I have no reason to write.

My hands no longer tremble,

My breath no longer catches,

My leg no longer bounces

With unseen anxiety.

My thoughts no longer border

On depressed and suicidal,

At least not for this time and place.

My heartbeat doesn't

Resonate throughout my being.

Is this sensation peace?

I would not know, for

I have not loved long

Enough to know what

This calm enchantment's

Name may be.

Maybe this is a holy

Sence of life, minus the

Stress of God's eyes

Holding me down.

Whatever this glory is, it,

Holds not numbness, but

A relaxation that allows me

To stay in my mind without

Any a care or current stress.

I pray this lasts, for depression

May be my shadow lover,

But I'd lake to have a moment

Without his chain-like arms

Crushing what remains of me

After he's had his way

With my body.