So this is a story concept I've had in my head. It isn't the whole thing; just the bare core concept. I wasn't really going to do anything with it until Precinct No. 38 came along and made me write a one-shot, so I wrote this. She also edited it, so a huge thanks Precinct!

Laura wanted to sleep. Right then and there.

She wasn't tired or anything for she had had a cup of coffee just thirty minutes prior, nor was it the fact that she had nothing better to do since her homework begged to be finished. It was for an entirely different reason, one unique solely to her.

"Remember this for me, will ya?" she said, looking down at her blank assignment.
There was a small sigh.

Laura cracked a smile. "Come on. I would rather do it with you."

Once that was finished, she turned off the lights in her room before diving underneath the covers. She snuggled in, imagining the warmth of the blanket as his body heat. A pang of loss went through her heart before she pushed it away.

He's still here, in a way. I haven't lost him completely.

Her breathing gradually slowed and her eyelids shut.

She opened her eyes again and saw a black void. She jumped up, brimming with excitement. She scanned her hazel eyes around until she saw his frame.

He had his back turned to her, clad in his usual blue shirt and shorts. He had his hands in his pockets. Laura could easily imagine the look on his face: one of blissful contemplation, as if he had just realized the meaning of life and was now digesting it.

Not wasting another moment on observation, Laura ran across the blackness. Even though she moved as if there was solid ground beneath her, she couldn't feel anything. Nothing except his warmth as she wrapped her arms around him.

He jerked at the sudden contact before relaxing in her grasp. "Hello, Laura," he said. She just responded by burying her face in his shoulder and nuzzling his neck.

"I've missed you," Laura replied.

He just laughed. "It's only been a day."

"That's a day too long."

"Well then, we need to make it up, don't we?"

"Um, what do you-AHHH!" She squealed as he grabbed her arms and hoisted her up onto his back. He then started sprinting, dashing across the void as Laura laughed joyfully.

As they were running, grass started growing up between their feet. The scent of ocean started to fill through the air. The area seemed to lighten from unknown source until everything suddenly shattered.

A clear, blue sky stretched endlessly above the couple as they ran, the boy's feet thudding against grass. He rapidly approached a cliff, its sheer face looking over a serene ocean. Without hesitation, he jumped, taking both of them over.

Laura didn't stop smiling the entire time, and wasn't even fazed when a set of angel wings sprouted out from behind her back. Going along with it, she started flapping her appendages and flew through the air, quickly followed by a similarly transformed boy.

They dived until they brushed the surface of the water, their gazes never diverting from one another. Then, they lifted up into an intricate spiraling dance, whipping around clouds and performing loops and whirls dangerously close to one another.

They finally reached the cliff where they lifted off, and landed slowly. The moment their feet touched the ground, the wings disappeared into a thousand glittering fragments. The sun had set, bathing everything in red and orange hues.

The boy sat down at the edge of the cliff, swinging is legs over the edge. Laura quickly joined him and snuggled against his side.

"I wish I could stay like this forever," she sighed blissfully as he swung an arm around her.
"We can't," he replied.

"I know. When I wake up, this will-"

"No. That's not what I'm talking about," he said. With a flourish, a paper appeared in his hand. Laura leaned over to take a closer look before screeching and fumbling back.

The boy just rolled his eyes. "Laura, it's just Trigonometry."

She hissed.

Obviously, it wasn't JUST Trigonometry to her.

"You're going to have to do it. Besides, you did say you wanted to do it with me, right?"

"Yeah," Laura mumbled, reluctantly crawling back to him. "But I feel like our time is being wasted. Can't I just finish it before school tomorrow?"

He shook his head. "That's what you're doing anyways. You'll just have the answers." Laura grumbled and reluctantly summoned a pencil.

"Alright. Where do I begin?"