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The pillows were soft and plush under William's head, and the blankets were warm and cuddly and were drawn up over him as he lay there staring at the ceiling trying to sleep. The warm cocoa sat in his belly, the taste of chocolate on his tongue, slowly and relaxedly breathing in and out. Despite it being late and despite having drunk a cup of warm cocoa, something that usually sent him off to sleep… the mahogany haired male couldn't sleep no matter how hard he tried.

Counting sheep failed, and even taking a walk around outside failed – damned mosquitos. One almost flew into his eye.

He took in a deep breath and rolled onto his side, yawning. At hearing that yawn, he was glad he was at least tiring even the slightest bit after nearly half an hour spent awake since he was supposed to have been sleeping. The thought of talking to Bradley until he fell asleep came to mind, but as far as he knew the male sleeping in the next room was already fast asleep, and his heart sank at that thought, rolling onto his back again and rubbing his smooth face against the pillow, wondering if another cup of cocoa would make him sleepy, or watching TV even.

'Maybe,' he thought to himself, sitting up and putting his legs over the edge of the comfy bed. He walked down the hallway, feeling the coolness of the air on his skin as he left the warm heated bedroom to the kitchen to make himself a cup of cocoa. With a small surprise, he looked into the lounge through the open kitchen door and saw Bradley sitting down on the sofa watching a late night TV special on how food was made in certain areas of the city. 'I guess Brad can't sleep either,' William thought, unsure if he should bother the crimson haired male watching TV with the noises of making a hot beverage.

"It's ok, you can come sit with me if you like, I won't bite" Bradley spoke without turning his head, his crimson hair messy and his peach coloured eyes focussed on the TV. He was still as a statue besides the breathing and blinking, and his eyes never left the screen. "I uh, I'll make a hot drink then I'll sit down with you" William informed the other male, quickly making himself said hot drink before walking into the lounge and sitting down beside Bradley to slowly sip his mug.

Taking a small breath, Bradley spoke "So… do you have trouble sleeping too?"

"Only since tonight. I usually sleep like a baby."

"I know the feeling; I was having an amazing night's sleep until tonight. Huh, weird coincidence. But anyway, it's good to talk to you again. You're one of the few people who have an interesting voice, uh, is that creepy of me to say? I mean it though, you have a really nice voice. You could read the ingredients list of a cereal box and I'd be entertained."

"Ha! Ha! I don't know about my voice being that entertaining. Yours is nice."

Bradley shrugged with a cocky smirk on his thin bronze lips, resting his cheek in his hand as he focused his eyes on William "It's all about having the right vocal cords, the right larynx, the right throat and the perfect lips… like yours…" he said, voice breathy as if he'd just run a marathon, and William noticed something on his face; warmth. A beautiful apple-red blush covered Bradley's tan cheeks, and it was a barely noticeable thing with his skin tone, but William noticed it… and it intrigued him greatly.

"P-perfect lips? I h-hardly agree…" William stammered, blushing himself, wondering what his blushing face looked like to Bradley. The other male licked his lips, shifting closer on the plush, two seater sofa the colour of the sky at night. His eyes were locked with the coy olive green-grey beauty of Williams' round eyes that glittered like peridot, William's heart going a mile a minute. He shifted back a little on the sofa, and as a counter Bradley moved closer. "Will…" the redhead spoke in a soft, gentle tone as he shifted closer, and with a small gasp William realised that he was being straddled by the other male. This sent his heart into overdrive, as well as the blush on his face. His mouth went dry upon realising this, and he couldn't believe what was happening as Bradley leaned closer and closer.

William looked deeply into Bradley's sparkling peachy eyes, swallowing hard as his eyes passed over the soft thin bronze lips he possessed, shivering giddily as they were wet by the male's soft pink tongue, glistening in the light from the single lightbulb above their heads on the ceiling. He couldn't help but notice the lack of a shirt on Bradley, the only clothing on his body being a pair of loose flannelette pyjama pants, a small teasing amount of hair poking out the top of them coloured crimson, William very distracted by the view.

It was a very pleasing sight.

"I guess you like what you see, hmm?" Bradley spoke, giving the mahogany haired male a small jump "That's good. I like what I see…" he purred sultrily, drawing circles on the other male's chest covered up by a white button up shirt. He bit his lip at how drawn and tightly stretched it was – as if it was bought a few sizes too small, drawn out over William's chest with the buttons threatening to pop at any moment. So much was going on, it was distracting. The sensation of Bradley's breath on his lips, the proximity of their bodies, the intensity of the gaze they shared. William gulped, feeling his heart thud and his manhood twitch.

The need hit him like a ton of bricks dropped on an egg, and he lurched up and tangled his fingers in Bradley's soft red hair, grabbing a fistful of it and bringing his lips down in turn, letting out a soft moan of satisfaction as their lips mingled finally. He melted into the kiss, jolts of excitement travelling down his spine as he felt the warm wetness of the other male's lips against his own, shivering from the wonderful sensations traveling through his body from the forbidden kiss that he was experiencing.

He parted the kiss to breathe, feeling warm breath on his face that triggered another delighted shiver before their lips once again melded into a passionate kiss. A soft, sexual sigh escaped Bradley's lips the very next time the kiss was parted for air, and its affects were sent straight down to William's groin that was rock hard, a sexual smell drifting around the room. "W-Will…" the redhead softly moaned, sitting his soft warm rear down on William's groin. William groaned loudly as he felt the soft, padded ass on his groin spreading warmth through it and softly rubbing against it as the two kissed.

'I'm doing this! I'm ACTUALLY doing this! I'm kissing him!'

The sound of lips mashing together along with the sound of moans and groans and the small squeak of the couch springs echoed around the room, and then another sound hit William's ears; the sound of clothing being removed. Seconds later, a pair of pants were tossed onto the coffee table; Bradley's pants. "W-woah…" William breathed as his eyes fell upon the gorgeous and bare tan skinned body sitting right there in his lap. It was the most arousing thing he had ever seen, and he had been so occupied staring at the other male's body that he didn't notice Bradley lean down to his neck… that was until he felt suckling and moaned loudly, clutching the other male tightly and tangling his hands in his crimson hair to hold it in place.

"Y-yes! Yes, m-more!" William moaned, trying not to be too loud yet failing miserably, shuddering as he felt his earlobe enter Bradley's mouth. It was hot and wet and tongue and teeth were involved. "Bradley… ngh!" he groaned hoarsely, feeling his groin tingle with need. His clothes had become too tight all of a sudden, and the only thing he was thinking about was getting out of said clothes. He reached down, pulling his sweat pants down along with his boxers, Bradley helping to strip him of his shirt and toss it across the lounge.

At last, both the males were completely nude, and William let out a pent up sigh as he felt the cool air of the room make contact with every inch of his skin. Then there was the tantalising sensation of the redhead on his lap nibbling and licking his neck like a starved vampire would, eliciting moans from the mahogany haired male's lips one after the other, bringing a hot blush to his face.


William opened his eyes again, seeing Bradley giving him a rather lewd look. "Yes?"

"Bedroom. Please."




With a small grunt, William had lifted up Bradley into his arms and stumbled slightly as he moved with haste to his bedroom, tossing the redhead onto the soft mattress and crawling on top of him. He leaned down, plundering Bradley's lips hungrily, the sounds of lips smacking and the wet sounds of their tongues battling echoing throughout the room, only adding to the steamy atmosphere of the situation. Inhaling deeply, the scent of arousal once again hit William's nostrils, and he groaned before shimmying down along Bradley's slender and fit body to his groin, seeing his decently sized manhood standing at attention, leaking. He looked to the redhead, slowly wrapping his fingers around the other male's length, as if waiting for permission.

"Heh… y-you know, I w-wish you hadn't shaved your face. I like a little fuzz on a guy…" Bradley spoke softly.

"It'll grow back by dinner time tomorrow…" William spoke, confused as to how Bradley was completely avoiding the subject matter, as if nervous or afraid to.

But he soon nodded, blushing modestly and looking away, biting his knuckle shyly "G-go ahead… but… be gentle ok?" he said, and shivered in anticipation of the mahogany haired male's next move. William took a deep breath, inhaling Bradley's tempting and unique aroma, leaning forward and test licking up along the bottom right to the leaking tip, hearing an extremely arousing moan spill from thin bronze lips of the one he felt his heart belonged to. "F-fuck…" William cussed under his breath, leaning down and continuing his lickjob, each lick to Bradley's cock bringing a new and sexy moan out of him, arching his back sometimes and bucking his hips.

Then came the glorious sensation of feeling his cock being engulfed in hot wetness, looking down to see William no longer simply licking him off… but swallowing up his cock and sucking him off. "Haaaa!" Bradley moaned shamelessly, his voice the voice of a very horny angel, musical and very… very… erotic. He gave three bobs of his head before he slid Bradley's meat out of his throat, going back to licking it tentatively, as if it were a cool ice lolly on a hot summer day, being careful to slather saliva on it so he didn't get his tongue 'stuck'. The sensation of saliva dribbling down his sensitive prick sent Bradley into a horny frenzy.

"E-eh-enough t-t-teasing… p-puh-please…" the crimson haired male spoke breathily, wetting his lips, looking down his body to the mahogany haired male who looked right back at him with hazy, needy olive coloured eyes. "You really want this now? Right now? No going back?" William asked softly, blushing, never having though he'd be in such a situation with such a beautiful person… let alone a gorgeous god-on-earth like Bradley. There were tones of love, want and concern in his voice, and these struck nerves with Bradley who nodded frantically "Please… take me… right here… right now… William, I need you. I… I love you."

William felt his cock tighten unbearably, and he groaned as he felt it twitch. His heart also decided to join in; aching and swelling with joy and many other swirling, tempest emotions. "I need you as well… don't worry, I won't hold back with you. I love you too… and I won't ever stop loving you… stay still sweet prince…" he said both sweetly and needily, leaning down to claim Bradley's lips, allowing the redhead to taste himself on William's tongue, a shiver running down his spine from the sexual taste and the saucy kiss. Sucking in an intake of breath, William felt his manhood bump against Bradley's, knowing it was time.

Wordlessly, the mahogany haired man eased down Bradley's body and looked him in the eye "All fours?" he asked. "Missionary," Bradley replied, happily at that. After remembering to himself what missionary position was, William looked around the bedroom for something he could use as lubricant. A bottle of lotion on the bedside table caught his eye, and was caught by his hand, squirting a generous amount into his hand, coating his fingers in it. "So, you're going to prepare me first?" Bradley asked, and William raised a brow "Obviously, it's what's supposed to happen. Why?"

Bradley shrugged "My first… didn't use lube. Or prepare me. He… he…" he spoke, tearing up, but feeling warm lips on his own with strong slightly calloused thumbs dry his eyes. Without speaking, William assured the crimson haired male with a soft understanding smile, and Bradley smiled as well, feeling overwhelmed with happiness, forgetting about what his first boyfriend had done to him in the past. "That's no way to have a first. Let's pretend this is your first… ok? I know it's kind of silly and everything-"

"No, you're right… I want to pretend. Well, what are you waiting for baby? Put that big sausage inside me!" Bradley said, giggling at himself, lifting up his legs by the backs of his knees and exposing his asshole and balls pulled tight against his cock. It was a tremendously sexy sight for William, and he wasted no time slipping his lotion-covered pointer finger inside of the redhead, moving it in and out a few times before slipping in a second finger, slowly and gently scissoring Bradley's asshole open in slow and gentle movements. This got him panting "Haah… m-more… c'mon, I can take more… you said you weren't going to hold back."

"I'm just being gentle, like you asked."

"Oh uh… right. Sorry baby."

With a smirk, William slipped in a third finger coated in the make-shift lubricant, stretching Bradley's anus much more than the first finger or second could, making Bradley wince more than the first or second finger could. Being careful not to hurt the one he loved, William began to slowly move the three fingers in and out of the tight anus, making the redhead softly shudder and whimper and squeeze his anal muscles around William's fingers occasionally. Despite wanting to know, William kept back asking just how many people Bradley had been with before… since his ass was really truly as tight as a virgin.

He decided not to question it any further, and moved his fingers in and out of Bradley's backside harder, and then accidentally bumping into something fleshy in his ass. "NGH!" Bradley choked out, shuddering at the brief moment he saw white stars behind his eyelids. He shot a look down his body to William who seemed very into what he was doing, so much so that he didn't notice Bradley's eyes on him until said person cleared their throat. "C-could you do that a-again?" he spoke shakily, clearly having enjoyed what had just happened, smiling sultrily at William. "Oh, sure… what was it that I did?" the mahogany haired male asked with a chuckle.

"Remember hitting something in my ass that made me flinch? See if you can hit that a few more times while you're stretching me… ok?"

"Y-yeah, sure. I'll do my best."

William moved his fingers in and out, looking to find where that fleshy object was, bumping his middle finger against it and making Bradley moan and flinch "Yeeessss!" he groaned happily, tongue hanging out. Glad he was doing good, the mahogany haired male moved his fingers and again struck that fleshy object, hearing the other male gasp and moan, and he wondered about the sounds that he'd make during sex. It was really then that it hit William; he and Bradley were going to get down and dirty together. He hadn't given it a second thought until then, and blushed immensely. Bradley noticed his silence "What's wrong?"

"I… I…"

"You can tell me, come on, what's wrong?"

"I'm… I'm… I'm virgin. I've never had sex before… I-I've gone my whole life a virgin, ok… the only reason I know how sex works is because of reading and those classes in school and porn and… and… I'm sorry for not telling you sooner. It just… didn't come up."

William felt himself tear up, and then felt arms around his neck and kisses to his cheek "It's ok… we all start somewhere. Just… put yourself in and enjoy yourself, ok? Mmm… speaking of putting yourself in… I don't think I can wait any longer for this. So please… p-put it inside me now, please," Bradley spoke to him, a sensual tone to his voice, nibbling the other male's earlobe before laying back down on the bed and giving him a seductive look whilst holding his ass cheeks apart for him. "I-I'm ready for you, big boy. Take me." William felt his manhood twitch, and gulped at the sexy tan skinned male beneath him, and the fact he was going to be giving his virginity away to someone.

Then again, he was sort of glad that he wasn't going to be known as the 'thirty-year-old-virgin' anymore. Not that he had told anyone he was virgin, besides Bradley. Speaking of Bradley, he crawled on top of the ready and waiting crimson haired man giving him the most seductive look he had ever been given, and softly kissed him whilst navigating his cock to the right spot to insert it. It took a few minutes of rubbing and bumping his tip against random spots back there before he finally managed to find Bradley's asshole blindly… with Bradley's help. "Down a bit… left a bit… up a bit… OOH! T-there! There! Right fucking there!" said male groaned once he felt William's head start to push into his asshole, his tongue hanging out and eyes rolling back into his head as the length was inserted inside him.

"Fuuuuuck!" William moaned, pushing his dick deeper inside of Bradley until the entire thing was inside, balls deep. The other male had such an orgasmic expression, looking as if he'd already shot his load, but no… it was the pleasurable sensation of having a dick inside him inserted gently. William sucked in a breath, unsure if he had to wait for Bradley to adjust or not. "Ha… ha… s-so thick… and big…" the redhead shuddered, his manhood dripping pre-cum down its length rubbing against William's stomach as he was positioned over him.

"Ready?" he asked Bradley, stroking his cheek.

Bradley nodded "Y-yes… fuck… please Willy. I can't wait any longer – please, fuck my brains out. Right now!"

'God, you're sexy Bradley…' William thought with a warmth in his chest, pulling out just enough to thrust himself back in. He worked himself into a rhythm of in and out and in and out, hearing the thump-squeak-thump-squeak of their bodies smacking into each other with each thrust paired with the sound of the mattress crying out with each thrust from the movement they were exerting. "G-god… this feels… ahh… so good! I can't stop! M-my hips are moving on their own!" William choked out with a moan escaping his lips, breathing heavily, thrusting his cock eagerly inside of his lover's tight, hot anus over and over.

"I kn-know! Aah! T-t-this is what sex is s-supposed to feel like! Ahhh! Yes! Ah! Ah!" Bradley panted out, his arms hooked around William's neck, grasping onto him as he felt the other male's length being pushed in and out over again. William shuddered, pleasure flowing up his thighs, drooling slightly, moans pouring from his lips with each thrust inside of the man beneath him, hearing his moans and the squeaking of the bed and the sounds of the skin slapping together becoming faster, panting heavily, sweat glistening all over his pale body. 'This feels… better than I imagined it would. I'm actually pleasuring him… I'm… I'm pleasuring Bradley. I feel so happy… g-g-guh… so close…' William thought to himself, moaning once more and slamming his cock deeper and deeper.

"FUCK!" Bradley moaned, body lurching up against William's, body tingling all over with the sudden striking of his prostate. William stopped, thinking he'd hurt Bradley until said male urged him to keep hitting where he just had hit. "Didn't it hurt?" he asked. Bradley shook his head "Far from it, baby… please… k-keep going!" the redhead begged, tangling his fingers in William's hair, pulling his head down to let their lips meet passionately. Then William jolted "Yah! Alright, I'll move. No need to spank me."

Bradley pulled a snarky grin "Sorry, couldn't help myself."

As if to get revenge for that, William's starting thrust was hard and made Bradley groan loudly, working into a slightly less hard pace with his cock being thrusted in certain directions while the olive eyed male tried to remember where exactly he had hit. He found it within a few thrusts, and began to bully it relentlessly, grunting and sweating more. In the back of his mind he remembered a fact he had learnt a few weeks prior whilst surfing the web out of boredom at work, something about sex for men burning about 100 calories each time. 'I guess I get more than a good time out of this; I could burn off that slice of cake I ate the other day.'

"Mmmph! F-fuck! Harder! Harder!" the tan skinned male begged, throwing his head back against the pillow, feeling euphoria rise up within him. It was the same for William, yet never having experienced such powerful pleasure before, and it was running through his body like electricity through live wires. As pleasure ran through him, his peak approached fast as well, and before he knew it he felt the pleasurable feelings welling up in his loins, feeling a little sad he couldn't do this forever, but glad he'd lasted a while at least. Pretty good for a first time. "Ah! F-fuck! You're getting b-bigger inside me! Ah, you gonna blow baby?" Bradley asked, panting, a look of pre-orgasm on his face.

Unable to speak properly from the pleasure causing his brain to turn to goo, William managed a nod however shaky it might have been, and thrust in harder and harder, moans and grunts escaping his lips as he did. With a few more thrusts, he finally reached orgasm and thrust in one final time before the overpowering sensation overtook his mind and he saw white as he emptied his load inside of the tan skinned male's anal passage, a long strung out moan erupting from both of their lips in loud, horny unison as euphoria finally took over their bodies slick with sweat from their mutual exertion.

Once the glorious feeling had died down enough for his mind to reform from goo, William pulled his softening cock out of his lover's ass and shuddered as he saw his release leak from the other male's anus onto the sheets. He felt, as odd as it sounded to him, like he had marked his territory and made Bradley his… but he pushed the thought away, but kept it for some reason, laying down and cuddling up to the crimson haired male in the bed. "You… did amazing you know…" Bradley spoke in a soft, tired tone, a satisfied sparkle in his peach daiquiri coloured eyes as he softly kissed William's lips and wiped the drool from his chin.

"Really? It was my first… I hate to admit."

"So?" the crimson haired male asked, winking "It was mine as well."

With a smile, William returned a kiss to Bradley's lips, wrapping the other male up in a warm and tight embrace, enjoying the simple feel of body against body in the queen sized bed. He softly inhaled the scent of sex emanating off of Bradley mixed in with the ever so faint smell of fruit salad in his hair, cuddling up to him. "So… what's going to happen after the two weeks here? Where are you going to go?" the crimson haired male asked, drawing circles with his finger on his lover's broad chest. William sighed "I'm going to go back home and work back at the company… and life will drag on, I suppose. You?" he asked in response.

Bradley lost his smile "I'm… I'm going back north to Detroit. I teach in the next town over… since I'm guessing you're from the closest town right? Hmm… well, I don't know what we're going to do about this long distance relationship of ours," he spoke, William's heart leaping "We're… in a relationship?" he asked. "Well, yeah… if you want to. I have no boyfriend, and as far as I know, neither do you. How about it?"

William nodded, hugging Bradley and tearing up both at the fact that he had gained a boyfriend…

… and that he was going to be all the way in Detroit.