Chapter 6

Shoo toyed with the idea of shaving his head, getting rid of his beard and putting his Army uniform back on in an effort to impress Taffy, but those days were gone and he needed to try to sway her as he was now. He put on a nice pair of slacks, a dress shirt and tie, and a wool suit coat. He arrived at Taffy's house with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates because he wanted to make a gesture that he was serious about her and the evening.

Taffy rang him in and waited for him at her door as he climbed the stairs. Shoo felt his breath escape for a brief moment. Taffy hadn't really dressed up for the occasion – a blue sweater, a gray wool skirt, black tights. She was wearing her hair down around her shoulders but it was her eyes that had always captured Shoo's heart and he was momentarily memorized when he looked into them now. She smiled when she saw his reaction and noticed the flowers and candy.

"That wasn't necessary, Shoo," she said as he handed the gifts to her. "Come in."

"Come in!?" He teased. "So much better than Shoo-fly!"

"No singing," she warned warmly as he followed her into the apartment.

He smelled the aroma of her cooking – some sort of pasta dish, it turned out. Shoo stood in the kitchen and watched Taffy finish the food preps while she made small idle chat about her daughter and a few humorous stories about work. Shoo talked about the transition from the conservative world of the military to the more liberal campus of Green College. Taffy asked a few questions about the war but most of Shoo's career was spent in Army Intelligence at the Pentagon and various headquarter commands with just a few brief three-month deployments to the war zones.

They ate at the kitchen table and Shoo was touched by the single flower in a vase between them and the bottle of wine she provided, apologizing for not thinking of bringing the wine himself. They avoided the subject of designated enemies and neither made much reference to the past, although Shoo did provide an update on his family – something Taffy could have cared less about in the old days. When they finished eating, Shoo helped Taffy clean up and then the retired to the living room, Shoo noticing for the first time that soft music was playing on the stereo and a candle was burning on the bookcase. He appreciated the extra little touches.

"That was quite nice," Taffy said as they sat on the couch.

"It was," Shoo agreed, looking at her.

There was an awkward moment of silence between them and when Taffy awkwardly bit on her bottom lip – a clear sign of nervousness – Shoo reached his hand out and put his index finger underneath her chin.

"What are you doing?" Taffy asked.

"What I've wanted to do for a very long time," Shoo answered, moving his mouth toward hers.

Taffy moved into him ever so slightly to telegraph that she was interested so Shoo cupped the side of her face with his hand and leaned in to kiss her and there was a light smack sound as their lips met and then locked. Taffy edged closer to him on the couch as they kissed, her hand rubbing along his chest, the other one running through his hair. Shoo felt her breast rubbing against his arm.

"You are still so beautiful," Shoo marveled into her mouth, his eyes wide open as he stared into hers as they kissed.

In a moment of seeming panic, Taffy broke away from him. She started to get off the couch, her back to him but Shoo was lifting off the couch too and he half tackled her so that she fell onto the couch cushions on her knees. Shoo moved behind her, pinning her against the tall back of the couch as he began to kiss the back of her neck. He tugged the sweater down to be able to kiss her shoulder and collarbone and then he moved his mouth back up to her neck and her cheek.

Shoo wrapped his arms around Taffy's waist and pushed himself against her, feeling her ass press against his groin as he continued to kiss her neck. One of his hands made its way up to her breasts while the other snuck up under the hem of her skirt.

"Are you as lonely as I am?" Shoo asked as he continued to nibble on her neck and shoulder while rubbing her breast through her sweater and sliding his hand along her upper thigh.

"Yes." Taffy sounded as if she was going to cry as she moaned and rubbed her ass against his crotch.

Shoo tugged her panties down her legs and he allowed his hand to explore what was hidden under her skirt, rotating from her front to her back, feeling her hairy mound and her slit, as well as patting her round ass cheeks.

"Shoo…." Taffy whimpered.

She reached her hands down, grabbed the bottom edge of her sweater and pulled it off over her head. Shoo struggled with the back of her bra until it finally released and fell off her torso, and he used one of his hands to rub her bare breasts while he resumed kissing her neck, shoulders, collarbones, and now he slowly moved his mouth down her bare back. She didn't resist when he freed his other hand from underneath her skirt and unfastened the button which opened the skirt and caused it to fall down her legs, exposing her bubbly buns for him to see.

"Finally," an appreciative Shoo marveled. "Finally, finally, finally."

He kicked off his shoes, threw off his suit coat, unfastened his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, undid his trousers and suddenly he was naked too, his clothes joining Taffy's on the floor. She was still leaning against the back of the couch with her back to him and he maneuvered himself so that his cock was rubbing against her ass cheeks as he kissed the side of her face and all along her neck while rubbing her breasts with his hands.

Taffy reached her hand behind her and found his penis which she took in her hand and she rubbed it along her ass crack while moaning softly.

"Taffy," Shoo whispered into her ear, before chewing on her lobe. "You are so beautiful. You've always been so beautiful."

He felt her tears falling on his face as she moved her head to kiss him on the lips.

"I'm so lonely," she sobbed.

"Not anymore," he vowed.

"Please, Shoo," she said.

"I'm so lucky to finally have you," Shoo said. "I want you to be happy."

His finger found its way between her body and the back of the couch and it slipped into her wet entrance while Taffy continued to rub his cock up and down her ass, half crying and half moaning with each movement.

"Make me happy," she begged as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

Taffy bent her head over the top of the couch and Shoo let his cock slide down her ass until it slipped between her legs. She squeezed her legs shut and his penis popped into her vagina.

"Oh, God," Taffy said. "It's been so long."

Shoo couldn't help but grin, thinking at first she said "you're so long" as he began to thrust himself against her hips, feeling himself inside her wet warmth as the front of his thighs slapped against the back of hers and he felt her ass rub against his stomach as he fucked her in the unusual position.

"Taffy, Taffy, Taffy," he moaned as he pumped into her hard and deep.

"I feel, I feel, I feel like a morning star, I feel, I feel, I feel like a morning star," Taffy sang, stealing his Shoo-Fly song and singing pretty well considering he was pounding her from behind and Shoo laughed with delight at her humor and her emotional response.

"You feel so good," Shoo said happily.

Taffy was on the verge of experiencing her first orgasm with him when Shoo stopped his movement for a moment to hold her off and then he resumed his rhythm. Taffy cried out with enjoyment and pleasure as Shoo held onto her hips and pulled Taffy back into him with each thrust while rubbing his finger along her entrance.

"Shoo," she whimpered. "This feels so good."

"You're wonderful," Shoo said warmly

"I can't take it anymore," Taffy cried. "Please, let me orgasm. We're too old to be fucking all night."

He increased the pace and he didn't stop when she came to her edge, shuttering as her orgasm burst from within and she shrieked as she leaned her head over the back of the couch and he kept thrusting inside her until he too released himself inside of her.

"Oh, Taffy!" Shoo shouted through his groan.

When they were done, Shoo fell onto his back across the couch, taking Taffy with him as she lay on top of him, her back to his front and they both struggled to catch their breaths after an amazing early forties lovemaking session.

"That was unlike anything I've ever experienced before," Taffy admitted with amazement. "Thank you."

His hand moved down to her entrance and he left it there, playfully rubbing along her slit.

"I always so desperately wanted to see you naked," Shoo confessed.

"Designated enemies aren't supposed to see each other naked," she giggled.

"I used to go home and masturbate just thinking about it," Shoo revealed.

"Jesus, Shoo," Taffy said with surprise turning her head and trying to eye him from her awkward position on top of him.

"You were never my designated enemy, Taffy," Shoo told her. "I loved you from the start. I just thought I could never have you."

"You have me now," she let him know, resting her head against his shoulder as he draped his other arm across her waist. "I never thought I'd experience something like this again."

"Now we're designated lovers," Shoo said, kissing the side of her face.