Chapter 5

Alexandra didn't have much to say to me during the next few days. I wasn't sure if she was still pissed off, disliked me even more because I was an asshole in front of her friends, didn't want any of my 'nice' to rub off on her, or if she was embarrassed about getting drunkenly out of control in front of me.

I did notice, however, that she seemed to be less caustic, insulting, confrontational, argumentative and disrespectful toward her mother. She was also home more too, especially at night, instead of going out with some of those losers she'd been hanging out with. I had no idea if that was a result of me going off on her in front of her friends.

I panicked when the thought occurred to me that maybe Alexandra heard me when I talked to her on my bed that night, or maybe somehow subconsciously or through a dream she was aware of what I had conveyed that night when I thought she was sleeping.

I was sitting at the dining room table in front of the used laptop Panda had given me when his older brother had upgraded for college typing away on a term paper for school when Alexandra entered the room. I figured she'd pass right through without saying a word as had been her custom for a while now but I was surprised when she took a seat across from me instead.

I glanced up from the keyboard and gave Alexandra the eye.

"Sorry I'm not so great," she said.

"Huh?" I asked with confusion.

"I remember when we were younger you used to call me Alexandra The Great."

I sat back in my chair and grinned. "I had forgotten that," I admitted.

"You liked me back then," she said with regret.

"I still like you," I insisted.

"No you don't," she countered knowingly. "You're just being nice."


She raised her hand and cut me off. "You're disappointed in me," she reasoned. "You don't like my friends. You don't like the way I behave. You didn't like the way I was treating my mother."

"Even if I didn't like the way you were acting, I still liked you," I said.

"But I was being not so great."

"It's okay," I said.

"You really are nice, aren't you?" Alexandra asked as she peered at me.

"You really are great," I replied.

She smiled sadly as she got up from the chair and left the room.

It was another Saturday night and I was in my cellar 'reprieve' watching a movie on the computer. I had worked the day shift at the pizza house and I wasn't one who went out socially very much unless Panda invited me along to a movie or something. My mother and Audrey had gone out to a play and I assumed Alexandra was doing her own thing which was why I was surprised when she came down into the cellar – I hadn't seen much of her since our last conversation. She was dressed in her pajamas. I glanced at the clock – it was only a little after nine.

"You sick?" I asked with confusion. "Home on a Saturday night? Ready for bed at nine? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she said, shrugging her shoulders. "What? You're going to give me a hard time for doing something right for a change?"

"No, no, I'm sorry, I wasn't criticizing – I'm just surprised, that's all."

"So, I'm taking this massage therapy class at the after school program," she said.

"You are?" My jaw dropped.

"I knew you'd be shocked," she laughed.

"What possessed you to do that?" I wondered, putting the lap top aside and sitting up on the bed.

"I just thought I should start learning different skills," she said as she stepped closer to the bed. "Want me to practice on you?"

My face turned red. "You don't have to," I said nervously.

"I need the practice," she said a bit more forcefully this time. Roll over on your stomach on the bed," she ordered. "I'll work on your shoulders."

I knew better to argue so I did what she asked. A moment later, Alexandra was lifting her leg over me and sitting on my ass to be able to work on my shoulders.

"This is not the proper arrangement, of course," she said lightly.

I let her work on me for a few minutes and I had to admit it felt relaxing although just a tad awkward given where she was sitting.

"You're pretty good at this," I remarked.

"Thanks, Marsh," Alexandra said with appreciation. A few more minutes went by. "Why did you start calling me Alexandra The Great?" She wanted to know.

"I always thought you were great," I replied. "From the first time you came over. You're the only girl who spent time with me and talked to me. You were pretty. You were interesting - and, well, great!"

"And now I'm giving you a massage," Alexandra said with a smirk.

I couldn't believe any of this was happening. "Aren't you mad at me?" I asked.

"Na," she said, giggling slightly. "Most of that was just an act - although I must admit I was pissed when you wrecked the party."

"Sorry about that."

"I was drunk," she said. "Wasn't your fault. I think that was sort of my wake up call, actually."

"Do you remember anything else about that day?" I asked, worried she might have heard my speech when I thought she was passed out.

Her hands were slowly massaging my lower back. "Roll over, I'll do your abs," she said.

I felt her lift herself off my behind and she helped me roll over. I was embarrassed because I had developed an erection that was poking up the sweat pants I was wearing (the cellar wasn't all that warm).

"Oh," Alexander said when she noticed. "That's not supposed to happen during a massage, you know."

"Sorry," I blushed. "But you were sitting on me...touching me."

"It's okay, Marsh," she said quietly as she maneuvered herself so she was sitting on my lap, my hardness rubbing against her crotch through her pajamas.

Then she did something I never expected would happen - she moved her hips up and down to rub against my penis. Without saying anything, she took my arms and placed my hands on her hips. She leaned over and put her face close to mine, softly kissing me on the lips before putting her hand on my face and slowly rubbing my cheek.

"You were always nice to me," she whispered in my ear before taking my earlobe in her mouth and sucking on it,

"Alexandra!" I moaned.

"Feel good?" She teased

She was still rubbing against my hard penis (though we were both still dressed) and she kept my earlobe in her mouth for a few more moments before aligning her mouth with mine, giving me a kiss before inserting her tongue through my lips.

"Have you ever French kissed before?" She asked.

I felt her wet tongue inside my mouth which was nothing short of amazing. She found my hand and took it off her hip and brought it up to her breast.

"Have you ever felt one before?" She wondered through the kiss

I touched it with fascinated curiosity and I knew enough to make small circle movements with my thump on her nipple through the material of her pajama top. I could feel her nipple getting hard and she moaned with satisfaction.

"How does it feel?" Alexandra wanted to know, breaking the kiss for a moment and staring into my eyes, her soft hair falling into my face.

"Amazing," I confessed breathlessly. "It's a fantasy coming true."

She sat up straight and pulled her pajamas top off over her head, revealing her naked breasts for me to see.

"First time?" She deduced when she saw my eyes open wide at the sight.

I cautiously touched her nipples with my fingers and watched as they became stiff.

Alexandra moaned for a moment as I played with her boobs and then her hand dropped down between my legs and I felt her feeling my penis that was pressing against the inside of my sweats.

"You really are perfectly great," I said, swallowing hard as I stared at her beautiful breasts that I continued to massage even though she was the one who was supposed to be giving the massage - she sort of still was as her hand explored my penis through the material of my sweats

Alexandra smiled while looking me in the eyes. "You make me feel great," she said.

She lifted herself up off my thighs and pulled my sweats down until my penis finally found its freedom.

"There you are," she said with approval, giving my anatomy a long look before she fell onto her side next to me on the bed and pulled her pajama bottoms down her legs, kicking them off her feet and they fell to the floor.

She was naked now and I eyed her hairy womanhood with fascination as she continued to lay on her side. She took my erect penis in her hand and gently rubbed it.

"My mother made sure I was on birth control long ago," she said quietly as I rolled onto my side, facing her.

Then she directed my member into her entrance. It felt hairy, wet, warm, slippery and wonderful.

"Oh, my Marshmallow!" Alexandra breathed and from the way she said it I knew she really did like me and that she really was great.

"Alexandra the Really Greatest," I practically sobbed as she drooped her leg over my hip to allow me better traction.

I moved deeper inside of her and she was breathing harder as I began to slowly rock in motion with her.

"Oh, Marshmallow," Alexandra whispered, her mouth by my ear.

I kissed her neck and her breasts. My hand was on her backside, helping push her into me. I licked her nipples and then I kissed her on the lips while we continued to make love, both of us gasping for breath.

"Alexandra The Really Greatest," I kept repeating over and over again in cadence to our movements.

"Hmm, I'm about to come my marshmallow," Alexandra whimpered.

My head was spinning - all of this wonderment was too much for me. Excited and on overload, I went harder and faster and suddenly I came inside her, feeling spurts of shocks through my body and Alexandra yelled out with satisfaction.

It was suddenly over. We lay together on the bed. I felt myself slowly slipping out of her and various liquids were on my thighs.

"That was unbelievable," Alexandra said breathlessly

"Really?" I asked hopefully, still gasping for breath.

"It was your first time?"

"Yes," I admitted sheepishly.

"You were very good."

"That's because you're the greatest," I said.

We must have fallen asleep in that blissfully contented posture because the next thing I remembered was Alexandra's beautiful voice.

"Marsh, wake up." She was whispering into my ear.

I open my eyes and it took me a moment to remember everything. I'm glad you're here," I said softly before kissing her on the lips.

Alexandra placed her hand on my cheek. "I'm glad I'm here too," she smiled.

"You're Alexandra The Really Great."

We looked in each other's eyes and she smiled even more. "Wow." Was all she said.

I kissed her on her lips again. We lay next to each other for a while, cuddling and kissing.

"Don't go to Alaska," I said.

"What?" She asked with surprise.

"Don't go," I pleaded. "Stay here. Go to BCCC with me."

"I don't know," she said nervously.

"I really have strong feelings for you," I confessed. "I always have."

Alexandra looked at me for a long moment. "I really like you too."

"I'll be nice and you'll be great," I said. "It will all work out."

Alexandra laughed and then she rolled off the bed, looking around for her discarded pajamas. "I need to get back to my room," she said.

"Why?" I challenged.

"It would be weird to be found out like this," she explained as she put on her pajama top, standing bottomless before me with an uncertain look on her face.

"We don't have to hide this from our mothers," I told her.

"I know," she said warmly. "But let's break them in slowly."

She was putting her pajama bottoms on now and I pulled the sheet up over my nakedness, not wanting to be naked alone.

Alexandra knelt on the bed and gave me a kiss. "Good Night, my prince."

"Nice and Great," I reminded her.

She nodded her head in agreement before heading for the stairs.