A distant rumble caught her attention as she waited before the window. The steady slew of raindrops coming down the windowsill, hundreds at a time, gave the world outside a nice little blurry filter. The sound of wind managed to come howling in through some unprotected corner. Curled up in a plush little pink blanket, she leaned in closer to get a better view of the sky above.

Gray clouds filled the sky, not a single break revealing the blue beyond. It was the middle of a slow spring evening, but the storm wouldn't let that sky show whether it was truly dark yet. The big trees in the yard were rustling and swaying in the swift gusts of wind, their leaves a shiny green all soaked with the rain. The street out there had its own little streams formed, racing down the gentle slope.

Another rumble came, and she thought she might have nearly noticed what could have been the flash that provoked it just before lighting up the clouds' edges. But she wasn't sure. She looked to the right, trying to see as far as she could in that direction of sky. It was where it seemed the flash came from.

In the opposite direction was where the sun would be setting. There was evidence of its light that way, but it was much too cloudy to see very well. The direction she looked now was very dark. It was rather scary, really. The almost black clouds were an ominous sight. She blinked, and upon opening her eyes again, she saw what must have been the end of another flash of lightning from the briefest of moments she couldn't have seen it. Surely enough, a rumble of thunder came again. She frowned.

The girl gripped the bottom of the window, and pushed the pane open, letting the storm's buffeting gusts enter the room. The sweet scent of rain and the new, louder sounds came in with it, bringing a chill to her, and so she wrapped the pink blanket all the tighter around herself. She held her head to the thin screen in place behind the glass, looking over to the darker clouds.

She tried not to blink, and waited again. She heard what must be wind chimes somewhere nearby; a delightful ringing and singing to fill the air with music. A street to the side had someone driving along quietly as she heard tires cut their path through the puddles. She waited, and didn't blink this time. And then she saw it.

A brilliant white array of radiating electricity sparking the birth of many little arms branching out through the sky as it arced its way from distant heaven to distant earth, sending its light across the clouds above and town below, putting trees into silhouettes, and sheets of rain aglow.

Its voice echoed throughout the world, thundering all the way to the little window of her home. She thought that when the window seemed to reverberate in its reply, the very wall must have as well. The call continued toward the sun for a moment before she could not hear any more of it. She smiled as she realized she'd done it—she'd seen the lightning.

And then she waited again.