you. Unlike the miss right here?"

"Don't you hear her? Her songs are sweet. She sings and chirps. Oh how she begs for another one." She brandishes the sheathe of her long, thin blade. "Her songs called for me, when I was once still new. She wishes to know how you got your gun, human."

"A cowboy knows his weapon, and my weapon is a good ol' carbon steel revolver. How about you, tin man?"

"My bible is my only weapon. The only weapon I need."

"Heh, yeah. Look at you, seven foot something, I reckon. You're a giant with those robotic muscles ready to burst out of your shirt, and she's quite lithe. Ain't that funny."

"Honestly, I can't wait to smash your head in. The lord will not forgive thee where you're going."

"Heaven, hell, it don't matter." The cowboy says, inching his hand closer to his armament. "My six shooter is ready for anything."

"We're ready? Good. She sings for her next battle." The robotic woman draws her sword. It's blade is transparent, yet orange. A slight whistle can be heard in the breeze.

"Y'all ready for the lord?" The android says, drawing a bible made purely out of steel.

"Alright then. Draw!"

This isn't just the west...

This is