Everywhere I go, the hands of rejection push me back, and I'm thrown around like a puppet in a toy store. I jump from humiliation to embarrassment, hope to depression, now too afraid to speak my mind, to raise my eyes, until at the end of the day, each small break of my heart blends together until I don't know where I'll ever be wanted. All around me, sounds of laughter and merriment fill the air, sounds I used to love, that now disgust me. In my eyes, tears burn constantly until I'm no longer capable of feeling them. My eyes catch a mirror, and I look. My face doesn't stretch into a smile anymore. My eyes don't sparkle with amusement now, they sparkle with tears. I try to laugh, and a hoarse sob reaches my lips. What has become of me now, is this the same person I used to call strong? I recall back to younger days, when I was in this situation, this lonely place in society. I was strong, I had almost no breaking point on the outside and in. I held my head high, smiled and tried in life, even when there was no hope left. I even danced, the only time I let myself feel my sorrows. I lift my head, point a toe, and stand straight just as I was taught. Slowly, I rise, higher and higher until the ground is far below me, and I'm soaring in the air, not looking down. The exhilaration of the moment lets me forget, and I laugh.