Love Letter Lovelies 5:
Sapphic Palace

by Glee-chan

Since this is an epilogue, this portion is optional. It does not effect the events in the main story. This bit is mainly tying up a loose end for for Mythical Mirage Online. If you have no interest in that, and love the feel-good ending, then it's perfectly fine to skip this.


Makoto Ozawa.

Hangovers were the worse, but laying next to a beautiful naked girl somehow lessened the pain. It was near afternoon, but Makoto and Kaede were still in bed recovering from he previous nights events. Thankfully they hadn't gotten so drunk that it induced vomiting, though Makoto was foggy on the details. She did remember trying to have sex multiple times, but not really accomplishing their goal too well.

Even still, Makoto laid quickly next to Kaede, lightly running her fingers through that short hair. Kaede was out like a light, but still had a small smile on her face from the affection. Makoto's headache was pounding, but all she could feel was her love for that woman.


"Ow!" Makoto clasped her hands to her ears.

"SHIT!" Kaede shot up at the sound of that loud noise, then instantly regretted it. She too was grabbing her head now. "Ow ow ow…"


"God help me, that sound's enough to make me commit murder!" Kaede moaned.

"It's my phone." Makoto crawled out of bed. "Where's my purse? I can't find it?"

"Over there!" Kaede pointed at the side of the bed. "Right there, by your foot."


Makoto picked up her purse and felt around for her phone. In the meantime it rang again, to the horror of both hungover girls. Finding her phone, she dropped her purse and immediately hit 'answer' just to get it to stop ringing. Her head was feeling like it wanted to explode.

"Mako-chan? Hello?" It was Shiho's voice.

"Shiho-chan? Uh, hello?"

"Are you okay?" Shiho asked, immediately picking up something was wrong.

"Just hungover…"

"Oh yeah… the wedding." Shiho sounded disappointed that she missed out on that. "Congratulations!"

"Thank you."

"Did you have a fun night?" Shiho asked, then laughed a bit. "What am I saying, of course you did. You're hungover."

"Is there something you want?" Makoto asked, trying not to sound testy. She just wanted to get back to bed.

"Sorry. I'll get right to the point. I'm calling because of Sora."

"Mako-chan… it's Sora."

"Huh?" Makoto was confused for a moment. "What are you talking about? What about Sora-chan?"

"Sora is one of the Vanir victims." Shiho said hastily. "It's all over the news. She's Lady Itora!"

Makoto didn't know what a Lady Itora was, but she knew all about Vanir victims. She had gotten her Nursing degree taking care of them, afterall. However, if what Shiho was saying was true that meant that Sora was one of those people in a comatose state? That explained why she wasn't answering her phone. Sora was in trouble.

"Oh God-"

"What is is?" Kaede asked, sensing something was wrong.

"Sora-chan… she's one of the people trapped in Mythical Mirage Online…." Makoto looked at Kaede stunned. "Shiho-chan says it's all over the news."

"What?" Kaede suddenly looked more alert, hangover be damned. "H-How? She hates video games."

Kaede was right. It seemed unreal. Sora was not the type of girl to be playing around with video games. Makoto couldn't even recall if Sora owned a game system back in school? Yet Sora, of all the people, was trapped in the digital dimension?

"It's her." Shiho reconfirmed after Makoto switched her phone to speaker mode. "I saw the news coverage myself. The media showed a video of her in an Oxford Hospital because she's a famous player called Lady Itora…"

"What the hell is a Lady Itora?" Makoto finally asked.

"It's her character… Oh Mako-chan, haven't you been following what been going on in the game? There have been a group of gamers who have been fighting Vanir from within the digital dimension, trying to save everyone. Vanir just doxed everyone who's been causing trouble. Lady Itora was one of the main people… Sora is in the game, Mako-chan!"

"Oh God." Kaede's face went pale. She clutched at her chest where a necklace crucifix hung.

"I still can't believe it-" Makoto felt just as frightened as Kaede looked.

"I'm so worried, Mako-chan." Shiho went on. "What if she dies in there? I don't want the last thing I said to her to be from an argument we had."

"She won't die." Makoto stated, but she had no clue if she was right. "She's too stubborn to die."

Kaede pulled her legs up to her chest and hugged them. It seemed this Vanir hacking incident was finally affecting them personally. Makoto had seen the victims up close and knew what their bodies were like physically. To picture Sora off in England, all by herself with no one to take care of her, it frightened her. Maybe she and Sora hadn't gotten along, but for three years she was one of the Lovelies. To think she was in danger was more than she could bare.

"I should go to Oxford." Makoto stated.

"Mako-chan…" Kaede looked up from her shock. "…there's nothing you can do. She's in a coma."

"But what about when she comes out of it? She's by herself!" Makoto went on. "She's going to need help when she wakes up. Being in a coma all that time… she'll need someone to help her!"

"No… it's should be me." Shiho spoke on the other end.

"I can do that, Mako-chan." Shiho quickly said, but Makoto shook her head.

"I'm the nurse, Shiho-chan. I've been taking care of those people. It should be me."

"I can't ask you to do that!" Shiho countered.

Ignoring Shiho, Makoto turned to Kaede seriously. "If it were me, any one of you would do their best to make sure I was okay. Hell, even Sora-chan would be worried. I can't abandon her… I won't!"

"Okay…" Kaede breathed in. "If it means that much to you, then… then you can go."

Breathing in, Makoto felt some relief from that.

"We can't do anything until she wakes up." Shiho spoke on her end. "So we'll wait until then, okay?"

Makoto caught the 'we' part. "Shiho-"

"I'm coming too." Shiho said stubbornly. "She was my girlfriend, afterall."


"I'm going, Mako-chan! Besides, you don't speak any English. You'll need my help."

Makoto gave in. "Fine. But don't you go falling in love with her again. We're there to nurse her back to health, not rekindle old flames."

"I know that!" Shiho grumbled.

After making a few more arrangements, they ended the call. While she sat back and thought about it, Kaede was leaning over to her dresser and pulling out one of her rosaries. Seconds later she was chanting a catholic prayer. Makoto watched her, seeing her body rock back and forth from both fear and sorrow.

As she watched her wife, Makoto could only hope that Sora and the others woke up soon. There's no telling how much damage her body was getting staying still all this time. In a way it was good that she had some time to arrange all this. She'd need to get permission from Dr. Fujisawa, as well as work up the funds to make an international trip. She felt positive she could handle it, even if it meant spending some time away from Kaede.

Even if this seemed like a crazy idea, Makoto still wanted to do it. This was a former friend. A former close friend, despite the recent fights they had had months ago. She couldn't just abandoned her to strangers in England.

While Kaede finished up her prayers, Makoto's mind was all-a-buzz about what she needed to study on for coma recovery patients. Placing her rosery back down on the nightstand, Kaede turned and gazed at Makoto. She seemed more at peace after her prayer, but was now focusing on watching Makoto's mind work. Then after a few minutes of silence, she crawled over to Makoto's side of the bed and wrapped her arms around her.

"She'll be fine, Makoto. God made you a nurse for a reason. He wants you looking after her."

Makoto really didn't understand Kaede's faith, but she had seen first hand just how much strength she drew from it. It was amazing on how much Kaede calmed down after saying a simple prayer. In a way it was kind of cute. Smiling at the idea of a deity making her a Nurse, Makoto gave Kaede raised eyebrows.

"I'm still worried."

"I know but you can't do anything right now. So until she wakes up, just relax."

Makoto took a deep breathe and followed her wife's instructions. Taking care of Sora would happen when it happened. She couldn't work herself up to a state where she'd be useless for when the call came. Kaede snuggled her head next to Makoto's neck and gave a soft kiss. Enjoying this, Makoto leaned against her and felt an odd scene of relief take over her. If Kaede had God to calm her down, Makoto had Kaede.