Chapter -1 My stolen kiss

Why do I let my past always hold me back? Its been years since the incident but i can't seem to forget it and move on. I know I am a coward but I just can't move on. And that is the reason, I, Rose can never be happy. I have money, looks, popularity, the best grade in class, the collest friends (which everyone envy about me, lot of people had said that to my face ) but what i really wanted was my mom, to be Loved by the people in my own house but sometimes what you want is different from what you get, which is also one of the reasons why I am dressed for a party that I am forced to go.

" mis Rose your grandma is asking for you. She wants to make an entrance with you ", said my maid, kelly.

Kelly was a 40 year old woman with 3 boys and 2 girls, a fact you will find hard to believe if you actually saw her. She looks so wonderful with her golden blonde hair and beautiful green eyes and her very slim but fit body.

I just noded in acknowledgement and followed her to my grandma. My grandma although old was still upto the latest trends and was now currently frowning at me. My mom was an exact replica of her mother but grandma was no where as Kind or loving as she was.

"i want a smile Rose. And I need you to be in your best behavior. If I hear any complaints or anything bad about you.. I will make sure you will regret it. Do you understand? ",she asked her voice raised slightly just enough for the few servants nearby to hear.

I didn't need to look at their faces to know that they pited me.

"grandma, it's a ball where people wear masks. How the hell am i supposed to know who is who? ", i asked.

My question earned me another glare. " a stupid brat just like her mother ", was her reply. " this party is very important to your uncle so be well behaved "

I tried my best to hold back my tears, as i followed her into our party room. Yes, we had a room specifically for parties my uncle and grandma organized almost every week.

As soon as we entered, my grandma's best friend Carly (another bitch) hugged her.

"i missed you Megan.. ",she said tear eyed and spotted me. "oh! Isn't this Jane's daughter. You better get her engaged to someone before she ends up being murdered like her mother ". The worst part was she even had the guts to laugh at me. I glared at her and left them to their own world.

I sneaked into the kitchen and stole a bottle of vodka and escaped into the garden. The one and only perks about being rich is the wonderful large garden surrounding the hell i call home. Within minutes, i had the bottle emptied. I am not a fan of drinking but when the day gets the worst of me especially when the whole world is laughing about my mom's fate is soo hard. And the best way to forget everything is drink until your head loses it's consciousness. The pounding headache in the morning is nothing compared to the pain i feel right now.

I started getting dizzy i mean really dizzy the trees were even going in circles.. I took off my mask and launched at the nearest tree trying to hold it in place. " it's okay Mr tree you won't go round, round again.. I got you. No need to be scared" . I told the tree patting it.

From out of nowhere i heard someone burst into laughter . I turned to the side and saw a guy, his face hidden by the mask. He was also going round, round. Why is everything going round, round?

My eyes widened when i realized there was no one to save him. " oh my god it's an earthquake " i wisphered and launched at him. " it's okay i got you too.. " i slurred "you should come out when there's an earthquake lucky for you.. I saved you "

He laughed. "my savior is a bit drunk isn't she? ".

"nooo i am not drunk " i wisphered leaning onto his chest and hearing his heart beat. "mmm"

I felt him lift me up and settled me in his arms. He had blue eyes that reminded me of the ocean. " you have ocean in your eyes " i said reaching my eyes to the level of his eyes so i could look at them closer. They turned a deeper blue color . The last thing i heard was a hiss before his lips captured mine. I felt time freez as his tongue seeked permission. My mouth opened slowly but he immediately deepened the kiss and i melted completely into him. My hand slowly crawled up to his heart and i felt him smile against my lips. His heart was racing and so was mine .

Seconds passed into minutes ,when we pulled up for air. I touched my swollen lips while he looked at me smiling.

"you stole my first kiss" i said barely in a wisper.

He looked down and kissed my forehead and then my lips again leaving me shocked out of my witts.

"i guess i stole your second too.. And i hope i will be stealing more of them",the guy said " i guess i am your personal kissing theif"

"Rose," i heard Kelly call me.

" you should go"he wisphered kissing my lips again .i closed my eyes into his kiss and when I opened them i saw Kelly in front of me her warm hand pressed to my forehead .

"Are you sick sweetie? You look so flushed. Come on i will get you to bed. You need rest ", kelly said helping me up.

I glanced back looking for him but it seems as if he was never her, maybe he wasn't? .. Did i imagine him here? I touched my lips again and it was still swoolen which means he was here? But who was he? ..

Author note:i will update a chapter every three days. Hope you liked the story. Sorry for my grammar mistakes. I know it sucks. Thanks for reading . If it's boring i promise it will get better soon.