Hidden and bound in iron shackles, I lie dormant

In never ending dreams of suffering and darkness

To a mortal the pain is unfathomable

But I am no mere mortal

Even so, it is an agony too few have faced

I begin to awaken from my slumber

I behold the light of day

I so strongly wished to feel tenderness and love towards the people of the light

That they had what I couldn't

I desired the feeling of neither jealousy nor rage

However, they laugh, and satisfy themselves on unearned bounties!

They squander their gifts and power, wasting so much of it in helping others instead of using it to rule and conquer.

That was what life was meant for, to be subjugated and ruled over an iron fist!

Too many enjoyed an undeserved happy life, whilst I suffered, chained in the dark under a lake of fire!

I cannot let them get away with such injustice!


Until then, I bid my time

I gather the most unhappy ones

The angry ones that have suffered agony. The scattered few, living and dead, who fulfilled the true purpose of life, but were stopped by selfish fools who craved freedom of all things!

They have experienced suffering, though it is incomparable to mine, and they will join me

As we father havoc across the earth!

The adults think of me as the devil

But I am not. I've existed long, long, long before it

The children know me by a name I much prefer, The Bogey Man

It has a nicer, less menacing ring to it, don't you think?

I will not bring eternal pain

I am the barer of peace

Peace through strength!

My powers grow, day by day.

It will not be today nor tomorrow

But soon... I will arise and I will have war!

Against the selfish and against the one you know as Christ!