Dream 4: Awake in Time

There are Dreamers and there are Seers. John Johnson is a Seer who had awoken from the dream the whole world shares. He had just awoken at the movie theater. The movie had already ended. Everyone was sound asleep on the seats. Next to him is John's sister. The two of them were watching a new movie for her birthday, but now the rest has to wait. "I'll come back for you sis." John said as he walked away. He was about ten miles away from the Dreamers' Station. The place where the book "Sleep" was located. John couldn't drive his car. Not with all the accidents that took place due to sleeping while driving, so he started his quest on foot.

After two miles of walking, John noticed that a guy had crashed his motorcycle. The guy was safe on the sidewalk and the bike still had half a tank of gas filled, so John got on and continued his ride. On his way; John could see many people sleeping. Either in their cars, sidewalk... Others; in a state worse than sleep. He even passed by a school bus that was in a blaze at a gas station. As he passed by; John could smell burning flesh. After some time; John had finally arrived at the Dreamer's TV Station. Now, to look for the book and translated notes.

Inside; the stair case door was being blocked by a cart filled with construction items and two hundred pounds of wood. It would be a problem to push the cart if it wasn't for the fact that the cart had tipped over in front of the door. The elevator could only be used with an ID. Eighteen hours had passed since this quest started. The building is ten stories high. John had finally found a staff with the ID that works for the elevator. He goes in and elevates to the second floor. On the second floor, John starts searching for the room where the "On Air" room is. Some doors were locked, so it took him about an hour to find someone with the master key. After checking all rooms, he headed for the third floor and so on. He finally reached the seventh floor where he found the "On Air" room. John went to the man with the book. It was the translated notes with a copied cover to look just like the original thing. As he read the book out loud he thought to himself; finally. All of this can finally end, but the worst had just come. The book was only translated half way. John then started a new quest. A quest to find the original book "Sleep".

A whole day had passed with John looking for the original book "Sleep". When he finally found it under a bundle of papers in one of the office. There were also many notes of translation. He took all the notes, the original and translated version of the books "Sleep" and started to work on cracking the rest of the book. Feeling tired. John said to himself. "Ha! Falling asleep is the last thing I want to do." John took off to the nearest market and got himself some energy drinks, food, and some power shots to stay awake. When he headed back to the Dreamers TV Station; John started to work. Minutes flew by; hours took its time. Until a whole day had passed. John finally had finished translating the book. He soon began to read the book out loud: "Dreamers closes their eyes, Seers awaken their sights..." After forty minutes of reading, John reaches the end. "This artifact is for those whose sight had awaken, not for the ones who dream; their souls had taken." John then looks at the people around him and awaited their awakening, but as he stared; they would not wake up.

"All my effort was for nothing." John said to himself. "Did I translate something wrong? Sorry sis. I can't save anyone. I can't save you. What can I do?" John's mind was now overloaded with toughs. He had now given up hope, but he then heard something. A sound of neither despair, nor hope. It was the sound of accomplishment. The people around John let out loud yawns. One woke up after another. The sight gave John the strength he needed and bolted out of the Dreamers TV Station, got on the motorcycle he came in on and started heading his way to see his sister.

Over at the hotel. Haku, Carlos, and Ashley awoken from their slumber. "What happened?" Haku said as he looked around and saw both Carlos and Ashley holding hand and a big smile. "We're awake." They cheered. "Thank goodness." Said Haku stopping himself right after. "Crystal!" Haku and the others got on their cars and headed out to the hospital Crystal is in. It took them about four hours due to the painful traffic. Once they arrived; Haku went straight to the fifth floor. Once in front of the door; Haku slowly opened the door. There he saw what he wanted to see the most. "Hey Crystal. How you slept?"

Three months later:

Three months had passed since we all woke up. Crystal and I started going out. Not in our dreams, but for real this time. The two of us alongside Carlos and Ashley got our self a house for the four of us. Reason why? We're just that much of close friends. Also, we had it planned six years back. Back when Dave was still around. We all moved on with our lives, but what frustrates me is that the book "Sleep" alongside the translated book had vanished. All the notes of the translations had been blurred out. Slowly it also left our mind. What was the deal with the stone and the book? Where did they come from? What happened to them? Nobody ever knew... Nobody will ever find out. All was it the past now... It all felt like a very long bad dream... Fading away into the depths of our minds... "Mother"... "Father"... When is home? Many questions never got answered. I started thinking of answers. I even did some research. Even looked up tricks online on how to have the dreams I want, but the most unsuspected thing to happen happened. This event threw me off... I don't even understand it myself. Where does a dream take place? How do we enter the dreams? Who's really in the dreams? Why are there dreams at all? When are dreams? What is a dream? These questions filled my mind on the event. The event that got me thinking more about life. The even that just happened to me from life is that I had woken up.

"Sweet Dreams."