The road stretches outward throughout the nightly city. Paved with stone, the road goes for miles. During the day it is populated by people and carriages. Now that it's night the road is deserted aside from the few travelers of the night, mainly constables and harlots.

With it being dusk, the city remains dark aside from the few areas that are lit by the rare light post. Under one such light post is stone that is painted red. The paint is not of lead though but rather that which runs through the veins of man.

Surrounded by the blood, there lays what was once a human being. Her name was Agnes Browning. Once a vibrant and lovely young lady, her beauty was washed the way in the midst of time and substance abuse. She may have been a whore (how else could you explain why she was out and about for her to be murdered?) but even then she was still someone's daughter.

Now she is nothing more than chunks of meat held together by a skeletal frame. Her stomach had been torn open and her organs ripped out. Her eyes, the only feature of her body that she received compliments on, had been removed (and quite brutally may I add).

Some hours after the grisly event took place, a constable stumbled upon it. Never in his decades long career had he even come close to vomiting when seeing a corpse. After gagging, he quickly ran to alert his superiors. Before long a swarm of officers arrived at the scene.

A detective from Scotland Yard also arrived. As much as the ghastly discovery disturbed him, Detective Erasmus Elwood managed to maintain his composure, in order to preserve the morale of his men, who all showed visible discomfort.

Clearing his throat, Elwood squats down beside the carcass and peels the dress away from her crotch area so he can see that her uterus had been yanked out. Disgusted, Elwood covers his mouth and quickly covered it back up.

After recomposing himself, Elwood takes a deep breath and opens the woman's bloodied mouth to find that her tongue had been bitten off. He glances down at her neck and sees multiple bite marks on it.

Sighing, Elwood stands up and turns to his men. "Okay... Men... This woman can not be in here when day breaks. We do not want any people to see this..." Elwood pauses and briefly allows his discomfort to be shown before continuing "sight..." He forces an awkward smile before motioning for his men to clean her up.

He then walks away, trying his best to prevent the dinner he has yet to have digested from coming out. Ordinary people must never know. But Elwood cannot forget. He can never forget. Not even if he wanted to. Now he must make sure that no one else should experience the horror he and his men saw. No one should have to see that sight of evil.