Here we we're at Grassholm one of the many farmstead and safehouses for the order of the cupcake warden's. We stop people who would abuse the magical cupcakes. We boast about a hundred magicians. My name is Shadow Leaf of the Jengeterix family. I've adopted a son Hengist a bright human child. Like all Shadow Leaves I'm a half elf as Godwine was human and queen Beatrix was an elf.

I said the password the ward was unlocked. We'd been hit hard after one of our own abused the cupcake law. Thus we've been called power hungry hypocrites. It gave an excuse for the tax collectors to harass us. I went into the main hall several order members were being healed. We'd won a skirmish but lost three and four were wounded. The healer smiled and comforted them with healing spells from her wand.

Other members were cooking using magic to cut, boil, and levitated food and kitchenware. I said another password and the cellar door. Senior members were reading the recent smear scroll on us. It said we'd been corrupt since we first we're founded. One member scoffed. We looked at the maps on future bases to hide as things looked tough for us right now.

Most of us are Shadow Leaves though some are unicorns, human, elves, and goblins. For now we lay low and secretly gather contacts and new members.

Thanks for reading just wanted to upload a short one. Also Shadow Leaf is my creation and fiction daughter. Also magic cupcakes give the magician nearly godly magic abilities.