Ivy opened her green eyes. She gazed around the room where her entire family slept. Well, her and her father. Ivy pushed herself out of bed, reluctantly putting on regular clothes; if it was her choice, she would have stayed in her pajamas. She wore a soft blue t-shirt under a black denim jacket; she had dark black pants and worn blue sneakers. Tying her soft dark hair into a bun, she walked into the kitchen.
"Ivy?" her father called. "Is that you?"
"Yeah," she leaned against the wall, fishing her iPod out of her pocket. It had cost her father a week salary-working overtime-, the least she could do was use it. She plugged in one of her earbuds, leaving the other open for conversation.
Her father put a plate of eggs and bacon on the table. She plopped down, starting to eat.
"Want me to watch shop today?" Ivy asked, looking up at her father.
"Yes, that would be great. I have to go get some of the materials for a new cake," he told her. She and her father ran the only family-run bakery in town. So one of them had to go get ingredients for baking.. She watched as her father walked out the door, waving goodbye. She put her other earbud in and turned on her music. The shop was still closed, she could relax for a bit.

Ivy looked at the door as the bell of the doorway rung. Just Tony 'Two-Knifes' Withem.

He came to the shop every Saturday, at 8:10 a.m. on the dot; Ivy had memorized her customers behaviours. She remembered the time she had left town for the weekend to go on a field trip, her father had complete chaos on his hands. He didn't know their customers as well as Ivy did.

Tony liked Red Velvet cupcakes with red icing and white sprinkles. He would buy a dozen, then take them too work. She didn't know where Tony worked, but judging by his name, he was most likely a mobster. Who knows? She thought. Maybe he's just an ambidextrous chef?