Chapter 1

It was late in the third shift when the Cosmic Traveller was flying through space where there was nothing close by. In the distance was space junkyard. They slowed to an almost stop.

In Nate's Place's restaurant, Nate, Chris, and Captain Felix Coolco were eating breakfast together. The captain was in his everyday uniform.

"So, what is the experiment Ocee is testing today?" Nate asked.

The captain looked around and saw no one else in the restaurant then answered, "A cloaking device."

"What is he going to cloak?" Nate asked.

"The ship," Captain Coolco answered almost in a whisper.

"Is that why we're going to the middle of nowhere?" Nate responded at the same volume as the captain did.

"Yep," Chris replied.

Captain Coolco's watch buzzed. It was his officer in charge of second and third shifts, Shander.

"It's Shander," Captain Coolco informed.

"You better answer it," Chris suggested.

Captain Coolco answered it, "Yes, Are we there?

Over the captain's com watch Shander answered. "Yes, Sir. Are you and your crew going to take over now?"

"I will but I don't know if my first shift crew is awake," Captain Coolco replied.

"My crew and I are hoping they are. We don't want to be in charge when things go sideways." Shander responded.

"I wouldn't put you in that position. I'll be up there in a bit. Any word from the Mad Lab?" Captain Coolco asked.

"No, Sir. I do hope it works." Shander answered.

"So do I. I'll be up in a bit." Captain Coolco said, hung up, finished his drink, kissed Chris and stood up. "I'll try and keep you informed but I'm not promising. Murphy's law."

"That should be the name of this ship," Chris replied.

"No, then we wouldn't have any passengers," Nate stated.

"True. Later." Captain Coolco said.

"Later." Chris and Nate said together.

Captain Coolco left. Chris and Nate continue to eat.

Down in Bit Crazy's hidden lab, aka Mad Lab, there was a plastic tented area, a clean room. Inside it was Ocee wearing a clean suit and mask. He was looking through a special microscope using specialized tools to work on the nano-speedster he's making for the cloaking device. The nano-speedster will lead the nano-particles that cause the magnetic field from the exterior panels into cloaking device so Ocee can change their pulse.

Bit Crazy had a wall panel off and was hooking some wires to other wires.

"I'm done with my nano-speedster," Ocee stated.

"I'm done with the wiring," Bit Crazy said.

"Should we have someone check your wiring?" Ocee asked.

"No. I know what I'm doing." Bit Crazy replied.

"Okay. You better call my uncle up." Ocee replied as he put his speedster into the cloaking device. Bit Crazy pushed a couple of buttons on her watch.

On the bridge, Captain Coolco was in his chair. Uzumati, Chan, and Herb were in their positions.

Captain's watch buzzed then he answered it, "Yes."

"We're ready," Bit Crazy said over the captain's com watch.

"Do you need Tooantuh to check your wiring?" Captain Coolco asked.

"No! I know what I'm doing." Bit Crazy replied getting irritated.

"Then go ahead," Captain Coolco replied.

"Okay," Bit Crazy answered.

Captain Coolco disconnected communication with Bit Crazy and asked, "So, how much of the ship will go dark and which section?"

"I say a third and the third section," Herb answered.

"I agree with a third but second section," Chan replied.

"I'd say half and front half." Uzumati betted.

"I'll take a third and first section." Captain Coolco said.

Down in the Mad Lab, Bit Crazy walked over to the tent and said, "Okay, go ahead."

Ocee turned the circuit open and turned the knobs.

On the bridge, they waited.

"It's being activated," Uzumati stated.

In the Mad Lab, there was a small explosion in the wall. Everything went dark.

Suddenly the bridge went into complete darkness so was the rest of the front half of the ship.

Back in the Mad Lab, Bit Crazy said, "Oops. Heath, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm Ocee," Ocee reminded Bit Crazy.

"Sorry. You remind me of your dad." Bit Crazy said as she looked at her watch, it was the only thing giving off a light, as she received a text and read it to herself.

"It's okay," Ocee replied being understanding.

"Nari and the new guy, Fred, is coming," Bit Crazy informed.

"Okay," Ocee replied.

Nari and Fred entered the room. Fred, who looked human because he was wearing makeup but normally he looked unique because he had ancestors of several different species. Bit Crazy walked over to the kitchen and started preparing something while Nari and Fred went to the wall with wires coming out of it. Nari grabbed the wires for the ship and started to put a low flow of electricity through it. The lights came back on. Fred started to fix the junction like Nari taught him.

"What were you trying to hook into?" Nari asked.

"Magnetic field grid," Ocee answered.

"Okay. Fred, solder the wires to their project right into the exterior wall. The nano-tubes and nano-wires are self-healing." Nari told Fred.

Fred started doing as Nari told him and said, "Like this."

"Yep. Now finish the junction." Nari ordered.

Fred did it. Nari releases the wires. Bit Crazy brought food to Nari and went to sit by herself in the sitting area. Fred looked at Bit Crazy, confused.

"What's wrong with her?" Fred asked in a whisper.

"She mixed me up with my dad. He died a long time ago." Ocee replied in a whisper.

"Oh," Fred replied.

"You should tell her," Nari suggested.

"I know. So, how much of the ship lost power?" Ocee asked.

"Front half," Nari replied.

"Can you warn my uncle I'm going to try again?" Ocee asked.

"Sure," Nari replied as she texted the captain.

On the bridge, Uzumati's eyes were a gold color because he was happy. He won the bet. Suddenly his eye color changed to gray and then black, in worried and protective mode.

"Sir, a military ship just appeared on the edge of our extended long range sensors," Uzu informed.

"We need that cloak," Captain Coolco stated as he received a text then he smiled.

"They are going to try again," Captain Coolco informed and continued, "Nari and Fred fixed the wiring problem as we thought."

"Good. It should work this time. I hope." Herb responded.

Down in the Mad Lab Nari was eating. Ocee tried again. Nothing happened.

"Damn!" Ocee exclaimed.

"What are you trying to do?" Nari asked.

"Change the pulse of the magnetic field to make a magnetic mirror. It should reflect what is around us in space. Making us invisible to sensors and being sighted." Ocee explained.

"How?" Fred asked.

"I'm routing the electricity from the layers of nano-tubes and nano-wires that are embedded in the exterior wall in this device. The nano-tubes and nan-wires are part of the magnetic field around this ship. This device is supposed to change the pulse of the magnetic field by changing the speed." Ocee replied.

"The change of speed doesn't really change the pulse. All I heard is it getting faster." Nari said.

"You can hear the pulse," Ocee responded.

"Dah, I'm E-tro," Nari stated.

"Bit Crazy, can Nari help me?" Ocee asked.

"Sure. She needs to get a clean suit on." Bit Crazy replied.

"Fred, go back to engineering and tell Tooantuh what's going on," Nari ordered.

"Okay," Fred replied.

Fred left. Nari got into a clean suit and joined Ocee in the tent. She moved the circuit switch in a rhythm with the speed dial. They can feel something happening. A light energy flowed through everything and everybody.

On the bridge, Uzu was watching his sensors. Everyone was on the edge of their seats.

"I hope they get it to work. We're not supposed to be here." Captain Coolco said what everyone was hoping and knew.

"We know," Chan replied with irritation.

"We're almost in their sensor range," Uzu informed.

Suddenly a bright light of energy went through them and everything around them. After it dulled down and they could see they all looked out the window. They saw a small rock in front of them. Chan maneuvered around it.

"Where are we?" Captain Coolco asked.

"In the same place," Uzu replied.

"Where did that small asteroid come from?" Captain Coolco asked.

"That isn't a small asteroid. It's a micro asteroid. They shrunk us. The UPRA ship is coming this way." Uzu informed.

"Did they spot us?" Captain Coolco asked.

"I don't think so. I intercepted a message for help from the cargo ship, Gilligan. They are by the space junk belt." Herb replied.

"They have to come this way to get there. Can we get out of its way?" Captain Coolco asked.

"I don't know. I'll try." Chan replied.

Chan worked her controls. Captain Coolco texted Bit Crazy. He has a texting conversation for a while.

"Nari is working Ocee's device. Bit Crazy and Ocee are on their way up." Captain Coolco informed.

Down in the Mad Lab, Bit Crazy finished playing text tag with Captain Coolco and ordered, "Nari, keep doing what you are doing. We shrunk."

Nari and Ocee answered together. "Whoops."

"Ocee, you need to come with me to the bridge," Bit Crazy ordered.

Ocee got out of his clean suit and then he left with Bit Crazy.

On the large bridge of the Dragon Master Col. Cie-For walked out of her office. Hesutu was standing behind the sensor control.

"Report!" Col. Cie-For ordered.

Hesutu walked over to the colonel who was at command and informed, "Ma'am we're heading for the Gilligan it's in trouble."

"This I know," Col Cie-For replied getting irritated then asked. "Why did you call me out of my office?"

"We detected another ship in the direction we were heading. No one has permission to be in this area." Hesutu replied.

"Sir, we just lost the signal," A bridge mate replied.

"Head for the last place it was at full speed and report it to UPR." Col. Cie-For commanded.

"Yes, ma'am," Hesutu replied.

Hesutu looked at the pilot and the pilot nodded. Hesutu walked over to communication control and sent out messages.

In the Cosmic Traveller's bridge, Ocee and Bit Crazy arrived.

The captain looked over at them, "About time. Look at what you did."

Chan piloted around another micro asteroid.

"The Dragon Master has increased its speed," Uzumati informed.

"Can we get out of its way?" Captain Coolco asked.

"There is another ship, a smaller one, coming from the opposite direction." Uzu quickly informed.

"It's probably a scout," Chan replied.

"Yeah, it is. I just intercepted a transmission." Herb stated.

"Here it comes," Uzu informed.

"Chan get close enough for it to pull us with it," Captain Coolco ordered.

"Aye, Sir," Chan replied.

The Cosmic Traveller shook a bit then they began moving very fast for their size. They could see the Dragon Master ahead and were heading for a hangar. The scout ship entered and landed in the hangar bringing the micro Cosmic Traveller There. Cosmic Traveller slowed down, maneuvers into the vent then hovered.

On the Cosmic Traveller bridge, everyone looked shocked they made it.

"Uncle, I should get back to Nari. She is working the controls. If she gets tired..." Ocee began.

"Go!" Captain Coolco interrupted and commanded, "Bit, stay."

Ocee ran out of the bridge. Bit Crazy was amazed by what happened.

"This is so surrealistic. We should go to the bridge." Bit Crazy suggested.

"Sounds good. Chan head to the bridge." Captain Coolco ordered.

"Which way do I go to get to the bridge?" Chan asked.

"Don't know. Herb, call Anaba to the bridge." Captain Coolco commanded.

Herb text Anaba.

"Why her?' Uzu asked.

"Do you know how to get to the bridge?" Captain Coolco asked.

"No," Uzu replied.

They all watched, waited and thought what to do.