After waking up, Ivy and Patch walked for another few days. Ivy groaned.

"I thought you said Clona was close." she hissed at the young girl. Patch nodded.

"It is. It's jest another haf hour." Patch told her. Ivy groaned, clenching her fists.

*le skip*

The forest eventually began to lighten and Ivy smiled, grabbing Patch's hand. She began running towards the meadow she saw before them, laughing.

"Slow down!" Patch giggled, running faster. When the two reached the outside of the forest, they were sweating and panting. They smiled at each other, and Ivy then gasped in awe at what she saw before her. Large dome and pillar like buildings made of glass and polished white stone. Much of the glass was white or blue, and had honeycomb like panes. The polished stone and quartz shone in the noon-time sun and Patch smiled/

"Do you like it?' she asked, giggling. "Lot more 'vanced than the other towns around." Ivy nodded, her eyes glimmering.

"It's beautiful." Ivy murmured. "Let's go."

*le skip*

Ivy and Patch walked through the brightly lit streets, holding hands so they wouldn't lose each other. Ivy noticed a large crowd, and glanced at Patch.

"Do you know what that's about?" She asked the little girl. Patch shook her head. "Wanna look?'

"Okay." Patch murmured as they walked towards the commotion. In the center of the crowd, four girls stood there. Three of four wore large frilly dresses and the fourth was tall and broad shouldered, and glared at the crowd. One of the girls in dresses had brown poofy hair, and seemed afraid of the citizens surrounding her. She clung to the tall woman's arm, petrified. Another woman in a dress had straight blonde hair and also glared fearfully at the people surrounding her and the last woman had dark brown hair that fell in her eyes, clinging to her black-haired friend.

"What's going on?" Ivy asked, tugging at a young woman's sleeve.

"We have visitors for the Frozen Isles." the woman murmured.

"Frozen Isles?" Patch asked.

"The Frozen Isles is a large, cold barren wasteland." The woman said. "The entire land was once green and beautiful, then a huge snowstorm came and killed everything. The few who survived are trying to rebuild their nation."

"Please help us!" The blonde haired woman cried out desperately. "Camp Snow has been cover by a drift in a blizzard, and our friends and family are without shelter!" The crowd began to murmur amongst themselves, wondering what they should do. After a while, a plump man in a suit with white facial hair and visible none on his head stepped forward.

"Please, bring your loved ones here." he murmured, taking the blonde-haired girl's hand. "We will provide you with shelter."

"Th-thank you.." she whispered, her voice hoarse, before she grinned evilly at the man. Her hands became large chunks of ice, trapping the man. He gasped, trying to tug his hand away. She cackled softly. "You humans really are too kind!" she laughed, and glanced at the three girls beside her. "You know the drill." The three women nodded, large icy moth-like wings sprouting from their backs. They laughed as the crowd panicked and began running and scattering, terrified. Patch clung to Ivy.

"What do we do?" she asked Ivy frantically. Ivy picked up Patch and began running away. She took the gun off Patch's belt and began shooting at the ice winged women. A series of men and women wielding guns similar to Patch's began running to the City Square, where the last of the citizens were fleeing.

"Fire at will!" What Ivy assumed was the captain boomed, and the soldiers began firing at the Frost Women. They all giggled at the pitiful attempts. The all fire an icy beam from their hands, turning the soldiers into ice statues.

"Pa!" Patch screamed as she recognized her father among the frozen soldiers. She began to sob uncontrollably, shaking. "Pa!" she choked out again.

"Now." The dark brown-haired woman giggled. "I can finally finish my work here." she cleared her throat, then her voice boomed through the city. "Unless the black-haired girl is brought to Lady Aster of the Frozen Isles, this land will be cursed with eternal winter." she glared around herself. "This message will be brought to every city she could possibly in. You have one week, Ivy." The woman cackled again, before all three of them flew off. Patches squirmed away from Ivy and ran over to the ice figure of her father.

"Pa! Pa, do somethin!" she wailed. "Stop it Pa! It's not funny!" People flooded into the streets, many sobbing over their frozen loved ones as it began to snow. The plump man in the suit had been frozen, his face twisted in horror. Ivy heard a robotic voice behind her.

"They're looking for you." the voice informed her. As she turned around, she saw nothing there. She then looked down and saw a wolf with a collar with multiple electronics wired up to it. Ivy was shocked for a moment, then remembered how weird this place had already proven to be.

"What should I do?" she asked the canine. The wolf flicked his ears.

"Well," his collar said robotically. "I can stand the snow. But most people here can't." the wolf shrugged it's shoulders. "You should probably go see what they want."

"What's your name?" Ivy asked the wolf.

"Runic." the dog told her via the collar. They then scratched at it. "This is prototype 1897053." he then paused. ".98." He finished.

"Want to come with me on the journey?" Ivy asked. Runic nodded.

"I don't see why not. My owner is frozen." he looked down. "Speaking of, I must go mourn." the dog then trudged over to the frozen figure of a woman. The dog howled while his collar emitted a robotic attempt to mimic weeping. "Wa wa. Wa wa."