*** Please note: Please excuse any grammatical errors or typos. This is the first draft. Any and all feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Thanks x.

Gripping the bat tightly in my right hand I wrap my left around the door handle and twist it slightly. I go to open the door when a loud shrill scream punctures the silence throughout the building.

My heart stops beating for a second before kicking into over drive, pumping adrenaline through my body and making my limbs twitch. Flinging the door open I jump into the middle of the corridor my bat raised high and firmly in my hand ready to swing at whatever approached me. And although adrenaline pumps through my body, as I search down the corridor towards the stairwell, my blood turns to ice in my veins.

The lady who was scratching at my door mere seconds ago is on the ground on hands and knees, at the end of the corridor. She's leaning over a body, which is motionless and dyed red in blood. I stand frozen, an uneasy feeling settles into the pit of my stomach as she rips into the carcass.

Her hands grabbing and tearing flesh, blood pools to the floor as she pulls whole intestines and organs from the body. Her hands covered in bloody gore; she lifts them towards her and begins to shovel what she can into her mouth, feasting on the dead flesh.

I feel my stomach clench and my throat tighten as I dry reach. Turning back to my room I slam the door shut, my hands flying over all the bolts and locks before stepping slowly away from the door, the bat I dropped in my haste to lock myself in, rolls on the ground slowly away from me.

I feel a scream start to build in the back of my throat and quickly slam my hands over my mouth to prevent it escaping. My hands shake as I keep them over my mouth, and my breathing starts to come out in short gasps, as my mind races to come up with an explanation.

"What is happening?" I whisper to myself, "Oh my god, what the hell is happening?" I shriek to myself, unable to contain my hysteria.

I blink a few times before pinching my thigh to see if this is all just some messed up nightmare;

it's not.