Act 1, Scene 2

It is a cloudy day in New York City. The NYPD just recently lost one of their detectives due to an accidental death while in Jamaica so they needed a replacement. A young, muscular, blonde gentleman, Alex McGarvin, has recently joined the NYPD after being transferred from the LAPD; he is also the deceased detective's replacement. He is walking around the office as everyone who is in the office is going about their business. He is apparently lost. A female who is at her desk notices Alex and speaks up.

Female: Excuse me?

Alex: *Jumps* Yes?

Female: you are lost, and I was wondering if I could help you?

Alex: Oh yes. *Clears throat* Well, I'm new here, and I was looking for the Captain, John Marcello I believe is his name. He told me to meet him first thing when I started. *Beat* You see, I'm a transfer from the police department from Los Angeles, so I am a little lost.

Female: Oh, you're the guy replacing Calvin.

Alex: Calvin? Is that the guy who died?

Female: Yeah. He died rather tragically. In Jamaica.

Alex: I imagine that would be. So would you know where the Captain's office maybe?

Female: Well, he stepped out at the moment. But you can wait here...if you like...


Female: *Holds out her hand* My name is Jenni.

Alex: Nice to meet you, Jenni. I'm Alex. *Takes her hand* Alex McGarvin.

Jenni: So, you're from LA you say?

Alex: Yep. Been a detective there for seven years.

Jenni: Let me just say you are much cuter than Calvin was.

Alex: Uh...thanks...

Jenni: So what kind of girls do you go out with?

Alex: *Confused* I'm sorry?

Jenni: You know...short girls? Tall girls? What's your type of woman?

At that moment, the Captain walks out of his office and catches Jenni hitting on Alex.

Captain: Jenni, what's going on here?

Jenni: *Startled* Marcello. I was just getting acquainted with Alex here.

Captain: Sure you were. *Turns to Alex* You, Blondie, follow me. My office is this way.

Alex awkwardly shuffles away from Jenni and follows Captain Marcello into his office. He closes the door behind him.

Captain: Poor girl. She is a sweet girl; just has a hard time meeting a man. The last relationship was a total fail.

Alex: Geeze. What happened?

Captain: Well his wife walked in the middle of a their...tutoring session.

Alex: Yikes. That's not okay.

Captain: Tell me about it. *Silence* So...

Alex: Alexander. Everyone calls me Alex.

Captain: Right. So, Alex, let me just say you picked a very fine department to transfer to. What made you want to transfer?

Alex: You know...I just needed a change of scenery. Thought this would be a perfect place to start over, you know.

Captain: And from what I read in your papers, you have been with the Los Angeles Police Department for seven years.

Alex: Correct.

Captain: You also arrested Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan?

Alex: That's right. In fact, I arrested them both at once.

Captain: Exciting. Well, I have also read you were very easy going and not a hard person to get along with; which is what I am looking for in a detective considering I placed you in a diverse group of...

At this moment, a young darker skinned man, Detective Jason Walker, walks into Captain Marcello's office. Alex turns to him.

Jason: Hey, Captain, there is coffee and donuts outside. *Turns to Alex* Yo.

Captain: Before I forget, Jason, this is Alex McGarvin. He is new from Los Angeles, and he will be on your team, along with Claude, Gabriella, Charlotte and Danny. Go ahead. Shake hands. Don't be shy.

Alex: Nice to meet you.

Jason: Likewise, LA.

Captain: Happy to see we are all friends now. *Takes a deep breath* Now before I forget, Jason, where are the donuts?

Jason: Outside.

Captain: Are there donuts with the pink frosting?

Jason: Oh they got plenty of them.

Captain: Sweet! *Looks at Alex* I will be back. Get to know each other.

As Captain Marcello excitedly leaves his office, the two guys look at one another and chuckle.

Alex: Okay, why donuts with pink frosting?

Jason: I don't know, man. He mentioned something about them reminding him of his honeymoon. But he loves anything strawberry flavored.

Alex: Why do I not want to know what he means by that?

Jason: Trust me, you do not want to know. *Snickers* So...Los Angeles?

Alex: Yeah. Was a detective there for seven years. And yourself?

Jason: Five years, baby. Love the job but can be stressful when it wants to be.

Alex: Tell me about it. Especially areas of LA I had to investigate a crime scene.

Jason: Let's just say we've seen weird shit.

Alex: Amen. *Chuckles* So, Captain Marcello said I would be in a group. So it isn't just us working together.

Jason: Why, yes, my brother. He did mention that. Besides me, being the cool one, you also have Claude. Nice guy but very gullible. It's almost too funny. *Snickers*

At that moment, a young, skinny man with glasses waltzes in. The look on his face is very serious. This happens to be Claude.

Claude: Jason, I swear, if this transfer guy is anything like Calvin, you will not see a jubilant Claude. I swear, for Calvin to humiliate me in the ways that he has was unexceptional. Hmmph. Well, it is a good thing no one will be here to torment and bully me.

Jason: Uh...Claude...

Claude: You know, I have come from a long line of great detectives from England to put up with this nonsense. I'm telling you once, and for all, when I see this new guy, I will look into his eyes and say, 'You better not fool with me because if you do, you will feel sorry and I will make sure of it. I will make sure you no longer live to see tomorrow if you pull pranks on me. Do I make myself clear?' *Turns to Alex* And whom may you be?

Alex: I'm the guy who won't live to see tomorrow if I mess with you.

Claude: *Looks him up and down* Oh...uh...please don't hurt me. I didn't mean it. Usually, I am all talk, but I never go through with what I say...oh please don't hurt me!

Alex: Hey, I'm a good guy, so that you know. Plus, why would you hurt me? I'm twice your size, no offense, and you think you can beat me?

Claude: Should I be mortified?

Jason: It's cool, brother.

Claude: Wow...I have never met anyone so patient. Except for Danny. *Chuckles* Danny is another one in our team; he's like you except with darker hair and a slightly bigger nose.

Jason: Don't tell him that. He hates when people joke about his nose.

Alex: Gotcha. Who else have I yet to meet?

At this moment, a very young, slim, pretty, blonde girl, holding a stuffed pig walks in on the guys. Her name is Gabby. She is known to be very sweet, however not very bright.

Gabby: Claude, Jason, I heard the new detective came, and I was wondering if you guys...*Squeals* Oh my God! Are you him?

Claude: I am never going to get used to that.

Jason: I'm only surprised we aren't deaf yet.

Gabby: Oh my gosh! Jenni was right! You are much cuter than Clavin!

Alex: I see she spoke to you.

Gabby: Of course! She and I are gossip buddies. My name is Gabby. Well, my real name is Gabriella, but people here call me Gabby because it is easier to remember.

Alex: Well I am pleased to meet you, Gabby. *Holds out hand* I'm Alex.

Gabby: Wow. LA guys are much cuter than New York guys.

Jason: Gabby, I think he gets it.

Claude: You really shouldn't hit on the newbies or you will scare them.

Alex: No. It's fine. She's okay. In fact, New York girls are so cute.

Gabby: Hehe. Well, I am from New Jersey originally but thanks. *Gasp* Oh my gosh. I just found out last week that New Jersey and New York are two different states. I feel smart.

The three guys look up at one another.

Jason: She's the special kind.

Gabby: Aw, Jason. Thanks. *Hugs* Nobody is perfect. Everyone is special. This makes me smile.

The guys once again look at one another. Claude's phone rings.

Claude: This is Detective Hamilton. *Silence* Aw, not, again. Do I have to? *Silence*'Okay. *Hangs up his phone and sighs with annoyance* That was Rodriguez. Kind of needs help in the holding cell.

Jason: Fight broke out?

Claude: Of course.

Jason: We'll be back.

Gabby: I gotta see this!

As the three leave Alex in the office, he is looking up at the framed certificates and pictures. A young, slender woman with dark hair walks in with folders in her arms. The woman is Charlotte Banks, the super beautiful detective with a strong personality. Alex accidentally crashes into Charlotte, causing her to drop her folders.

Charlotte: Damn it! I just sorted these papers! *Gets on her knees*

Alex: I'm so sorry. *Gets on his knees* Let me help you sort these...*Looks up at Charlotte*

The two stare at each other with romantic music in the back. The music cuts after 15 seconds.

Charlotte: What?!

Alex: Nothing. I'm sorry...I just...let me help you.

Charlotte: No! *Snatches papers from him* I can sort these out by myself. Just like I do everything by myself here!

Alex: Hey, are you on my team?

Charlotte: Excuse me?

Alex: Well I am the new transfer detective from Los Angeles, replacing someone on your team...

Charlotte: Look, I have too much on my plate to digest useless information. Now if you will excuse me.

Alex: Hey! I'm Alex. What may your name be?

Charlotte: Hi, Alex. I'm, Busy. Now leave me alone. *Stalks off*

Alex: Hmmph. Ms. Busy with an attitude issue.

Gabby walks in the office holding a donut and a cup of coffee.

Gabby: Cherrio, Alex! I see you met, Charlotte.

Alex: Is that her name?

Gabby: Charlotte Banks. She's on our team.

Alex: Stunning woman.

Gabby: That she is. But she is always miserable. Maybe because she gets hit on too much while on the job. She hates me. *Giggles* *Holds out her hand* Coffee?

Alex: *Takes the cup* Thanks. *Sips* Why would she hate you?

Gabby: Oh long story. Kind of funny though. She was training me when I started. I picked up a gun thinking there weren't any bullets, and I shot her in the foot.

Alex: My God! That is awful!

Gabby: *Giggles* She was in the hospital for at least a month. I even delivered her pretty flowers with pink petals to tell her how sorry I was. She never thanked me. Instead, when she came to work, the first thing she did was punch me and then try to hurt me. It took three people to get her off me. She accidentally broke Jenni's nose when she tried to pull her off me. It was terrible.

Alex: I'm sure by now she will realize it was an accident.

Gabby: No. She still hates me. I think she wants me to die. *Holds out her stuffed pig* Like my piggy? This is Buttercup. I collect pigs and bring them to work. One day I hope to save up enough money and buy my pig and name it Diva. So cute!

Alex: Interesting.

Claude and Jason walk in. Claude is waddling in pain.

Claude: I swear, I will say hell no next time I have to break up a fight in the holding cell!

Alex: You okay? *Pulls out a chair and helps him sit*

Claude: I tried to pull this guy off someone, and he elbows me in the stomach and then turns to kick a place where one shall not be kicked!

Jason: It did stop the fight, though. Everyone turned to laugh at him. It was kind of funny,

Claude: Thanks, Jason. You're a real pal. *Rolls his eyes*

Jason: No problem, my brotha.

Gabby: Oh stop, Claude. It really doesn't hurt.

Alex: Um...I won't say anything.

Jason: Neither will I.

Charlotte walks in and sees the group.

Gabby: Charlotte, Claude got hurt.

Charlotte: Okay. What do you want me to do about it? Cry and boo hoo?

Claude: Charlotte, why do you have to be a nasty person?

Charlotte: Claude, why are you such a big baby?

Claude: Well you don't need to be rude...

Charlotte: This is how I am. Get over it!

Captain Marcello walks in on the group.

Captain: Hamilton and Banks, cut it out!

Claude: Captain, I am just stating!

Captain: I don't care. Grow up. Act 3!

Everyone in the room just looks at one another.

Captain: So is everyone here? Let me see...Walker, Dello Russo, Hamilton, Banks...where is Silverberg? Why isn't Silverberg here? *Panicking* For the love of God! Where is Silverberg?!

A young man with dark, wavy hair and a muscular figure walks in the room. Everyone looks up at him. Charlotte smiles at him, and he replies. This is Danny Silverberg, a detective and Charlotte's fiancé.

Captain: Silverberg! Where were you?

Danny: Sorry, Captain. My grandmother needed help with something. I told her I had a meeting, but she wouldn't let me leave until I fixed her pipe.

Captain: Leaking pipe again?

Danny: Yeah. But I felt bad, so I had to help her.

Captain: Still close with Grandma. I like that about you.

Danny: Oh...shucks.

Gabby: *To Alex* Hehe...he said, 'Shucks.'

Captain: Now...I called this meeting because we gave a new member in our team replacing Calvin. Blondie here is Alex.

Gabby: My name isn't Alex. It's Gabby.

Charlotte: He doesn't mean you, Ding Dong! He means him!

Gabby: Oh. *Turns to Alex* Hey! You're blonde too! We are practically twins! *Hugs Alex*

Charlotte rolls her eyes.

Captain: Alex is from Los Angeles. That is the City of Angels.

Claude: I think we are all aware of that, hence the name, City of Angels.

Charlotte: Please get to the point.

Captain: Banks, attitude. Now, Alex will be joining your team. Since the death of a Calvin, Alex was kind enough to pick our department of all the police departments in this great country. He could've chosen Chicago, Philadelphia, maybe Honolulu.

Jason: Nothing wrong with Hawaii.

Danny: You can say that again.

Captain: And I expect you guys to treat him like he has been with you guys for years...and that's it.

Charlotte: That's it?

Captain: That's it. Any questions or comments?

Gabby raises her hand.

Captain: Yes, Gabby?

Gabby: I just found out my uncle, Tommy, from Brooklyn is becoming a woman. He will be Evelyn in two weeks. How exciting will that be?

Everyone looks at one another.

Jason: What does that have to do with Alex being new?

Gabby: Nothing. I just had to let that out.

Captain: Uh...okay...thank you, Gabby. Now if the six of you don't mind...I will be enjoying my donuts in peace. Please excuse me and leave my office now.

Claude: Uh...would someone mind helping me up? I'm kind of sore.

Alex: I'll help you, buddy.

Danny: Let me lend you a hand.

Both guys help Claude up from his seat. Everyone begins to leave the office. As everyone leaves, the Captain closes his blinds.

Alex: Is the Captain normally that weird?

Danny: Nah. Sometimes he out of his mind bizarre.

Jenni: Hello again, Alex. Hi Danny.

Alex and Danny: Hi, Jenni,

Jenni: Is the Captain weird again?

Danny: Yep.

Jenni: *To Alex* He is usually very weird. *To Claude* And Claude, I am so sorry to hear about what...*Laughs uncontrollably*

Claude: Jenni, get coffee.

Jennie leaves the office to grab coffee.

Danny: What happened to you?

Claude: To be blunt, someone kicked me in a place no one should be kicked.

Danny: Ouch.

Claude: Yeah.

Charlotte: You're such a big baby, Claude.

Claude: Yeah, why don't you try getting kicked there?

Jason: I don't know, Charlotte. I have to agree with the brainy one.

Danny: Same. *Kisses Charlotte on the cheek* How are you doing babe?

Charlotte: I'm good. *Eyeing Alex* Have you met our new guy yet?

Danny: No. *Turns to Alex* Hi. I'm, Danny,

Alex: Alex. Pleasure to be working with you.

Danny: I see you met everyone else. Including my beautiful fiancé.

Alex: Oh. Fiancé?

Charlotte: *Flashing her engagement ring* Two years engaged.

Alex: Well...congratulations.

Danny: Thanks. *Pats him on the arm* Can't wait to be working on my first case with you. *Turns to Charlotte* There's coffee in the caff. Want some?

Charlotte: Absolutely.

Danny and Charlotte stalk off.

Gabby: I forgot to mention she was engaged.

Jason: Brotha, if she weren't engaged...the things I'd do to her.

Alex: Oh yeah.

The two high five each other.

Gabby: Jason, didn't you sleep with Calvin's wife after the funeral?

Jason: Wanna keep your mouth shut?

Alex: You slept with your dead partner's wife after she lost her husband?

Jason: Oh come on. If you saw what she looked like, you wouldn't penalize me.

Alex: *Thinking* I'll let you off the hook.

The two give each other a high five as Claude rolls his eyes.

Claude: Quit trying to influence our new member, Jason. We have enough bad influences in the world.

Jason: Relax. I'm sure he has gotten all the action he needed in LA.

Alex: It would be a nice time to keep my mouth shut...but yes.

Jason: Nice.

Alex and Jason laugh and high five one another as Claude rolls his eyes once again. At this point, Gabby's cell phone ring. Her ring tone is a cheesy pop song. The three guys look at her. At this point, Jenni, Charlotte, and Danny come back with coffee. Jenni returns to her computer.

Gabby: Oh goody! My cell phone! *Picks it up* Hello, this is Detective Gabriella Dello Russo, but you may call me Gabby. How may I assist you on this lovely cloudy day? *Silence* Uh huh. *Silence* Uh huh. *Silence* Oh wow. How bad was it? *Silence* Uh huh. Uh huh. *Silence* Okay. We will be there. Thanks for calling.

As Gabby hangs up her cell phone, she stands there and smiles. The others look at her anticipating what she heard.

Claude: Well...

Gabby: Well what?

Jason: What happened?

Gabby: What happened with what?

Charlotte: You were just on the phone with the dispatcher, and you forgot?

Gabby: Oh. That.

Everyone grunts.

Gabby: Well since everyone is going to be mean to me, I won't say it.

Charlotte: Are you kidding me?!

Alex: *Calm but stern voice* Gabby, what happened? What did the dispatcher tell you?

Danny: *Calmly* You can tell us, and we won't yell.

Gabby: Thank you for being patient with me you two. Well, he said that a girl was killed in an alleyway in Broadway. The garbage man found her and called 911.

Jason: Well we better go check it out.

As everyone leaves, the Captain quickly comes out of his office just to catch up to Alex.

Captain: You ready for your first case in a new city?

Alex: You bet.

Captain: Go get them!

As Alex catches up to Claude, Jason, and Gabby, who have waited for him, the Captain is standing in front of his office looking around awkwardly. He eyes Jenni who is typing on her computer. She makes awkward eye contact with him. Because of this, he is stepping back into his office and shuts the door. Jenni shakes her head and continues typing.