You're a life wrecker, a damned breaker

A person who spews lies all over - a faker

At the end you're nothing more than a promise killer

Ought to say I ain't surprised that everything that you say would be a play

Where it's a one man show with the spotlight on yourself all freaking day

When you can be the drama star and always support your own role and say;

"It's just this and that, that all came in the way"

"So sorry not today, it happened again"

"So sorry, please know that you're really my friend."

"So sorry, stop bothering me, just go away."

Friends like these aren't friends at all. All they want to see, is to see you fall

Friends like these won't be there for you. All they can do is look at you and wonder "who?"

Now honey, don't you know that they won't ever bother to think about you

Only when they're alone and they're dying for someone to cry to

Attention whore, you're such a bore - can't take your crap no more

Honestly you can only do one thing and that is to ignore

Because it's like a knife that stabs you inside your mind

When you feel as though you finally wake up and find

That the group of people that was always around you

Was always laughing, snickering , pointing at you

And at the end of the day when you wake up and find

That your life has been hell, all because of the words they say!

That the rumours all started from them, it was clear as day.

Yet you still find yourself gripping at strings and strands

Of a friendship you thought was strong - that could stand

But all of a sudden you seem to fall back

To see the colour of friendship turn from gold to black.