Author Note:
This should be a no brainer, but this Love Letter Lovelies 5: Sapphic Palace is a sequel. Because it is 5th in the series, it's a little impossible to keep things contained within one story. While it's possible to understand the events going on, as a writer I'm expecting the reader to know who the main characters are, past situations, and so-on. I have written some refreshers through-out, but it's not in detail. To fully enjoy what's going on I highly recommend newcomers to read the previous works. Thanks.

Love Letter Lovelies 5:

Sapphic Palace

by Glee-chan

Chapter 1.

Kaede Ozawa

Explosions rocketed behind her, as she ran at full speed, trying to keep ahead of the blasts. Pebbles and small rocks from the quarry-field ground flew over head, some bouncing off her yellow spandex covered back. When she arrived at her mark, she took a dive and rolled down the path laid out for her. Inside her helmet, she caught a glimpse of the other vividly colored cast mates duplicating her motions. They rolled to safety on the gravel, finally into some mats, where crew members with fire extinguishers stood by. Luckily no one was on fire, so everyone laid still until they heard the one word they where waiting for.


Sitting up, Kaede reached for her head, unhooked the latches on the side of her mask, and removed the glossy yellow serpent-shaped helmet off. She took a deep breath before she wiped from fringe that stuck to her forehead back, then looked over to the others. Almost immediately the older female stunt-actress, Ryoko Nogawa, was looking over to Kaede with a questioning expression.

"Everything good?"

Kaede nodded her head silently, in her usual calm manner.

"Come on, babe, I need more than that. I just want to hear you say it. Are you okay?"

"Yes." She reinforced her nod.

Since Kaede was new to Super Sentai stunt-work, Ryoko had more or less taken Kaede under her wing. Whether it was by the stunt director's order or by her own initiative, Ryoko had became like an older sister during this process. After each dangerous spot, she would always make sure that Kaede was okay. It was hard not to bond with the woman. She was a veteran of suit-acting, plus they shared a trailer and often spent the nights together when they were on remote locations.

This was the first time Kaede had suit-acted so it was lucky that she landed a position for the long running TV series Super Sentai. (Super Sentai is the Japanese Television show that Power Rangers takes it's footage from) The show she was on now was called Kinjitou Sentai Eijiranger. Like this show, each series had a different gimmick for the costumes, robot-suits, and weapons. Kaede's show was based off of ancient Egyptian gods. She usually preformed as the suit/stunt-actor for the Yellow Ranger, played by actress Yumi Ueto.

Standing to her feet, Kaede dusted herself off as best she could before handlers ran over and started cleaning her suit. The other suit-actors where on their feet as well, arms spread out, as the production crew made sure they weren't too filthy. Ryoko gave a grin to Kaede, then notion towards the trailers. Turning her attention towards where Ryoko was indicating, she saw the actual actors arrive on set.

"Must be nice to show up after all the danger is gone." Ryoko remarked as a crew member was aiding Pink Ranger actress Sayuri Tasumi out of the vehicle. Ryoko was her stunt double.

"They still have to do some fights, so go easy on them." Masamichi Mizuhara, the stunt director, said in a bored voice. "If Sayuri-chan gets bruised, my ass will be handed to me."

"That's what you get when you hire a freaking model." Ryoko complained.

For Kaede's impressions, she didn't hold a grudge against the actual actors. She couldn't speak for the others, but because she doubled for Yumi Ueto, she had more contact with her. Yumi was a very nice down to earth girl, new to acting, and when she was on set she always seemed excited to be a part of Super Sentai history. As for Sayuri Tasumi, she seemed polite enough, however since she was a huge celebrity the company had bent over backwards to make sure she was handled delicately. It was for this reason Ryoko put up a fuss.

Picking up her helmet, she finished up her cleaning, then walked over towards craft services where Yumi was standing. She had an action-script in her hand, and was looking intently on the fight she was required to do. Like Ryoko had done for her, Kaede also tried to help Yumi with some on-set lessons.

"Kaede-chan, I don't get this." Yumi pointed at the script. "They keep asking me to fence."

"It's my fault." Kaede told her smoothly. "They hired me because I know Kendo, so they want to use that as much as possible."

Yumi nodded, picking up her prop sword and handing it to Kaede. "Show me what this means…"

So she went over on how to do the proper maneuvers with her until Mizuhara called everyone into position. He went over how he wanted the scene to play out, and again the stunt-crew did their best to teach the actors on how to perform that. Yumi caught on quicker because of the short tutoring lesson, but Sayuri struggled. Ryoko was having a time keeping her patience with the model.

"Sometimes I think she doesn't like her." Yumi giggled, looking at the two Pink Rangers practice.

"We are just limited on what we can do with her." Kaede explained to Yumi honestly. "Toei doesn't want her to get hurt because she so famous."

"Yeah, Sayuri-chan was talking about that. She's kind of frustrated by it, but there's only so much she can do."

Yumi often stuck up for Sayuri. In fact, most people tended to like the model. For one reason or another, it was only Ryoko who had the major problem with her. Kaede herself found Sayuri very alluring, but that was because she was so beautiful. She wasn't alone in this thought. Both men and women seemed to think so.

"Hey, Ozawa-san, you got a phone call." A production assistant suddenly called over the crowd.

Mizuhara craned his head over to where Kaede and Yumi were working and gave a nod of approval. It seemed Sayuri would need extra time to practice. Giving a small wave, she jogged over to where the production assistant was holding a phone, and lightly took it from her. Raising it to her ear, she greeted her caller in a questioning voice.

"Hi Kaede! I didn't know if I'd be able to reach you."

"Mako-chan." Kaede felt her spirits lift from hearing that voice.

"I know I shouldn't call at work, but I wanted to tell you that everything is in order. I'm moving to Tokyo next week."

Kaede gave a rare visible smile and laugh out her silent laugh. "I'm so happy!"

"Me too. We've been away from each other for far too long!"

She almost felt like crying on hearing this news. Makoto Akiyama, her long time girlfriend, and recent fiancée, was finally going to transfer from Kyoto University's Nursing Program to Tokyo. For months now, they had planned this out. Kaede had quit her business degree studies to become a stunt performer for the Toei Company. All this time, she had been saving her earnings in order to buy a place in Tokyo for her and Makoto to live. While she knew that all their plans were coming to a close, it still seemed unreal that they had pulled it off.

"I hope you like the apartment I got." Kaede forced herself to say something over the emotions she was feeling.

"You showed me the pictures. It's lovely."

"It'll be more lovely once you move in." Kaede blustered out.

It was cheesy and cliche, but all the same Makoto gave her cute 'awwww' sound. She loved it when Kaede's guard was dropped and she acted mushy like that. Usually it was in a secluded, romantic setting, but Makoto finally moving to Tokyo was a big deal… especially since this had been the longest they had ever been a part.

"So, how's work going? You're not over doing it, are you?"

"Stunt Production will be over soon. They're already starting pre-production for the next series." Kaede informed her. "I'll be off during suit-fabrication, so they'll be time to get things in order for the house. We can decorate together."

"I can't wait." Makoto sounded excited. "Speaking of which… do you get to keep your outfit?"


"Your Yellow Ranger outfit? You get to take one home, right?"

"I don't think it works that way."

"I want to see you in it!"

"You can. Turn on your TV." Kaede gave a small smirk.

"No, I mean in person… that way I can take it off. Eji-Yellow is my girl, after all."

Kaede felt her body tingle at the thought of that. "I'll see what I can do."

"I knew you'd be up for it." Makoto laughed.

Her conversation was cut short when a crew member called her name.

"I have to go Mako-chan."

"Saving the world?"

"Yep. I love you."

"I love you too, Kaede. Kick ass for me."

"I will. Goodbye."


With that the call ended. With a small sigh, she handed the phone back to the crew member when she found her, then traveled back to set. Yumi was practicing her kendo with the stunt-team, looking focused on getting her movements right. She seemed to be doing well, but was pleased when Kaede returned.

"You look happy."

Kaede thought she had done a good job at returning back to normal, but it seemed she was still glowing from the news. Reluctantly, she gave in and informed those around her that Makoto was moving to Tokyo. Those who were in the know were happy for her, while the others just gave polite smiles. Ryoko and Yumi seemed the most pleased, however.

"You don't know how bad this girl has been waiting to hear that." Ryoko told Yumi. "She's like a lost puppy without her girlfriend."

"Fiancée." Kaede corrected.

"Yeah, yeah…" Ryoko rolled her eyes. "Point is, I've never seen a girl more whipped in all my life."

"Aw, she's not whipped," Yumi giggled. "she's just in love. Anyway, I hope I get to meet her."

"You're bringing her to the wrap-party, aren't you?" Ryoko pressed.

"I hadn't thought about it."

"C'mon, Kaede-chan! Everyone dying to meet the girl who melts that icy exterior of yours."

"I have to admit, I'm curious too." Yumi agreed. "She's always so serious."

"I'll ask her to come." Kaede stated, trying to get them to calm down.

"Yes!" Ryoko and Yumi said in unison, then gave each other high-fives.

About that moment, Mizuhara came towards them. "Now then, if you ladies are done gossiping, is it alright if we continue with shoot?"

Feeling a bit flustered, Kaede nodded her head curtly. Ryoko snickered, then gave Kaede a small shove on the shoulder. Stepping out of frame, she and Ryoko waited on the sidelines, as the actors got into position. Once action was called, they performed their movies several takes, before ending the sequence with the Red Ranger actor rolling into a heroic pose.

"Eji Change!" He shouted, taking out his prop-transformation cell phone and posing.


The actors waited to see if that take was satisfactory. After three more, the director moved on. Kaede placed on her Eji-Yellow helmet, then got into position and posed the same way she had been watching Yumi pose on her last take. Once everyone was in place, action resumed. She preformed her moves on auto-pilot, however. All Kaede could think about was Makoto. They finally were going to move in together!

Easter Eggs:

Sayuri Tasumi is the lead-character from my previous story Harem Hi-Jinx.

Kinjitou Sentai Eijiranger roughly translates to Pyramid Squadron Egypt-Ranger.