Moonbow / Secret Hero

My emotions are lacerated from realisation that
this patch of the night sky refuses to expose the
dripping light from the stars that could illuminate
the deserted hallways that encourage disheartenment.

And as I recall the past when I was warned that Gothica is
feeding on my broken stride through life, once again my
secret hero lashes his perspicacious tongue across my
dazed lips and instructs me to repossess the light in my heart

Because I cannot always rely on other light sources to emancipate
cowardice, rather I need to accept that I am my own secret hero and that
this moment of reflection is my liberation towards grasping the inspiration
within that was always waiting for me to share with the world.

And so, with my life no longer crashing down the waterfall into
the dead-end stream, I am now the moonbow that stuns my
galvanised eyes because I have my own moonlight within
that creates such beauty that I want all to realise within themselves.