This is one of my shortest stories that I wrote. It's a 4 chapter short. So much happens in this 4 chapters, that one must read it carefully. Try to rush it and you'll just confuse yourself. A story of dreams. Where one can enter the dream world and share those dreams with others, but if people keep falling asleep... then what?

I might add a 5th chapter to explain the ending. Might get too confusing... or maybe it wont.

I could of easily made this at least a 10 chapter story, but I only wanted to show the story through Haku's eyes during this Sleep Era and have it as short as possible. (So, this 4 chapter were made) Hope you enjoy.

-Good Night.

Dream 1: Dreamers

What is a dream? Where does a dream take place? When are dreams? Why are there dreams at all? Who's really in the dreams? How do we enter the dreams?

Have you ever had a dream; then in the near future the same dream happens in real life? I have. Have you ever had a dream involving someone; then actually meeting the person later on? I have. Have you ever shared a dream with someone else? As in either the two of you being in the same world or even just having a dream and then that same person also had the exact same dream? I have. Crystal was in every single one of those dreams. Now she's always dreaming. At least I always get to see her in my... no; "OUR" dreams. It has been five whole years since Crystal started to sleep and never waking up. Still, people always seems to "see" her in their dreams. Sometimes ever out in the world when they are tired or more like: "Half asleep". At first I thought to myself: "Why? Why only her? What did she do to deserve this? But as time went on, I found out more and more people had the same problem. In just the area; about five hundred people slept all year around. It was because of that day. That day changed life, we all know today. The day that brought night to our life… To close our eyes… To sleep… To dream…

***Five years ago; some time before THAT day***

My name is Haku. I was fifteen at the time in my soft more years in high school. Like every other day, I went to school and meet up with my friends before the first period class. Their names: Carlos, Dave, Ashley, and Crystal. Later that day we had an earthquake. They don't really happen in the area. Possibility of an earthquake would be once every twenty to eighty years. After that; night after night, we had weird dreams. Such as we had the same dreams or even share a dream. I would see them in the dream, and then they would tell me that they had the same dream. As in we just had an adventure together while we slept. The scariest dream was one where we were all together, and then Crystal just disappeared. We didn't see her in the dream. When we asked her about her dream she said that she disappeared and was in a world with nothing but darkness.

Did the earthquake have something to do with the dreams? No; later it was found out that was just a coincident. There was a reason why this happened. Someone or some people had done something that affected the unknown world of dreams. A laboratory inside a boat was found. Scientists and researchers were found in the boat dead. They had died due to hunger and thirst by sleeping and never waking up. In the room they were found; a stone was found. The stone had some ancient writing on it. According to the notes the researchers left behind. The stone read "Sleep". Not too long after that; the stone crumbled on its own then electronic waves filled the earth. Next thing we knew, Crystal collapsed a week later. Even still to now; Crystal is still sleeping; still dreaming and her body being taken care of at a hospital. Sometimes, I would dream that I am in a world similar to this one. Nobody in sight. More dead than a ghost town. Sometimes, there would be people I know. Sharing a dream. The best part about these weird dreams is that almost every single one of these dreams, Crystal is there. We would talk for hours and hours until I wake up. Funny; we even went on dates while in those dreams. We saw a movie that was later announced "Coming soon in three months". We even stated that me and her being a couple was official, but was it really a dream? It felt more than just a dream. Even if I barely remember what happens, my feelings were real. What is the deal with this dream world?

Five years later; or as I would say: the present time. There is now about 20% of the human population sleeping. These people are called "Dreamers". In dreams; we could communicate with Dreamers, but we forget most of our "dreams" after waking up. At least one person becomes a Dreamer each day. Right now is 20% as dreamers, what if that number becomes 100%? Everyone would be sleeping and nobody to be taking care of our physical body. That could lead to our extinction.

Today, I am twenty years old. Got myself a job and a small apartment close to the hospital Crystal's body is sleeping at. Both Carlos and Ashley moved away to New York City. The City that never sleeps. Dave moved to the South Pole with his uncle along with a dozen more people. For some reason nobody became dreamers there, but for the past five years, thirty people had frozen to death. I say that is worse than eternal sleep.