Of Dreams We are Made

Half alive, half dead, I exodus into dreams

Where I reign as a beguiled queen

Ruling a world lost in perilous games

Why must we battle when we are all the same?

Because the winners win a lot

While the losers fall, unable to stop

Uplift me o' dream and let me sore high

Into skies with hope infinity

Fill my lungs with sweet possibilities

Fill my heart with fight

So I may bring back the healing light

To a world that is more half dead than alive.

In The Darkness

Poison pumps in the hearts of men.

In the darkness they fall.

Sheltering hope like a flame

But vulnerable and weak it starts to fade

Pockets of people stand, seeking the warmth

Because in the darkness they will fall.

Everyone believes they are right

So afraid to share their light

One by one, each one fades, falling like dying comrades

For truly, we cannot see in broken, blinded misery

Only together light shines so much brighter

Adjoin in oneness and be stronger

So we shall fall no longer.

A world so small and surrounded by darkness

Unite the stars and alight in oneness

We are the hope which stands tall

Towering like an inferno, ablaze with beating hearts

Where the fallen arise and the darkness shall depart.

Asleep In Death

I cannot sleep in the wake of darkness

It shrouds me in thoughts of haunting sights

Of the dead forever upon the shore

As if merely asleep, having finally found peace

Like cracks they appear, on fractured plains

Caused by wars unclaimed

This world regresses like crumbling mountains

We're all falling with it, piece by piece

Hell is just perspective, seen through blurry eyes

Soaked with tears and forgotten scars

Sometimes this world is hell

Other times heaven

It just depends who you are

The dead now sleep, escaping hell

In heavenly slumber they now dwell.