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New Character Profile

Name: Fred

Age: Around 19 he isn't sure.

Rank/Occupation: Maintenance assistant/student

Species: Leep'Po, Bera, Krims, Freshwater Nomo, Kelta, Feli, and Human.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Note: He was born into slavery. Many other slaves protected him as long as they could. Tooantuh won him in a poker game, freed him and now is fostering him.

Technology info

Magnetic field and gravity tech

Nanotechnology is working with molecules and atoms making them into extremely small usable items like wires, tubes, syringe, speedsters, bots and much more.

Exterior panels of the ship have nano-wires and nano-tubes with nano-particals of iron, embedded into them. There are several layers of tubes and wires in the panels. Electricity is sent through the wires causing the particles to move in the tubes. The particles move quickly through all the panels like a conveyer belt through the exterior of the ship causing magnetic field protecting the ships.

The gravity plates in the ship's floors are similar but each set of nano-tubes and wires are turned 45 degrees from the set below them. There are also several layers of nano-tubes and wires in the plates.

Ocee's Device

Ocee's device does not have an airtight covering over it so dust and so on could get into it. That is why they used a clean room.

The speedster connected with several iron particles changing their electrical field to coincide with it. The speedster connects with several particles at a time and then release them to connect with others. It does it several times before one measure of the beat is done but since the electrical field of the particles is the same as the speedster they will change their pulse.

Species Profile

Species: E-Tro(EE troh)

How many races: Six races by skin color.

1. Green has red hair, eyes, and nails.

2. Blue has orange hair, eyes, and nails.

3. Red has green hair, eyes, and nails.

4. Orange has blue hair, eyes, and nails.

5. Purple has yellow hair, eyes, and nails.

6. Mixed has the complementary color of hair, eyes, and skin.

Planet: Yenreg

Abilities: They can shoot electricity out of their bodies.

Lifespan: 70-100 years.

Languages: There are many. Most of them are similar to Earth languages because the same species of ancient alien astronauts visited them and influenced their languages.

Note: UPRA is in control of Yenreg they helped the king kill the last king and his family. The king now was a brother of the late king. There is a rumor that a princess, from the late king, still lives.

Species: Feli (FEE lie)

Races/ethnic backgrounds: They are similar to Earth.

Planet: Nekko

Abilities: They can see in the dark and through most illusions because they have cat's eyes.

Lifespan: Can be very short or very long. The longest is around 150 years. They have nine lives if they don't lose their head or turn to dust/ash. Every time a Feli dies they look different, not to an extreme but enough that those not related or not close friend won't recognize them.

Languages: There are many. Most of them are similar to Earth languages because the same species of ancient alien astronauts visited them and influenced their languages.

Note: They have treaties with both Krims and UPR.

Trivia questions for Book 1 & 2

1. Who is older Lorcan or Mariska?

2. What is the E-Tro's name? What does it mean?

3. What did Fred do in the spacesuit?

4. What smoothie did Fred drink?

5. What room was Ocee's device hooked up in?

6. Who cast a spell to protect the crew, family, and friends?

7. Who on Cosmic Traveller has more than warning visions?

8. Which Repul is nuts?

9. Who had her crew put rats in the Dragon Masters ventilation system?

10. Which spirit pulled on the Deteress's dress?

Prime Code

2-A, 3-B, 5-C, 7-D, 11-E, 13-F, 17-G, 19-H, 23-I, 29-J, 31-K, 37-L, 41-M, 43-N, 47-O, 53-P, 59-Q, 61-R, 67-S, 71-T, 73-U, 79-V, 83-W, 89-X, 97-Y, 101-Z,

1) 47-5-11-11 5-2-73-67-11-7 2 71-11-5-19-43-23-5-2-37


2) 41-73-61-53-19-97'67 37-2-83

3) 3-61-23-17-19-71 37-23-17-19-71

4) 19-2-37-13 47-13 71-19-11 67-19-23-53 37-47-67-71


5) 61-2-71-67 23-43 71-19-11 79-11-43-71-23-37-2-71-23-47-43