for you, I would die

I know now, I see your fear of loss

Many a time have the gods ripped love from your veins and whisked away your blissful yesterdays

You've been a man of dark, no exposure to vulnerability

But I let you have me and you let me in

I hadn't known that I was a part of you yet

But as I saw that starless sky I thought of your tired hazel eyes in the sun

The way you dragged yourself to walk, each step bruising your feet

My head pounds

I've never loved you as much as I can in this moment

You sit in the dark with your demons circling round you

All you can see is the dim light on your phone and the picture you took of me that chilly day in February

All this time I'd thought you were the flower blooming out of the concrete but never have I been so wrong

You are the concrete, you sulk and you're still

You let beautiful things grow out of you through all your emptiness

Come into me

Come into me

Come into me

I will not let the wolves capture you tonight, my dear

Never shall I leave your side again

As I recall the night I paid my dues and you begged me to remain

A monster you were, lost in everything you ached to be

Your dreams a shooting star you'd never grasp

A shaking voice, bloodied hands, grim features on grim concrete on grim futures

You gripped my clothes, dragged along like a fussing child

But I returned and I evoke a song of despair at my side

It is now I see what you are and who you've been

You are hurting and I am blind

I am screaming and you are deaf

But our agonies bind together, we are the balance

Never so much so have I looked at a catastrophe and bellowed I love you more than when I see your uneasy figure in the morning light