Dig in a knife

And in leading profess

Your superior strength

And on laurels you rest

You think not a moment

That comes after though

For thinking to stay there

You twisted it so

A dangerous action

For time is a dance

You see a reaction

Bashed in spite of stance

You question the twist

that wounded them so

Thoughtless you twisted

Getting bashed is your woe

Yet can you remember

The twist now at all

The bash has you scattered

Can you not recall

Well now you are angry

What awful a strife

You both are struck silly by

Only one knife

How dare you, they bleeding

Complain of the bruise

That was left in your skull

By one profitable muse

How bleeding receding

The clot formed with time

You dizzy, see white

For extended crime

I watch the knife

Now set between

I sit behind you

Chained there, you see

Stuck at a stand still

Disgust, I am stunned

All cast away knife

Yet pick up a gun