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Wendy McCarey wasn't so sure what she wanted to do today. She didn't have any deadlines to send in any article to the newspaper. She'd been a news reporter for over twenty years now, and was still loving it. Wendy didn't bother checking to see what the clock was telling her. She didn't have any plans to go into town and run errands. But for now she was staying inside.

Her friends somehow did not pop into her head and think about what they were up to since their last conversation, and that included her youngest cousin, Brandi McCarey. At age forty – nine, Wendy didn't think of herself as being old, which was a good thing. Wendy almost felt a sigh coming, but she held it back. It was a sign of boredom, and Wendy wasn't going to let that happen yet.

This week Wendy wasn't so sure what sort of things she wanted to do. Today was only Wednesday, and this week seemed to be going by too fast, and Wendy still had no thoughts what she wanted to do for the week. She didn't feel like writing either, so that was out of her mind. She didn't read books very often. She mostly preferred the local newspaper, so that was all she reads.

The newspaper was the only thing on Wendy's mind right now. It was mid – afternoon, and she still hadn't picked up today's newspaper. She mostly liked reading the newspaper in late morning, and not it was telling Wendy she should spend some time to read it now. She lives in Michigan, but she's always been happy in her hometown of Michigan, and Biggs was the location she'd been living here in Michigan.

Picking up today's paper on the coffee table where she left it. Today's headline on the front page was talking about the upcoming Presidential election, but that didn't happen until November to vote on the candidates. Wendy had never been a big fan of politics, but she'd been following both the Democrats and Republicans since the first debates for both parties.

Wendy began to start reading the front page. It talked about Donald Trump winning Michigan. She skimmed through the article, but didn't read it close enough to see what they had to say about his winning the state. She flipped to the page she loved most, which were the obituaries on people who recently passes away, and Nancy Reagan was one of them.

Tonight Wendy was planning on watching the news on Fox News. That's where Wendy mostly pays close attention what the news was for the day. She also liked CNN. When election day ends, that was something to write about. She heard her cell phone ring just then. It turned out to be Sarah Thompson, one of her friends.


"Hi, Wendy."

It was good to hear Sarah's voice again, and she could tell that Sarah thought the same thing.

"I wasn't expecting to hear from you, Sarah."

"I know, but I just wanted to see what you were doing."

"Nothing now, but I started to read the paper before you called."

"Oh. Anything you found interesting?"

"Not today. There was a front page article about Donald Trump, but I really didn't read much of it," Wendy answered.

"Oh. I did hear something about that. I know this has been happening for a short while, but for now I'm very interested in Bernie Sanders."

"I don't know what I think about all of these candidates, Sarah. You know I've never been a big fan of politics, but I've been watching all of these debates between both parties, but the election did give me something to think about."

"What's that? Is your writing being involved?"

"Yes, it does. You read my mind, didn't you?"

"Yes," Sarah answered.

"If you're asking anything more about writing, I don't have any new deadlines, so I'm on break from writing."

She could feel Sarah nodding her head on the other side of the telephone. Sarah and their other friends usually read Wendy's articles before she is nearing any deadlines, and they all agreed that Wendy always had good points, depending on what the topic was. She normally turns in her articles after her friends look at the writing she's done.

"What are you doing, Sarah?" Wendy asked.

"I just sat down on the couch to see what's new on TV."

"Is Steve at home?"

Steve is Sarah's husband, and Wendy found him a good guy.

"Yes, Steve is here. Right now he is just sitting in the office. I think he's checking his e – mail and facebook."

Wendy didn't say anything about social media, but she was barely on the computer very often, so she could care less.

"While we're still on this subject, Wendy, what have you been doing so far this week?" Sarah asked.

"Not much of anything. It's only Wednesday, and I'm still not sure what to do this week," Wendy answered.

"Sorry to hear you're bored, Wendy."

"I'm trying my best to let boredom leave me alone, but this time it's not doing very well."

"That happens, Wendy. Remember Traci did that not too long ago? All of us were always sitting down to supper."

Sarah usually uses the word supper than dinner.

"I do remember that. I guess Traci passed boredom over to me."

"Looks that way," Sarah agreed.

Traci Potsie was another friend of theirs.

"What does Steve think of all this drama about the politics?"

"He's tired of it all, and I do agree with him."

"For now, who does Steve like for the next President?" Wendy asked.

"I'm not sure how to answer that. He does agree with me that he doesn't want to see a woman take over for four years."

"I agree with you, Sarah. It's still too early for me to decide."

"I know, but I'm not changing my mind anytime soon."

"To change the subject, have you been talking to our other friends at all?" Wendy asked.

"No, I haven't. Last time I talked with them, I mostly talked with Renee."

Renee Griswold was another good friend of theirs.

"Anything new I need to know?"

"Renee has been talking about Alexandria."

Alexandria was Renee and Travis's only child, and she was only thirteen.

"All she said was Alexandria recently had the gold honors. Alexandria mostly receives As," Sarah reminded Wendy.


"She also said Alexandria is involved in a school play and the lead role went to her."

"That's good to hear she's been busy."

"I know. Other than that, nothing else was happening. I've go to go now, Wendy. It's been nice talking with you."

"Same here. Tell Steve hello."

"I will do that."

Wendy put her phone away and went on to see if she could find some ideas for dinner tonight.