Jake's point of view:

"Jake you look amazing honey", mom commented during dinner, "Rose had done a marvellous job"

Great. I am trying my best to forget the bitch that cheated on her best friend and now my parents were talking about how great she is. Just my luck.

"Yes, I am even jealous of you Jake", Dad said laughing "Now you are the prince charming of our family. I feel old"

"We are old honey", mom said smiling at him. They had this connection, the way I connected with her. She always looked at me the way my mom looked at Dad. Her eyes glowing and I just wanted to kiss her. I saw my parents inching close to each other. Great this is definitely not what I wanted to see right now. So I silently stood up.

"Sit down, Jake", Dad commented in his official voice. The one he used in his office. And everyone obeyed immediately, even mom (aka the love of his life).

"What's wrong?", mom asked "you haven't touched your food."

"Everything is fine", I lied.

"Jake, what did she do now?", Dad asked and I was surprised. Because he is never around. So how does he knows what happens in my life?

"Who are you talking about?", I asked, pretending not to know.

"Don't play games, Jake.", Dad said, smiling lightly," I may not be around much, son. But I can always know what is bothering tell us what's wrong"

"I saw her and Thomas kiss", I told them "He is her best friends boyfriend."

"What exactly did you see?", mom asked.

"She was in his arms, he was kissing her forehead.", I replied calmly.

"Jake don't judge so quickly", Dad said "Don't let anger and jealousy control your mind. Either you talk about this to Rose or you can try to understand their relationships. Because what we see may not always be the truth"

"Thanks dad", I said smiling. Dad and I were finally bonding. Jane and I never got a chance to know our father. Dad was trying hard to protect and provide for us. I knew that, but sometimes I wish he was here. I could really use a man in my life. The only reason he is here is because of Rose's case and he had the responsibility to make sure nothing happened to her or he could lose his job for good. Rose's uncle has so much influence in politics. "I just ... Rose has changed since the incident. It's like I don't even know her anymore"

"Jake", mom said looking a bit gloomy, "the child has issues. You have to remember that she is sick. She doesn't even know who she is and from what I heard from her mother she isn't handling that very well."

"Just think of this Jake. How hard would life be, if you forgot everything that you know of?", dad asked looking straight at me.

"Don't say that dad. The thought scares me", I said closing my eyes and picturing the situation, "I can't even imagine forgetting you guys, my little Jane"

"Exactly Jake. I've seen people get seriously injured that they don't even remember their wife or children, and the thought of such a situation would scare us all. Then just think about her, she is living our worst fears. It's not a surprising fact that people makes the dumbest choices when they are angry. So if you really love her, stay with her. Help her make the right choices, try reaching out to her. In the end love always wins"

"Wow", mom exclaimed.

"That was intense dad", I said smiling at him, "you're the best."

"Aww, my two boys just bonded", mom yelled ruining the moment. We both looked at her and burst out laughing.

Later that night I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about what dad said. Tomorrow I am going to ask her. And I just hope that my thoughts were wrong.

Nervous and scared that's how I felt while I waited for the school bus. Mom refused to take me to school because she wanted people to see my new look. I did not want to be popular. Okay I did want to be popular only because I wanted to be with her.

"Hey, are you new?", Madison asked as soon as she arrived, smiling at me, "Damn you are cute"

Madison belonged to the cheerleaders. She is definitely a beauty. Her brown skin was a big no to some guys but she managed to rock it. Her curly hair and hourglass body made her irresistible. I don't know why people consider only fair skin as attractive but brown skin is gorgeous too. I mean look at her she is a fucking beauty even I can't say no to. Sorry, I tend to overthink when I am nervous.

"No", I said feeling uneasy. This girl was certainly checking me out. ,"Huh... I am Jake, you know..."

"You mean you're the nerd I pretended to be nice to so he would do my homework", she asked, her mouth hanging open, "How the hell did you turn into this?"

"None of your bloody business", I said angrily, crossing my arms over my chest. She used me!

"You know if you want we could hang out", she said running her finger over my arm raising Goosebumps. Gross. She might be attractive but I have been saving myself up for Rose. And besides she used me.

"I have better things to do", I said ignoring her. Why can't the bus get here sooner?

"Jake?" another voice asked astonished. Madison was attached to me while Jenela burst out laughing.

Madison glared at her. "Don't tease him. You are just jealous because he looks hotter than your boyfriend and you know it", she said to Jelena who was still laughing," Don't worry, she's just upset because she isn't single."

"yeah, right", Jelena muttered," do you actually think a guy who looks like that will be single?"

"Like I care", Madison said still holding my arm like I belonged to her.

I threw Jelena a look, pleading with her to help me get away from Madison. She nodded.

"Madison, your new conquest", Jelena said pointing an accusing finger at me "he is with the girl who helped him convert"

"And who is that?", she asked taking her phone out.

"Uh…," I said gulping at her stares, "Rose"

"What?", Jelena exclaimed,"Ro turned you into this"

"Yeah", I replied.

Jenela phone beeped with a message. She opened it and turned to Madison with a glare.

"What the hell is this, Madison?", she asked shoving her phone in Madison's face.

"The truth", Madison said, typing on her phone.

"Did you refer to my best friend as 'The Raped girl'?", she asked dangerously moving close to Madison.

"Jen..." before my words left my mouth Jenela had punched Madison.

Madison looked at Jelena in fury. "You just made your death wish"

Jelena may look strong but I knew her history. Jelena wasn't good at fighting. So when Madison threw a punch at her I stepped in front of Jelena, blocking the punch. I grasped Madison's wrist gently, "Maddison, I am sorry for what Jelena did but you are not hurting her"

"What?" Maddison screamed pulling her hair ," what are you? Her human shield"

"yeah Jake", Jelena said," I can fight my own battles"

"Good for you", I said to Jelena, hoping to distract her, "shouldn't you be checking in on Rose?". It worked. Jelena quickly moved away after dialling a number.

"Sorry Maddison", I apologized again, "I will do your math homework for a week if you don't fight with her"

"Plus you have to have dinner with me this Friday", she said and I found myself agreeing. Things I do for Rose. Stupid crush.

"Jake, Rose isn't coming. She is upset", Jelena said frowning, "she didn't even pick up her phone. Her maid did"

Great. Now how am I supposed to ask her about Thomas? Just as I was thinking about the devil, he appeared. He came in his red car and pulled up smiling to Jelena.

Jelena immediately rushed to him pulling his car door open, "GET OUT"

Wow. I have never seen a boyfriend kick out his girlfriend from his car. This was sweet.

"What did I do?", Thomas asked surprised as his girlfriend tried to pull him out.

"We will get to that later", she said smiling sweetly at him. He gulped. Guess he was one of the boys who were afraid of his girlfriends.

"Jake", she commanded. She reminded me of my Dad. Weird. And I don't blame Thomas, she was scary with her frown and that voice, "Take his car. Go to Rose's house and bring her to school"

"What's wrong with, Rose?", Thomas asked concerned. Maybe he does like her.

"Tell you during the bus ride", she said,"Jake please be careful with his car. It's his brother 's car."

"Jelena", Thomas whined like a kid. She just made my day.

Rose's p o v:

Ever since that incident I have been a mess. I didn't even know who I am. I don't know my favourite shows, my favourite colour. I don't even know half the things in my own room. My aunt always burst out crying when she saw me. So uncle flew her to London to distract her. I guess she really did love me. My grandma told me she wished I was dead and the truth is I wish I was dead too. Everyone considers me as a raped girl, they all look at me with so much sympathy. My uncle was doing his best to make me happy. But it didn't work. No one could make me feel better. I hated myself so badly, which was why I threw my phone somewhere and crawled into my queen sized bed in my night dress watching when in Rome with a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream, refusing to let anyone in. Uncle was in a hug meeting, won't be back by 9 pm and I threatened to fire the maids if they told anyone. Do no worries. Aunt agreed on me skipping school, she said she will see if she can home school me. So here I was trying desperately to stop this depression but in vain.

"Rose", a voice called, knocking on the door. I recognized that voice immediately. Jake.

"GO AWAY", I screamed. I did not want to see him not now. Not when I am a mess like this. I hated me. I hate everyone.

"Rose, it's me Jake", he said again, "can I please come in?"

" AWAY", I screamed.

"Okay", he said.

I smiled in relief. Ah finally. To watch this movie in peace.

"Wow. You look nice", Jake said startling me. A blush rose into his cute face as he took me in. I could feel his eyes wandering all over me.

"Now if you finished checking me out, LEAVE", I said in my commanding voice.

He blushed even a brighter red," I.. Uh…" he fumbled, looking embarrassed. He took a deep breath," I saw you and Thomas yesterday"

"Oh", I exclaimed.

"what was that about?", he asked smiling lightly," I know you were upset"

"Jenela sent him over because I needed a shoulder to cry on, were her exact words", I replied expressionless, "Now leave"

He came forward and took the remote off the bed and switched it off. "We are going to have a very serious conversation."

"Okay fine stay here and talk. I am leaving", I said getting up to leave the room but then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. Soon his arms were around my waist. He was so close. He smelled like soap?

" I really, really hate you for making me feel this way", he said, a dangerous glint in his eyes. I felt scared, really scared. I had never seen him look so frustrated and so hot at the same time. What the hell is...

All the thoughts left my mind as his lips landed on mine. All my insecurities didn't matter anymore. I felt safe, protected. And I didn't want this to end.


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