A body quickly climbs on top of me and I look up to find bloodshot lifeless eyes starring down at me. Blood tinted drool seeps between rotting blackened teeth and oozes down its chin. It's hands wrap around my shoulders digging in like sharp hooks threatening to pierce through my jacket. And as I watch with horror filled eyes the biter starts to lower its eager mouth towards me.

I scream.

Automatically I bring my arms up to protect myself, shoving against the monster on top of me. The biter falls off of my body, but immediately recovers and begins to scramble towards me. Its fingers twist and probe trying to gain purchase, trying to lock onto me and tear into my flesh. Kicking my legs out I try to keep it away from me.

Frantically I look around me trying to find where I dropped my katana. I see the blade glint from under the car and dive towards it. Crawling I squeeze my body under the car, my arm thrusting out reaching for the blade.

Just as I feel the cool handle in the palm of my hand the biter grabs onto my leg, its fingers digging into me. I let out a startled scream as it begins to drag me out from under the car. My hand automatically reaches out trying to grasp onto anything within reach, which only results in me scraping a few layers of skin off my fingers.

Flipping onto my back, I bring the blade up towards my chest, my fingers clamped on the handle, clutching onto it for dear life. As soon as my torso is free I thrust the blade forward. The blade slices through the biters eye, slipping through the eye socket and breaking out through the back of its head.

The air is filled with a gruesome squelch as the blade tears through brain matter and its body slumps forward covering mine. My heart beats furiously in my chest and I can feel my entire body trembling. I shove the body off of me and roll to the side, my breakfast shooting up and out of my mouth and onto the bitumen.

Gasping for air I bring a shaky hand up and wipe at my mouth with the back of it. I bring myself up onto my knees before gripping onto the side of the car and hauling onto my feet. My body still trembles violently and my throat is tight constricting the amount of oxygen reaching my lungs.

My eyes quickly scan over my legs, desperately searching to see if the biter had torn any skin. I find no punctures. I close my eyes and take in some deep breaths, willing myself to calm down. After a few minutes my body begins to regain control.

Reaching down I pick up the katana and slip it back into its sheath before reaching for the jerry cans and syphoning pipe. I fill the jerry cans with petrol, taking longer than I was hoping for due to my hands still trembling from shock.

I slip them into the back of my car and drive as far and as fast as I can away. The neighbourhoods and streets blur into unrecognisable shapes and colours as the car speeds by them.

As I drive I begin to calculate how long it will take me to reach Ruby's grandparents house. I was on the other side of the entire outer suburbs of the city, which added hundreds of kilometres onto my journey. After taking into account the extra time I would need to find petrol and the fact that I was physically incapable of driving for 24 hours straight I estimated the normally nine hour drive would now take me close to a week.

Clearing a new house every night would take up too much time, so I decided my best course of action would be to sleep in my car. I quickly settle into a routine: driving all day, getting petrol and more supplies when and where I could, then locking the car and sleeping in the trunk when it got dark.

Not much differed between the days, occasionally I would come across more biters and would cut them down before moving on. I didn't find any healthy people though, and with every passing day I became less certain wether this was a bad or a good thing.

On the third day of my journey I come across a scene I had never encountered before. On the side of the road is a car that is completely covered with biters. They climb all over it, encasing the vehicle with their decaying bodies. Their hands bang against the sides, their moans painfully loud and holding promise of blood shed. I quickly divert my eyes and focus on the road ahead of me. I continue driving, not slowing in the slightest as I pass by the car.

Until I hear a piercing scream tear through the air.