Today my friend bought a new black car

She planned to drive it both near and far

It would cost her every month quite a bit

But from me she did not take the hint

That this new car would cost her a lot

This new car that she has just bought

It is a Hyuandi Sonata and the color is black

But because of this new car her bills stack

She did not want the economic kind

That thought never crossed her mind

But soon the car payments they fell behind

She was mad at herself for getting in a bind

She tried her best to tell her car good-bye

Because the car she bought was not a good buy

She put a sign on the car saying it was For Sale

But she got no offers from anywhere to no avail

No one anywhere wanted her little black car

So she had thought I shall now go to a local bar

She sat and sat on the stool and then to her glee

A drunk left the bar struck her car and she was free